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The episode continues the battle between Battler and Beatrice, with the events on the island having a special focus on Eva Ushiromiya. Beatrice's past is also introduced, and several more fantasy characters are added to the cast. Unlike in the first two episodes, the adults make a serious attempt to solve the epitaph.

New character pages are linked as the characters' profiles are first given in the story, not when they are first mentioned by others or appear unnamed. Short meta-layer sections are indicated with curly brackets and italicized, while longer ones will be in their own rows and unmarked. Song titles are in bold only when they are played for the first time.

Chapter List[]

Chapter Name Date Time
Days as a Girl Sat, Oct 4 1986
My Preparations are Complete Sat, Oct 4 1986 2:00PM
The Witch's Written Challenge Sat, Oct 4 1986 8:00PM
Possibility of a 19th Person Sat, Oct 4 1986 9:00PM
Rosa and the Witch of the Forest
The Beginning of the Ceremony Sun, Oct 5 1986 0:00
Madam Beatrice Sun, Oct 5 1986 12:21AM
Virgilia Sun, Oct 5 1986 6:00AM
Skirmish Sun, Oct 5 1986 7:00AM
The Key to the Golden Land Sun, Oct 5 1986 9:00AM
Coronation Sun, Oct 5 1986 10:00AM
The New Witch Sun, Oct 5 1986 10:30AM
Warning of Sacrifices Sun, Oct 5 1986 11:00AM
Battle to the Death in the Hall Sun, Oct 5 1986 1:00PM
The Definition of a Witch Sun, Oct 5 1986 1:30PM
Real Magic Sun, Oct 5 1986 5:44PM
The Witch's Courtroom Sun, Oct 5 1986 6:03PM
The Witch's Illusion Sun, Oct 5 1986


Location Summary
Unknown Mansion An unknown girl breaks her grandfather's favorite vase. She realizes the gravity of her mistake and breaks down in tears.

Golden butterflies gather and form a woman who the girl recognizes as the Golden Witch Beatrice, but who has a very different appearance and demeanor. "Beatrice" tells the girl that while no magic can scoop her tears, she can offer magic that will protect the Master from scolding her. She recites the words "Come, try to remember. What form did you have?", restoring the vase to its unbroken form.

Unknown Mansion: Garden "Beatrice" tells the girl that returning something to its original form is very difficult, and that her magic could only do so for a short time. They hear a servant's scream and find out that a black cat had knocked over the restored vase. The witch's magic had not changed the vase's fate, but it did prevent the Master from scolding the girl.

"Beatrice" explains that while using magic to destroy is easy, true magic is the power to restore and to create happiness. Weak witches would often give in to temptation and become intoxicated with the former. A witch who gained the ability to restore and revive endlessly is considered an Endless Witch. This title was of great esteem, and witches who have it are released from pain and sadness. The girl tells "Beatrice" that she wants to become like her, and the witch accepts her as a disciple.

Purgatorio Beatrice awakens from her dream and reflects on the fact that she has attained that title that even her teacher could not reach. She however remarks that eternal bliss also means eternal boredom, a poison that tortured many Great Witches. She hopes to talk to her teacher again.

The Stakes of Purgatory play around with Battler by gouging him. They ask Beatrice to restore his form, which is currently reduced to chunks of flesh. Beatrice recites the restoration incantation, returning Battler to his undamaged self. Battler takes the Stakes' attacks in stride.

Lucifer brings up the second twilight of the past game, questioning Battler on how the culprit could return the master key to Jessica's pocket after locking the room. Battler suggests the use of a fishing line to pass it through the crack of the door. Belphegor swiftly denies this in red, stating that none of the doors on Rokkenjima have a crack by which a key may slip through, and the stakes gouge him for his mistake. Beatrice once again restores his form, and proclaims the start of the next game.

Opening Video

Background Music

  • 白い影 [White Shadow] (Vase)
  • ひだまり [In the Sun] (The witch's appearance)
  • hope (Garden)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (Beatrice wakes up)
  • 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] (The stakes)
  • play (Restoring Battler's form)
  • うみねこのなく頃に [Umineko no Naku Koro ni] (Opening)

Characters Appearing

Days as a Girl[]

Location Summary
Captain Kawabata's Boat Rudolf and Hideyoshi smoke on the deck, having been chased out due to Eva's hatred of cigarettes. Hideyoshi comments that Eva is normally gentle and quiet, only becoming short-tempered around the time of the family conference. Rudolf sympathizes with her, noting that their plan to extort money from Krauss will be a pain.

Hideyoshi mentions that Eva had never told him about her past, even when asked. Rudolf tells him about her poor relationship with Krauss.

Mansion: Dining Hall The scene shifts to a flashback narrated by Eva. Eva had taken great pride in the Ushiromiya family name and made every effort to become someone worthy of it. Kinzo however had never acknowledged her efforts, believing that a woman's only role should be to support a man. Unlike Eva, Krauss had rested on his laurels, believing that he would naturally succeed the headship due to his status as the firstborn son.

Eva had been denied the opportunity to go to college by Kinzo, and Krauss had used that opportunity to reassert Kinzo's strict patriarchal beliefs. He tells her that she ought to know her place as a woman, just as he knows his as a man. Eva finds his words extremely insulting and tries to protest to him, but to no avail.

Kinzo arrives and silences them both. He scolds Krauss for lacking the dignity and maturity needed of the eldest son. Eva tries to appeal to Kinzo, but he berates her for trying to act like a man and for lacking the skills and manner of a woman. He asserts that her duty is simply to marry someone profitable to him and then devote herself to her husband's family. He laments the unfitness of his children as men and women. Krauss and Genji try to calm him down and signal for Eva to let them handle him.

Rose Garden Eva broods over the struggles she faced as a woman. She wonders if she has taken the wrong path, trying to compete with Krauss just to satisfy her childhood grudge.

A younger version of herself speaks to her, reminding her that she promised to become the next head of the Ushiromiya family. She had been Eva's only ally during difficult times, but had gradually been forgotten along with her childhood. She had also taught Eva how to turn channel her anger at Krauss towards self-improvement, with the goal of seizing the headship from him.

The young Eva reproaches her for giving up on that promise, but Eva responds that Kinzo will never acknowledge their efforts. While comforted by young Eva's cursing of Kinzo and Krauss, she realizes that those words do not change her situation. Eva resigns herself to becoming a worthy lady and finding an excellent husband, hoping that she can bear a son before Krauss and make him the future heir.

Young Eva tells her that Kinzo's attitude can be changed with her magic. She berates her for forgetting how to use magic and instead forcing her dreams onto her son. Eva defends George and tries to put Jessica down in comparison to him, but silently admits that young Eva has a point, realizing also that she is attacking Jessica with the same ideas that oppressed her.

Eva tells her younger self of the siblings' extortion plan, but is only met with derision. Young Eva tells her that her magic can certainly grant them a miracle. She recites the words of the epitaph, which if solved can grant her her lifelong goal of the headship.

Captain Kawabata's Boat/ Rokkenjima Harbor Kyrie wakes Eva from her nap. The others gather their luggage and leave, while Hideyoshi stays behind with Eva.

Eva confides her worries that she has used George as a tool for her own revenge against Krauss. Hideyoshi reassures her that George is grateful for her and has never expressed hatred of her. He asks if she had a nightmare again, as was common around the family conference. As Hideyoshi comforts her Eva apologizes to him for lashing out regarding his cigarette use. Kumasawa and Gohda check on them.

As Eva steps off the boat, she hears the voice of her younger self welcoming her back. She questions what she is living for and how she can free herself from this obsession.

Background Music

  • sea (Boat ride)
  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (The alliance)
  • てくてく [Steady Pace] (Eva's flashback)
  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Kinzo's arrival)
  • Haruka [Distant] (Young Eva)
  • Fortitude (Eva confides to Hideyoshi)
  • 白い影 [White Shadow] (Young Eva's welcome)

Characters Appearing

My Preparations are Complete[]

Location Summary
Beach The cousins and Shannon reminisce about what they were like six years ago. Battler is the main topic of conversation, though his own memories are hazy. Shannon remembers Battler's younger self very well and recounts an incident where he had told her "I'll be back, <see you again>. I'll surely come for you riding a white horse." Jessica relentlessly mocks his cheesiness and Battler regrets his habit of speaking without thinking. She tries to get more stories out of Shannon, but Shannon decides to say no more out of respect for Battler.

Battler notices that George seems to be especially friendly to Shannon and asks Jessica if they are going out. Jessica confirms that they have been going out for about a year but remarks that they have had feelings even before that. She tells him to keep this a secret. Battler thinks that they make a good match and recalls that he had also taken notice of her back then. He himself had never committed to a serious relationship. Jessica wishes him luck and tells him to take relationships with his female friends seriously so as not to break girls' hearts by giving them the wrong impression.

Battler asks Jessica if she has a boyfriend and figures from her embarrassed reaction that she has a crush on someone. Jessica tells him that she had confessed before but had been badly rejected. Battler advises her to act more feminine in order to attract boys' attention. He figures out that Jessica's crush is on Kanon and considers the difficulties that Eva and Natsuhi would give them for a relationship with a servant.

Battler says another one of his cheesy English lines, prompting Jessica to call the others over to tease him. He hopes they will be able to stay friends forever, and they decide to promise it to each other. In his narration, Battler wishes for the days to end without any strange incident. {Beatrice's laughter breaks through the narration, and she declares the start of the third game.}

Rose Garden/ Kinzo's Study Maria stands alone in the rain crying about her missing rose. Beatrice appears holding an umbrella. She expresses concern for Maria's health and offers to lend her power to search for the rose. The witch closes her eyes for a moment and then tells Maria that the rose had been uprooted by the wind. Unsatisfied with this answer, Maria asks Beatrice to teach her how to revive it with magic.

Beatrice tells Maria to close her eyes and recites the restoration incantation. Golden butterflies gather around Beatrice's finger, and transform into a seed that floats to the ground and blooms into a rose once more. She uses magic to mark it with a golden lace. As Maria opens her eyes, Beatrice directs her to the revived rose.

Beatrice hands Maria an envelope. With this, she declares to Kinzo that her preparations are complete. In his study, Kinzo responds likewise and throws the head's ring out of the window. The ring transforms into a golden butterfly and flutters to the rose garden before returning to its original form. As it falls, the ring is stopped in midair, and the person who caught it appears. Beatrice recognizes him as her servant Ronove, who presents the ring to her.

Meta-layer Battler is exasperated at the constant appearances of new fantasy characters. Beatrice tells him that Ronove's appearance has satisfied a Devil's Proof, as he is one of the 72 Great Demons, summoned by her at a high cost to be her servant. Ronove is well-mannered but also snarky, and seems to enjoy teasing Battler with close physical contact. He leaves to prepare tea and to greet his subordinates, the Seven Sisters.

Beatrice explains that Ronove's appearance is due to the gradual return of her magical power brought about by the wavering of Battler's denial of witches. The closer he got to surrendering, the more fantastical characters would begin to appear. She mocks his past attempt at trying to assert his denial as eternal torture for her, telling him that only Endless Witches have the right to talk about eternity.

Dining Hall Maria finishes reading the letter and the siblings break out into suspicious accusations. Kyrie suggests that it should not be dismissed as a prank, and Eva regards it as a test from Kinzo. The voice of her younger self whispers to her that their magic has worked. Eva asserts that the letter has taken Krauss' right to the headship back to square one and that whoever found the hidden gold would become the next head.

Krauss tries to cast doubt on its authenticity, and Eva counters that they should simply ask Kinzo himself. Rosa questions this assumption, but both Eva and the voice of her younger self blast her for throwing away the chance at the succession. The voice of young Eva similarly insults Krauss for fearing Kinzo.

The siblings, Natsuhi, and Hideyoshi leave for Kinzo's study while Kyrie stays behind under Rudolf's instructions. She takes the opportunity to question Maria about the letter and the witch.

Background Music

  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Childhood reflections)
  • HANE [Feathers] (Battler's embarrassment)
  • Towering cloud in summer (Love lives)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Beatrice's announcement)
  • witch in gold (cembalo) (Beatrice meets Maria)
  • Worldend (Beatrice's incantation)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (Kinzo's ring toss, Maria reads the letter)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (Ronove appears)
  • 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] (Beatrice's explanation)
  • stupefaction (Kyrie questions Maria)

Characters Appearing

The Witch's Written Challenge[]

Location Summary
Mansion: Various Unable to get Kinzo to respond, the parents returned to the dining hall. They then interrogated Maria regarding the letter, causing her to break down in tears. Disgusted by their parents' open greed, the cousins happily accept their instructions to return to the guesthouse. Battler considers if Kinzo's lack of denial meant a silent approval of the letter's contents.
Guesthouse: Cousin Room Battler, George, and Jessica discuss Maria's encounter. Jessica suggests that Shannon putting on the dress would have been enough to convince Maria that she was Beatrice, and Battler suspects Kinzo of orchestrating this. While George thinks that a hidden 19th person is unrealistic, Jessica wonders if Maria may have actually met the rumored witch of the forest.
Mansion: Dining Hall The family adults decide that doubting each other is a waste of time. They suspect that Maria had been handed the letter by a servant, though Rosa seems doubtful. Kyrie realizes that none of them are ruling out the possibility of a 19th person.

Kyrie brings up the rumor that Kinzo had a secret mistress called Beatrice who lived on the island. Kinzo had frequently disappeared for long periods without informing anyone else, feeding into this theory. His wife had repeatedly tried to locate him and uncover any secret area within the mansion, but to no avail. Krauss had also once tried to shadow him as he went outside, but Kinzo had been thorough in making sure he was not seen.

As the rumor of Kinzo's mistress had been around since the family had moved to the island about 30 years ago, they consider the possibility that a hidden mansion may have been built at the same time as the main family mansion. Given Kinzo's claims that Beatrice was the source of his gold, their relationship may have begun even before that. Krauss seems certain of the existence of the hidden mansion, though the siblings cannot tell if this is due to overconfidence or actual investigation. Kyrie brings up the logistical problems that housing a woman for decades would require, but the siblings doubt that that would stop Kinzo.

They realize that the letter's conditions are highly beneficial to a potential mistress for the purpose of the inheritance claim, as she would be outside the official records. Eva however still sees it as an opportunity that has leveled the playing field for the others, especially herself. They wonder if Beatrice has already located the gold, but are unable to explain why she would not simply embezzle it quietly if that were the case.

Kyrie spins the chessboard around, arguing that the mistress does indeed have the gold and is trying to use the challenge as a ploy to trade the gold for the headship. Natsuhi objects to this accusation but is stopped by Krauss, who suggests that they all ought to be open about their poor financial situations. Kyrie also figures that since the other siblings had nothing to lose under this, the letter would shift negotiations purely between her and Krauss.

Kyrie however still has her doubts about her theory. She wonders why the letter would be necessary for a simple trade, as It would only present the additional risk of another person solving the epitaph. She attributes it to arrogance. Eva's younger self whispers to her, and she resolves to take on the challenge and claim the headship as her reward.

Background Music

  • Voiceless (The cousins' discussion)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (The adults' discussion)
  • witch in gold (Debating the letter's source)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (A secret mistress)
  • 誘い [Lure] (Kinzo's disappearances)
  • suspicion (Motivation for the letter)
  • 痕音 [Scar Sound] (Beatrice against Krauss)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (Eva's resolve)

Characters Appearing

Possibility of a 19th Person[]

Location Summary
Purgatorio Battler realizes that the possibility of a hidden mansion could resolve the question of a 19th person, allowing him to advance his line of attack in Beatrice's game without having to doubt those he knows. Ronove asks him for proof that such a person exists, but Battler responds that it is impossible to deny such a person due to the Devil's Proof. The existence of multiple unknown people would also make the crimes easier to carry out.

Ronove introduces Hempel's Raven, an argument which utilities the concept of the contrapositive. He uses the analogy of two boxes, one of which contains a bomb. To prove that Box A contained the bomb, one could either find it in Box A, or find a lack of it in Box B, since these situations are logically equivalent under the premise. Beatrice uses this concept to show that proving that the culprit is not a 19th person would be equivalent to proving that it is one of the 18.

Battler realizes that this is disadvantageous for him, as it would require him to prove the alibis of each of the 18 in order to blame a 19th person, which would be both tedious and unrealistic. He considers using the possibility of a 20th or infinite series of extra persons whenever the previous extra person was proven to to be the culprit.

Beatrice shuts him down by reminding him that she has the power to speak in red. Battler however realizes that such a statement would limit her and benefit him, and tries to provoke her into confirming the number of humans in red. She refuses to, believing that such a trump card should only be used when it would be most effective. She tells him that Rosa will explain on her behalf.

Mansion: Dining Hall The others notice that Rosa has been oddly spaced out during their discussion and ask her what is going on. She reveals that she had been haunted by the possibility that Beatrice was alive, because she had killed her. As Rosa tries to rationalize to herself in panic, the others try to calm her down and make sense of her words.

Background Music

  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (Possibility of a 19th person)
  • Core (Devil's Proof)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Hempel's raven)
  • mind (19 boxes)
  • Closed My Heart (The power of Hempel's raven, Battler provokes Beatrice)
  • suspicion (20 or more humans)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (The power of the red truth)
  • Dread of the grave (Repetition request)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (Dining hall)
  • 絵画の魔女 [Witch of the Painting] (Rosa's confession)

Characters Appearing

Rosa and the Witch of the Forest[]

Location Summary
Kuwadorian: Garden Kinzo and Beatrice sit in the garden of an unknown mansion. Beatrice had known him for a long time and thought of him as a father and best friend. She tries to ask him about her identity and situation, but he deflects her questions.
Meta-layer (Kuwadorian Garden) Battler wonders if this is the story of Beatrice's past, and she replies that it is something of that sort. Beatrice explains that she had been confined to the mansion since her birth. Having lived like this her whole life, she had never questioned it.

Beatrice tells him that she had been summoned by Kinzo, who had bound her in a cage of flesh. She had rejected Kinzo's courting, leading him to hold her prisoner in the Kuwadorian in an attempt to try and win over her heart. She eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to escape would be to throw away the body of flesh that imprisoned her. Kinzo however did not allow her soul to escape and sealed it in a homunculus, which grew into the Beatrice that Battler now sees in the garden.

Purgatorio/ Meta-layer (Kuwadorian Garden) Battler is thrown off by her fantastical explanation of events and decides to stop listening to her. Upset at his dismissal of her past, Beatrice leaves, and Ronove takes over the conversation. He continues by explaining that Beatrice had lost all memories of her past after being sealed in the homunculus, and grew up as a normal human girl.

Battler changes his interpretation of the story. From a human perspective, Kinzo could have courted a woman named Beatrice and sealed her in a mansion after being rejected by her. After failing multiple times to escape, she then eventually committed suicide. The two could have had a child which Kinzo raised with care, but viewed not as a child but as a reincarnation of his "lover".

Battler doubts himself, realizing that all of this might just be a fabrication by Beatrice. Ronove uses the red to confirm that the Kuwadorian does exist in the forests of Rokkenjima, and that the two did indeed have a similar conversation there. He declines to answer regarding the homunculus, as that would result in a stalemate. Upon Battler's request, Ronove confirms in red that this in the world of 1967, and that there Beatrice once existed as a human.

Lucifer informs Ronove that Beatrice is calling for him. Her pride had been wounded due to being sent for such a menial task, and she strikes her blade towards Battler when he tries to joke with her.

Mansion: Dining Hall/ Forest Having calmed down, Rosa tries to recall the incident from her past. She had been in middle school at the time, and had been harshly scolded by her mother for her poor grades. Feeling an inferiority complex towards her siblings, she had decided to run away into the forest.

After walking aimlessly through the forest for a long time, she then stumbled upon the tall ornate fence of the hidden mansion. Rosa had believed in the servants' ghost stories about Beatrice and her mansion, and felt that she would be able to seek out her help. Eventually, she managed to find a bend in the fence caused by a large tree root, which allowed her to get through.

Mansion: Dining Hall/ Kuwadorian Rosa stepped into a beautiful flower garden and found Beatrice sitting there in an elegant dress. Beatrice asks her name, wondering if she is the new gardener. Upon finding out that she is one of Kinzo's family, Beatrice invites Rosa to have tea with her. Rosa is struck by the fact that Beatrice did not use honorifics when referring to Kinzo. She confirms to the adults that the witch looked exactly as in the portrait.

Beatrice asks Rosa about herself and wonders how she made it past the wolves in the forest. At the dining table, Eva mentions that Kinzo had changed the story to that of the witch due to its lack of intimidating effect on Rudolf. They confirm that not only were Japanese wolves extinct, but there were also no stray dogs on Rokkenjima. Beatrice had come across as very innocent, and had told Rosa that Kinzo would occasionally appear to spend time with her. When asked about herself however, Beatrice began to grow listless and lonely.

Beatrice asks Rosa if there are really no wolves beyond the fence. She replies that she had never seen wolves, even in a zoo. Beatrice is ignorant of what a zoo is, and when Rosa explains it, she begins to wonder how her life is any different from that. She remarks that while everyone called her the great witch Beatrice, she could not use magic and did not feel like that was her.

Rosa invites Beatrice to step outside the fence with her. Beatrice decides to take on her offer, wanting to know about the outside world and live as a new human. She did not know about any of the things Rosa had spoken of: zoos, school, movie theaters, and many others, and wanted Rosa to take her to see them.

Mansion: Dining Hall/ Forest (with meta-layer) Rosa leads her outside while wondering who she would be able to enlist the help of. As they walk through the forest, Beatrice inquisitively asks about everything they encounter.

They manage to reach the sea, and Rosa decides to go down the rocky cliff to walk along the beach. The cliff stood at about ten meters high, but Beatrice seemed to lack a sense of danger, and readily went with her suggestion. As they talk about the different kinds of fish, Beatrice misses her footing and falls down the cliff. She falls on a bed of sharp rocks and an immense amount of blood pours out. Rosa tearfully tries to get her to respond, but is unsuccessful.

{Beatrice shows Battler the scene, leaving him in disbelief. He tries to object that Rosa may have made a mistake, but finds it difficult to deny her death given the state of her body. Beatrice confirms her death in red and explains that her soul was now released.}

A ghostly Beatrice looks upon her own corpse. She begins to feel her memories return and feels gratitude to Rosa for bringing this about. She then turns into golden butterflies to reduce the strain on her frail magical power. To regain her physical body, it would take hundred or thousands of days, but such a time span was trivial for an Endless Witch. She declares that Kinzo will no longer be able to capture her.

Purgatorio Beatrice tells Battler that despite this, Kinzo had repaired the shrine near the island and used its power to bind the formless Beatrice to Rokkenjima. During these many years, she had observed him and searched for a way by which she could enact her revenge. Similarly, Kinzo had searched for a way to capture her once again, and finally stumbled upon the ceremony of the epitaph.

Battler indignantly rejects her explanation and insists that she is a 19th person. Beatrice counters by declaring in red that there are no more than 18 humans on this Rokkenjima. With that, Battler realizes that despite his wish not to doubt those he knows, he has finally been cornered by the witch.

Various The scene pans over the locations of the inhabitants of the island, and the clock strikes midnight.

Background Music

  • 白い影 [White Shadow] (Kinzo and Beatrice)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (Beatrice's backstory, confirmation in red)
  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Ronove takes over, Rosa recounts her past)
  • witch in gold (cembalo) (Homunculus)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (Lucifer's arrival)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Lucifer's attack)
  • psy-chorus (Rosa finds the hidden mansion)
  • hope (Rosa meets Beatrice)
  • far (A bird in a cage)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (Beatrice's death)
  • Haruka [Distant] (Released from her cage of flesh)
  • Voiceless (Beatrice's form)
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana] (No more than 18 humans)
  • ageha [Swallowtail butterfly] (Location roll call)

Characters Appearing

The Beginning of the Ceremony[]

Location Summary
Mansion: Kinzo's Study Kinzo divines using tarot cards but repeatedly draws poor ones. He dials for Genji.
Mansion: Various Shannon reflects on her earlier actions in accepting George's proposal. Genji and Kanon arrive and tell her that Kinzo has called for them. They enter the mansion from the back to avoid Gohda's notice and immediately feel a strange sensation.

Genji notices that the barrier to Kinzo's study is dead and calls out for him. Due to a lack of response, he decides to open the door with his key.

Mansion: Kinzo's Study (with meta-layer) They find Kinzo in a game of chess against Beatrice, with Ronove standing behind her. Ronove greets Genji and Shannon as if they had met before, and notes that it is his first time meeting Kanon. He introduces himself as Beatrice's head furniture and an old friend of Genji's.

Beatrice had told Kinzo that he would be the first sacrifice of her ceremony, as decided by the roulette. She calls checkmate, causing the man to burst into flames and laughter before falling to the ground as a burnt corpse. Kanon reproaches her for it, but is told by the others not to disrespect her.

Kanon realizes that their presence here meant that the servants would probably make up the other five sacrifices of the first twilight. Beatrice asks them to thank her for bringing their suffering as furniture to an end. Genji stoically accepts this fate, and Shannon calmly accepts it too after sealing away her regrets. Realizing that Kanon will not accept this, Beatrice decides to make him her plaything. She summons Lucifer and tells him that if he can defeat her furniture, the Seven Stakes of Purgatory, she will let him select the five that will escape the 13 sacrifices. Shannon warns him not to listen to the witch, but Kanon insists that he wants to become human to find happiness.

Kanon fights against Lucifer. {Beatrice mocks Battler as he struggles to maintain his denial of magic while witnessing this.} Beatrice observes that he is stronger than he was against Satan, and Ronove remarks that furniture sometimes even become witches that can treat demons as butlers. Kanon emerges victorious and points his blade at Lucifer's throat.

Ashamed at her defeat, Lucifer brims with rage and transforms into a stake. She aims at Kanon's heart, but he anticipates her strike and blocks it with his hand. He pulls the stake out with his other hand, and it transforms back into Lucifer, who is now gripped by the neck. Kanon declares his victory.

Beatrice confirms her promise and flicks Lucifer at the ceiling. She then highlights the fact that her promise was technically for him to defeat all seven Stakes, and proceeds to summon the other six. The stakes mock Lucifer before flying around the room in stake form, grazing at Kanon's flesh.

Shannon halts their onslaught by materializing a barrier. Beatrice tries to intimidate her but finds her responses uninteresting, and remarks that romance that has already succeeded has lost its entertainment value. Kanon scolds Shannon for wasting her chance at a peaceful death, but she tells him that having accepted George's ring, she no longer has any regrets. Beatrice is infuriated by Shannon's words, and Shannon wonders if Beatrice's regrets reflect her true self. She tells the witch that if she can see herself reflected in her eyes, she ought to shudder at her own ugliness.

Genji enters the barrier and silently puts the two servants to eternal sleep, leaving crimson stains near their collarbones. Ronove then snaps his fingers, causing Genji too to fall to the ground. Beatrice expresses her disappointment at the anticlimactic development. Ronove then sends off the seven sisters to carry out the remaining sacrifices.

Background Music

  • 薔薇 [Rose] (24:00)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (Beatrice's arrival)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Selection of sacrifices, Kanon's victory)
  • moon (Kanon's anguish)
  • where (Kanon vs Lucifer)
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana] (Lucifer's failed strike)
  • Nighteyes (The seven stakes)
  • 終焉_VerC [Life's End] (The stakes attack)
  • サソリのハラワタ [Scorpion Entrails] (Shannon's barrier)
  • 白日夢の果て [Daydream's End] (Genji puts the furniture to rest)

Characters Appearing

Madam Beatrice[]

Location Summary
Mansion: Corridor/ Entrance Hall Gohda does his nighttime rounds, a duty put in place by Natsuhi due to suspicions resulting from the servants' witch stories. He hears a sound from the kitchen and heads there to investigate.
Mansion: Kitchen Upon turning on the lights, he hears a loud clanking that appears to be coming from the pressure cooker. He hits the lid with a wooden pestle, causing the noise to stop, and opens it to find it empty. However, as he puts the lid back on, all the pots in the kitchen begin clanking together. The Seven Sisters emerge from the pots and fly around the room before striking Gohda down.
Rose Garden The Stakes find Kumasawa standing alone in the rainy rose garden. They try to strike her but are repelled by a purple barrier. Beatrice and Ronove arrive, and Kumasawa speaks to them in a familiar manner. Beatrice introduces her as the former Lady Beatrice from whom she inherited her name.

Golden butterflies gather and Kumasawa transforms into the woman from the prologue. The predecessor scolds Beatrice for using the power of the Endless witch to toy with people, remarking that she had feared this result. She tells the furniture to step back and vows to rectify her mistake of letting Beatrice inherit her name.

Rose Garden (with meta-layer) The two witches battle. {Battler panics, wondering what kind of special effects could cause this. The predecessor Beatrice appears next to him and expresses sympathy.}

Beatrice summons massive Shoulder War Towers out of the ground, which fire a barrage of shots at her predecessor. The silver-haired witch summons the Fallen Tower to block the shots, and sends the divine spear Gungnir at Beatrice. Beatrice destroys her towers and summons the Giant Soldier Battle Line, along with Aegis Shields for them to wield. The spear is deflected by the shield, but Ronove observes that this is simply due to the law that an absolute spear and absolute shield must never fight against each other.

The Aegis Shields transform into thousands of thunderbolts that fly towards the predecessor, but end up striking an illusion. Beatrice looks up to find the other witch attempting to strike her down using Thor's hammer, and defends against it with a War Tower. The predecessor however locates her from the sky while riding a horse along with Odin. She holds the spear Gungnir, now inscribed with the words "Smothered mate", and plunges it into Beatrice's body.

The witches' summons turn into golden butterflies and disappear, leaving the rose garden empty. The predecessor witch stands before Beatrice's pierced body and declares that she will now take her title back. She begins to recite the restoration incantation, telling her that they will return to how it once was, where she had served the child, baking apple pies for her and reading her picture books.

Beatrice also recites the incantation, asking her predecessor to remember how she had been killed. The witch finds herself covered with ballista shots. Beatrice reveals that she in fact summoned not two towers but four, and the ones hidden behind the predecessor had killed her unnoticed. Beatrice had then revived her to prolong the game for her own enjoyment.

Remembering her form, the predecessor witch disappears and the spear piercing Beatrice vanishes too. Beatrice gloats over her victory and Ronove summons several goats to clean up the mess. She decides to let Ronove handle the closed room arrangement.

Meta-layer Beatrice shows off her victory to Battler, who struggles to come up with an explanation for what he witnessed. She taunts him to simply accept magic and apologize to her.

Background Music

  • Red Dread (The stakes attack Gohda)
  • 終焉_VerC [Life's End] (Kumasawa's barrier)
  • あかいくつ偽 [Fake Red Shoes] (Witch battle)
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana] (Beatrice's defeat)
  • mother (Beatrice's reversal)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Mansion: Various The adults had stayed up all night discussing the situation regarding the 19th person. Kyrie notices a strange smell upon leavin the dining hall, and they decide to split up to investigate. The first group locates its source to be the boiler room, which is locked and painted over with the seventh magic circle of the sun. The other group finds the same symbol painted over the locked parlor door. They suspect that the servants are pulling a prank under Kinzo's orders, and split up to check on the children and the rest of the mansion.

The guesthouse group finds the children safe but the servants missing. Rosa and Kyrie stay with the children, while Hideyoshi returns to the mansion with Nanjo. In the mansion, Krauss fails to get a response from Kinzo, while the others find three additional magic circles on the second and third floors. They also find that the keys to the locked rooms are missing from the servant rooms.

Since it was easiest to reach, the adults decide to enter the parlor by breaking a window. There they find Shannon's body, her chest stained with blood.

Purgatorio/ Meta-layer (Parlor) Beatrice calls Battler to check out the scene, but he is completely devastated by the earlier events and not in the right frame of mind to continue. He screams at Beatrice to leave him alone and leaves the area.
Meta-layer (Rose Garden) Battler wanders aimlessly in the rose garden. He wonders if he had already lost the game since his resignation in the previous one, causing this one to be simply filled with inexplicable fantasy. The predecessor Beatrice shows up. She clarifies to Battler that she did die, and that her position now is merely that of a captured chess piece loitering outside the board. She tries to help Battler regain his will to fight.

The witch brings up the Japanese magic ceremony for rain, and Battler explains it as the result of updrafts from the fires. She follows up by questioning Battler on various scientific phenomena and citing outdated theories on them. She explains that while we currently have scientific explanations for these things, this had not always been the case. People in the past had known how to achieve results through experience, but the underlying principles that they did not understand had effectively been magic.

Battler brings up the Braun tubes inside television sets, and cites a scientific explanation from a book. The witch discredits it, suggesting instead that gremlins inside the tubes perform their function with magic. Battler finds this absurd, but the witch questions how he can deny it if he had never personally looked inside one. She says that until he takes apart a Braun tube, her magic theory is impossible to disprove. Unlike the Devil's Proof, there is a concrete way to prove it, but until that moment, both conflicting theories can coexist.

The narration compares it to Schrodinger's cat. Until the box is opened, the claims about the cat being alive or dead can both stand, and the box can be regarded as a separate world where both possibilities exist. Rokkenjima during this game operates on similar principles. The witch explains that what Battler had seen earlier was merely Beatrice's claim regarding the events, and not definite proof of magic's existence. While there is only one truth, Rokkenjima's current state allows for Battler's human claim to exist as truth alongside Beatrice's magical claim. Battler realizes that while he cannot lose in this way, he also cannot definitively win unless the Braun tube is examined. Only those playing the game can determine victory or loss within it.

Battler thanks the witch for her advice and asks for her name. She gives herself the temporary name Virgilia, the name of the guide that leads the way to Beatrice. She looks forward to seeing how far he can go in his battle.

Purgatorio/ Meta-layer (Rose Garden) Beatrice welcomes Battler back and continues to taunt him about the battle. Battler however is calm. He compares the world to a Braun tube and questions the battle entirely, bringing up the complete lack of evidence for it in the rose garden. Beatrice responds that she had erected a barrier to prevent damage, but Battler tells her that her explanation cannot discredit his claim. She realizes that he is using the technique of Schrodinger's cat box, likely given to him by Virgilia. With that, Battler calls on the first twilight to begin.

Background Music

  • 暗闇の刻 [Hour of Darkness] (Stench)
  • suspicion (The adults' investigation)
  • mind (Five magic circles)
  • goldenslaughterer (Shannon's body)
  • Voiceless (Rose garden)
  • mother (The previous Beatrice)
  • psy-chorus (Alternative theories)
  • Haruka [Distant] (The cat box)
  • haze (Virgilia)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Guesthouse: Parlor The children wake up to the news of the discovery of the first twilight victims. The six corpses of the servants and Kinzo had been found in the rooms marked by the magic circles. According to Nanjo, their wounds had either been caused by a spear or a gun. The phone lines were also down. George had begged to see Shannon's corpse, but was forbidden to due to both the desire to preserve the crime scene and the fear that the culprit was lurking within the mansion. A letter had also been found in the boiler room with Kinzo's corpse, reminding them that the only way to stop the killings is to solve the epitaph, and that the one who solved it would gain the gold, the headship, and Beatrice's power.

The family had decided that it was best to avoid antagonizing the culprit, and chose to barricade themselves in the guesthouse. The adults locked up the mansion and brought back all four Winchester rifles from Kinzo's collection, split among the siblings.

Purgatorio/ Meta-layer (Various) Virgilia suggests that Beatrice had studied Battler's moves in the last game and removed the servants early to preemptively prevent him from suspecting them. She advises him to stick to his guns and be wary of deception. Battler and Beatrice begin their game.

Virgilia reconstructs the crime scene. Shannon's corpse was found first in the mansion parlor, where the locked door and windows had created a closed room. Beatrice defines a closed room as one where all types of direct intervention or remote interference between the inside and outside are impossible. Transmission of intent such as via a voice or knock however is still allowed. She also confirms in red that there are five master keys.

The adults had found an envelope containing her master key and the key to the second floor guest room beside her corpse. In that room, they found Kumasawa's corpse and an envelope with her master key and the key to the third floor waiting room. They subsequently found Gohda's corpse, his master key, and the key to the second floor VIP room. There lay Genji's corpse, along with his master key and the key to the boiler room. Kinzo's burnt corpse had been found there along with the chapel key. Finally, they found Kanon's corpse at the chapel alongside his master key and the key to the parlor. The closed rooms thus formed a single loop, where all the relevant keys had been locked inside the loop.

Purgatorio Beatrice uses the red to confirm that no device can lock the doors and windows in the six rooms without a key. Battler is unfazed and tells her to repeat in red that the six victims are dead. She complies, listing the names of each of the six in her statement. He follows by asking for confirmation that no one is hiding in the six rooms, which Beatrice confirms in red. Battler then suspects that one of them may have been wounded and locked the door before passing away. Beatrice declares in red that the deaths had been instant, defining this to mean that they had become incapable of action from the moment of attack.

Battler tells Beatrice that he has only ruled out classic tricks so far, and suspects some means of remote murder. He proposes that the victim may have been lured into the room and killed by an automated trap. Ronove confirms that this does not violate Beatrice's closed room definition, and Battler refuses to explain the form of the trap. Beatrice denies this possibility in red, defining a trap as one that may be activated by the victim, a timer, or by remote control.

Battler proposes that one of the victims is the culprit, and killed the others before committing suicide. Ronove suggests that Kinzo may have done this, wanting to use his inevitable death to send a message. He asks her to repeat that all of the six deaths had been homicides. Beatrice initially refuses, but accedes upon being pushed by Battler, stating in red that none of the six committed suicide.

Vigilia points out that the line she has repeated is different from Battler's initial request, prompting Battler to suspect an accident instead. Beatrice proclaims this to be absurd and prepares to deny it, but is stopped by Ronove, who requests an adjournment for the witch's side to strategize.

Battler complains about this to Virgilia, who explains that a denial of that claim would have placed several large pieces at risk. She states that while the witch's side had escaped a large loss, they had also sustained considerable damage, and thus Battler should regard it as his victory. Beatrice returns and declares her resignation for this battle. Battler is uneasy at this success, realizing that he still does not have a concrete explanation for the events.

Background Music

  • Voiceless (The cousins wake up)
  • dead angle (Results of the investigation)
  • where (Battler and Virgilia's commentary)
  • Answer (The game begins)
  • 踊る煙管 [Dancing Pipe] (Reconstruction of the crime scene)
  • Dread of the grave -More fear- (Battler's attack)
  • mother (Beatrice resigns)

Characters Appearing

The Key to the Golden Land[]

Location Summary
Guesthouse: Lobby The children and Nanjo return to the second floor. The family adults consider taking shifts to stand guard, but none are willing to be the first to go to sleep. They turn their attention towards solving the epitaph.

The siblings note that Kinzo's beloved hometown was likely the place he had lived in before becoming the family head. Eva suggests that the location they had in mind had transformed so much during the war and postwar recovery that it was virtually unrecognizable from Kinzo's childhood. As there were many rivers with sweetfish, their prior investigations had failed to pinpoint a precise location for his hometown.

Kyrie suggests that the sweetfish river may instead be a metaphor, and asks the others about what associations sweetfish bring. Hideyoshi describes them as freshwater fish that leave for the ocean after birth but return to lay eggs. Rosa associates the sweetfish river with a family tree, particularly Maria, who had the kanji for "village" (里) in her name. She however notes that Kinzo had never liked Maria, and had told her to give her daughter a different name. Kyrie is unable to make sense of of the next three lines and suggests that it might be necessary to know what the sweetfish river is first. Eva considers that it might be better to focus on the abstract idea of something flowing up and down.

Kyrie wonders if the "key" is actually meant to be a code or keyword, suggesting that the six sacrifices might allude to some form of wordplay that involves removing characters. Similarly, the "gouge and kill" portions could also be referring to this. While Kyrie figures it must refer to something with a limited number of characters, she cannot figure out what that thing is and begins to question her initial assumption.

The adults realize that they are hungry and take a break. While most of them leave, Eva remains fixated on the epitaph. Rosa questions her, but Eva scolds her for ignoring the chance to steal the headship from Krauss. She asks Rosa if she noticed anything about the epitaph. Rosa observes that the tenth twilight writes the phrase "黄金郷" (Golden Land) as "黄金の郷" instead. (The latter is rendered "village of gold" or "capital where the gold dwells" in past translations and in the manga. In the official visual novel release, Rosa comments on the fact that the line mentions receiving the Golden Land's treasures "once and for the last time".)

Purgatorio Beatrice expresses childish irritation at the situation. Ronove wonders if she is referring to Virgilia's advice to Battler, but she denies this. Virgilia tells Beatrice that her red truth regarding the number of humans had disadvantaged her position, as it forced Battler to suspect the 18 instead of continuing to vacillate. Beatrice figures it best to focus on her next move and pleads to Virgilia for a hint.

Virgilia brings up the fable of "The North Wind and the Sun". She reminds Beatrice that that her goal is not to make Battler submit to her, but to make him accept her existence, and thus violent methods may not be the most effective ones. Beatrice decides to change her strategy and introduce a scheme that will surprise even her teacher.

Guesthouse: Lobby Eva struggles to fight her drowsiness. Young Eva scolds her and walks her through the epitaph riddle. She tells her to forget about the sweetfish and try to link the river to something else. An idea flashes in Eva's mind, and her younger self tells her verify it in an atlas. Eva wonders what to remove the six characters from, and young Eva advises her to think of it more simply, like a child's riddle.

Natsuhi tries to place a blanket over Eva, waking her from her daze. Eva excuses herself to go to the bathroom but heads for the library instead.

Guesthouse: Library Eva quietly enters the guesthouse library, her gun on standby. She locks it from the inside, fearing that her siblings might too investigate the room. She worries about Kyrie's intuition, and has suspicions that Rosa is hiding her true ability.

As she flips through a book, she begins to realize the meaning of the sweetfish river. She gets stuck on the fact that the village could refer to many areas, but young Eva pushes her to figure out what it means. As Eva figures out the meaning of the "shore", the pieces begin to click in her mind. She comes to an answer, but struggles over the fact that it is not six characters. Young Eva tells her to find a way to read it as six characters, leading her to figure out the form of the Golden Land's key. Finally, she suggests to Eva that there is only one place that could serve as the keyhole for this key.

Background Music

  • Minute darkness (The adults' conversation)
  • psy-chorus (Kyrie's reasoning)
  • 誘い [Lure] (Regarding the tenth twilight)
  • オルガン小曲 第2億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #200 Million in C Minor] (Beatrice and Virgilia)
  • Over the Sky (The North Wind and the Sun)
  • Haruka [Distant] (Young Eva's help)
  • rhythm-changer (A possible key)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Underground Passage Eva is led through the rain to the entrance of an old underground passageway. She finds a light switch, readies her gun, and descends the stairs. Eventually, she reaches a metal door, upon which the tenth twilight line is written in old red paint.
Gold Room The room Eva enters is ornately decorated, as if it were the residence of the witch. Within it lay the mythical ten tons of gold arranged in an orderly pile. The inscriptions on them seemed slightly worn, but was recognizably that of the One-Winged Eagle. Eva tries to pick one up and finds it to be around ten kilograms in weight.

Eva celebrates her victory ecstatically, telling herself that this amount of gold would solve all her problems and grant her eternal happiness. She decides that Beatrice is no more than an illusion, and that young Eva, who gave her this chance, is the true Golden Witch Beatrice.

Underground Passage Eva runs into Rosa upon ascending the staircase, and they both point their guns at each other. Rosa regrets giving Eva her hint and spending too much time thinking about the sweetfish river. She remarks that the sweetfish part did not matter much in the end, though Eva responds that she figured it out upon hearing that sweetfish were fish that went out to sea.

Rosa tells Eva that she has no interest in the headship, and would gladly acknowledge Eva as the successor as long as she receives her portion of the money. They lower their weapons, believing that the risks of murder to outweigh the gain of monopolizing the gold. Both of them affirm that they trust each other more than the other siblings, and Eva takes Rosa to see the gold room.

Rose Garden Rosa congratulates Eva on finding the gold and reaffirms the division agreement made on the first day. She suggests that they quickly announce it to the others, but Eva fears that Krauss might try to snatch it away. She notes the difficulty of liquidating a vast quantity of gold on an island that Krauss owns. Rosa is unhappy with this and tells Eva that she will stick to their prior rules until she has her share of the gold. Eva warns Rosa that supporting her is a safer course of action than telling their brothers.

Eva and Rosa also suspect the deaths to have been a ruse by Kinzo to push them to challenge the epitaph. The servants would have been playacting with Nanjo as an accomplice and a fake corpse prepared for Kinzo.

Eva decides to postpone the announcement until she has figured out a strategy. Rosa gives her one night of her compliance, after which she would have to negotiate again. Eva reaffirms her commitment to splitting the gold evenly among the siblings.

Gold Room Young Eva declares that as the finder of the gold and the next head, she refuses to hand any of it to anyone else. Beatrice appears and acknowledges her as the true head, handing her the Ushiromiya head's ring.

Young Eva puts it on her finger and the world turns to white. Beatrice declares that she will now pass down her titles and powers as the Golden and Endless Witch.

Audience Hall They are transported to a grand audience hall filled with golden butterflies. Beatrice hands her a golden staff, proclaiming her succession as the new Beatrice. As EVA Beatrice takes it, her outfit transforms into a fanciful dress and the witch portraits change to reflect the new Beatrice.

Virgilia congratulations EVA on her succession, expressing hope that she will have the proper dignity of the Endless Witch. Lambdadelta tells EVA to thank her for signing her recommendation as a witch. She tells EVA that she was sympathetic to her childhood and unrewarded effort. Bernkastel views EVA's succession as more a coincidence than a miracle and shows little interest in it. Ronove and the stakes also congratulate EVA, and Beatrice hands their ownership over to her. She tells EVA that she will need to utilize the stakes to perform her own resurrection ceremony.

Purgatorio/ Meta-layer (Audience Hall) Battler is shocked at the turn of events. Virgilia explains that the succession ceremony is simply a means for Beatrice to portray her explanation of EVA's inheritance. Ronove suggests that he view EVA as a separate entity inside of Eva.

Beatrice suggests that Battler come up with an elegant replacement name for her. To her disappointment, he responds that Beato is enough. Both he and Beato applaud the new witch for her efforts.

Background Music

  • 休息 [Rest] (The secret room)
  • happiness of marionette (short) (The gold)
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana] (Confrontation with Rosa)
  • 暗闇の刻 [Hour of Darkness] (Negotiations)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (Young Eva and Beatrice)
  • happiness of marionette (Coronation)

Characters Appearing

The New Witch[]

Location Summary
Guesthouse: Parlor Eva and Rosa are claim to be unable to fall asleep, and none of the other adults are willing to do so either. Kyrie notices that Eva seems pale, but she rejects the offer to have Nanjo examine her. She confides her paranoia regarding the other siblings to Rosa, who observes that she has been acting strange. Both of them have headaches. Eva and Hideyoshi leave the parlor to rest.

Maria runs into the lobby crying about her rose. Rosa scolds her to no avail, and Rudolf suggests using a sedative to stop her crying. Rosa remembers that she had brought some, but finds the bottle in her bag empty.

Guesthouse: Guest Room Eva lies in bed with a fever while Hideyoshi attends to her. He tells her that the medicine should take effect soon, and that his magic hand will make the fever fade. Eva tells Hideyoshi that she had been able to use magic as a child, and a witch within her had supported her and turned her wishes into success. She worries that the witch inside her is being provoked by Beatrice and will eventually overpower her, and tells Hideyoshi not to take his hand away no matter what.

They hear Maria's screams, and Hideyoshi unlatches the chain to check on Rosa. He reminds her that Eva is trying to sleep. Rosa slaps her child and drags her away to the entrance. Hideyoshi shuts the door and returns to Eva, who begins to fall asleep.

Guesthouse: Corridor Resigned, Rosa decides to listen to Maria's concerns on the condition that she behave. Maria worries that the wind will snap off her revived rose. Rosa tries to get her to wait till the next day, but she begins crying again.

Rosa begs Maria to tell her what will make her stop crying. Maria immediately stops crying and tells her that she will do so only if she could see her rose. Rosa decides the risk to be worth it since she suspects the murders to be fake. She takes Maria out of the guesthouse, holding her gun in hand.

Meta-layer (Guesthouse) Battler realizes that the two are likely going to be the second twilight sacrifices and screams for someone to notice. Beatrice points out that everyone else has kept their distance out of consideration for them, and none would notice their leaving. She tauntingly wonders what worry Battler could have since his theory had the culprit dying during the first twilight.
Rose Garden Maria finds her marked rose and lovingly stares at it while Rosa keeps a lookout. She notices the glittering of golden butterflies.
Guesthouse: Guest Room Eva's condition worsens. Hideyoshi offers to call Nanjo, but Eva tells him to just stay with her.
Rose Garden Rosa notices an umbrella behind a bush and aims her gun there. Eva emerges from behind it and tells Rosa that she wishes to continue their discussion. Rosa tells her to restrain herself in front of Maria, and that she will comply as long as she gets her share. Eva laughs in a creepy voice, and declares as the screen fades to black that all of the gold belongs to her, the Golden Witch. Maria stares blankly and asks who she is.
Guesthouse: Guest Room Eva screams in pain. She cries out to Hideyoshi to not let her be dragged away by someone who isn't her.
Rose Garden EVA Beatrice stands in the rose garden, scolding Rosa for always hiding instead of working hard during her childhood. Maria excitedly calls her Beatrice, while Rosa suspiciously questions if she is Eva. The witch responds that she is no longer Eva, and that she is not the Beatrice in Rosa's past either. She tells Rosa that the concept of death does not exist for Beatrice, whose name is eternally passed down. Rosa remarks that the gold has driven her sister mad.

EVA asks Ronove about how she should conduct the ceremony, and is told that she may use her power as she likes. To begin, she uses her magic to lift Rosa with herself into the sky, surpassing the human limitation of gravity. EVA expresses playful delight at her power, reminding Rosa that this was their childhood dream. Rosa fearfully asks to be returned to the ground, and EVA responds by letting gravity plummet her to her death.

EVA decides she isn't done and restores Rosa's body. She becomes ecstatic with the realization that she no longer had to worry about the consequences of destruction. She then carries out many of the dreams from their childhood: drowning in a sea of jelly, getting sucked into a mountain of cake, and turning into a butterfly. In each of these, Rosa ends up getting killed brutally. EVA reminds Rosa of their innocent childhood cruelty towards small insects.

Meta-layer (Rose Garden)/ Purgatorio Beato innocently laughs at the scene and calls for Battler to enjoy the fun of magic with her. Battler pleads for Virgilia to stop EVA, but she responds that those outside the gameboard cannot touch it. He refuses to accept that Eva can be this cruel, and tells Beato to stop this deception. Beato tells him that this is not her but the new Beatrice, and continues to try and entice him. Battler then slaps Beato across the cheek and goes into a furious rant about his disgust at her cruelty. He leaves the place, not wanting to see her face.

Beato is completely taken aback by his reaction. She cannot understand how this is any more than an innocent prank since they would be brought back to life anyway. Both Virgilia and Ronove also express their disapproval and leave, and the witch laments her loneliness.

Rose Garden Beato walks up to EVA Beatrice, who is still happily toying with Rosa. She uneasily tries to tell EVA that she has done enough for the second twilight. EVA is surprised at this comment and responds that her predecessor's magic had been much more cruel, citing the Halloween party of the last game.

Beato awkwardly tries to argue that she had gone too far in the past, and ought to show more elegance. She takes over from her successor and revives Rosa and Maria. Beato apologizes to Maria for being unable to keep her promise to take her to the Golden Land. She then embraces Maria and leaves a red bruise on her neck, causing her to peacefully pass away. After this, she sends Rosa into the air and makes her fall onto the spiked fence, causing her to die instantly.

EVA expresses disappointment at the plainness of Beato's kills, remarking that it is nothing like the Beatrice she had known before. Beato exerts her authority over the new witch and tells her furniture that they now ought to perform their tasks in a more dignified manner. She then tells her successor that she will be observing her. After she disappears, EVA calls her predecessor boring.

Background Music

  • 誘い [Lure] (Tensions)
  • 痕音 [Scar Sound] (Maria's tantrum)
  • worldend (bp) (Eva's fever)
  • Fortitude (Rosa and Maria)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Battler's commentary)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Eva arrives)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (EVA-Beatrice)
  • 月うさぎの舞踏 [Dance of the Moon Rabbits] (The Endless magic)
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana] (Battler lambastes Beatrice)

Characters Appearing

Warning of Sacrifices[]

Location Summary
Guesthouse: Guest Room/ Corridor Eva finally manages to fall asleep. Rudolf knocks on the door and informs Hideyoshi that Rosa and Maria are missing. Natsuhi observes that the front door chain lock is not set and figures that they must have gone to see the rose. Rudolf tells the others that he will do a quick check on them, and rejects Battler's offer to accompany him.

Eva wakes up and Hideyoshi explains the situation. She breaks into panicked worry over them, and having seen a witch there in her dream.

Meta-layer (Rose Garden) Virgilia reports that Rudolf had discovered the two bodies and carried them to the guesthouse with the others' help. Nanjo had diagnosed Rosa's cause of death to be a stab to the medulla oblongata, and Maria's to be bare-handed strangling. Beato confirms the accuracy of his diagnosis in red, telling Battler not to worry about the other cruel tortures he had seen.

Battler refuses to accept the idea that only the end state matters. He suspects one of the ten remaining survivors to be the culprit. He also fields the possibility that it had been an accidental strangling by Rosa, who then slipped and fell onto the fence. Beato tries to deny this, but Battler does not want to listen to her.

Beato objects to him calling her a monster, blaming EVA for the cruelty. Battler however explains that this has been a problem for him since the beginning. He would accept the closed rooms and murders as necessary for her ceremony and game, but finds her defilement of the corpses senseless and distasteful. Battler had even felt a sense of sportsmanship with her during the first twilight battle of this game, but that feeling had been destroyed by her recent actions.

Purgatorio Battler tells Beato that while he will not back down from this game, he cannot accept an opponent as cruel as her. He no longer wants to see her face. Resigned, Beato decides to vanish for the time being.

After Beato leaves, Battler calls her an idiot for thinking that he would be able to sympathize with her. He wishes that she had laughed cruelly rather than innocently during EVA's actions. Ronove explains that Beato has never had a friend, and has never had someone speak to her that strongly. Virgilia thanks Battler for not backing down from her game. Battler reiterates his previous argument regarding their deaths, and Ronove proceeds to confirm in red that they had both died via homicide.

Guesthouse: Lobby The family members place both corpses in a guest room and seal it until the police arrives. Their deaths had blown away any doubt regarding the first twilight murders. The adults double check the locks and shutters as well as their guns. Rosa's gun had also been taken from the crime scene and given to Hideyoshi, after he fired test shots to make sure that it had not been rigged.

The fact that Rosa had not fired any shots gave the adults pause, as it suggested that the murderer might have been someone familiar to them. They consider that it might have been a servant not currently on their shift, but Hideyoshi doubts that Rosa would have been so careless. Eva suggests that Rosa may have been ambushed, with Maria strangled afterwards. Rudolf and Kyrie highlight the strangeness of the culprit leaving them a gun in perfect working condition.

Kyrie checks on everyone's alibis. Krauss, Natsuhi, Rudolf, and Kyrie had been together in the parlor. Eva and Hideyoshi had been in their guest room. Jessica, George, and Battler had been in the cousin room. Nanjo had been reading a book alone on the second floor, though Rudolf considers that he may have left through the window. Kyrie decides that it is best for them to focus on staying alive until the police arrives.

Eva begins breathing harshly again, and Hideyoshi notices that her fever might be back. EVA Beatrice admits responsibility for the killings to Eva, and tells her that now only the two of them know about the gold. Eva pleads for her to stop, emphasizing that the headship and the gold is enough for her. EVA scolds her for abandoning their childhood dream to become a witch. She refuses to give up her own dream for Eva's and asserts her independence. She also tells Eva that until she revives, she will have to support her magic power with Eva's vitality. EVA promises to avoid her family for the five remaining sacrifices.

Eva rejects Nanjo's offer to examine her and retires to her room. She warns George not to leave the guesthouse at all costs.

Meta-layer (Guesthouse Corridor) Beato informs EVA that the murders will be difficult from this point on, as the survivors have heightened their guards. She explains that humans in modern times possess an anti-magic toxin in their bodies, the result of the increasing disbelief in the sacred. This magic resistance increases with the number of humans together. Only in places with small populations like Rokkenjima could a witch even exist.

EVA realizes that the occult and seemingly impossible presentations of the murder scenes, particularly in the first twilight, are important to eroding the anti-magic toxin by creating the fear of the witch. She expresses disappointment at Beato's failure to do so during the first twilight of this game, and Beato responds that it had merely been on a whim. EVA complains that the restraint in the second twilight murders had hindered their goals, as now all of the survivors suspect a human culprit instead of a witch. She figures that it is now best to try to split them up. EVA rejects Beato's offer of advice, saying that she has already made her move.

After EVA leaves, Ronove informs Beato that the second twilight battle has ended. He had been forced to resign, unable to repel Battler's claim that Eva had performed the murders in a similar way. Beato brings up Hideyoshi's confirmation of Eva's alibi, but Battler had simply suspected him to be an accomplice. Ronove decided not to confirm his being in the room in red for strategic reasons and out of respect for the possibility that the new witch may use that. According to Ronove, Battler had calmed down somewhat, and could not get fired up without her as his opponent.

Guesthouse: Corridor Kyrie quietly tells Rudolf that she wants to go outside.

Background Music

  • mind (Leaving the mansion)
  • Voiceless (Details of the crime scene)
  • dead angle (Kyrie's reasoning)
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana] (EVA-Beatrice speaks to Eva)
  • 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] (Beatrice speaks to her successor)
  • オルガン小曲 第2億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #200 Million in C Minor] (Ronove's report)

Characters Appearing

Battle to the Death in the Hall[]

Location Summary
Guesthouse Lobby/ Rose Garden Rudolf argues that they should stock up on food from the mansion. He suggests a group of three, with him and Hideyoshi carrying guns while Kyrie transports the food cart. Natsuhi worries for their safety, but Hideyoshi agrees out of concern for Eva's nourishment. The three adults run through the rose garden and Kyrie unlocks the mansion entrance with a master key.
Mansion: Entrance Hall After the adults head to the kitchen, EVA Beatrice shows up and comments that they have fallen into her trap. Ronove reminds her of Beato's instructions and the epitaph procedure, but she responds that she can simply revive them to perform the ceremony properly after finishing her torture.

Ronove warns EVA that the adults have guns, which possess a high anti-magic power fatal even to her. He advises her to rely on her furniture to attack. EVA randomly summons the stakes Leviathan and Belphegor, and commands them to attack Rudolf and Kyrie while avoiding Hideyoshi. She expresses frustration at the constraints on cruelty imposed by her predecessor.

Mansion: Kitchen The three adults load up their cart with canned food. Hideyoshi takes over the role of cart-pusher and passes his gun to Kyrie. Kyrie senses that someone has set up an ambush for them. Rudolf proposes to leave via the back door instead, but finds that it is jammed shut. They return to the front entrance.
Mansion: Entrance Hall Rudolf immediately spots a shadow and yells. Leviathan and Belphegor are shocked that they had been noticed, and Kyrie wastes no time in firing at them. The sisters use their inhuman speed to dodge the shots and declare their intent to kill them. Kyrie tells Hideyoshi to abandon the cart and has them split up to increase their chances of escape.

Leviathan pursues Kyrie while Belphegor pursues Rudolf. EVA reveals herself in the hall, but is admonished for it by Ronove.

Mansion: Corridors Belphegor blocks Rudolf's path of escape, but he fires at her unfazed and even flirts with her. She easily dodges his shots, but Rudolf manages to follow her new positions without delay. He tells her not to underestimate lovers of old Westerns who understand lever action rifles.

Leviathan sneers at Kyrie for having separated from her husband, but she remains confident that he will come to rescue her, just as he did when Asumu had been around. Leviathan expresses her jealousy at the couple and tells her that that emotion gives her power. She swings her energy blade at Kyrie but finds it blocked by her gun, whose anti-magic resistance allows it to parry the blade. Kyrie effortlessly takes advantage of Leviathan's opening and kicks her into the air, aiming her gun at the witch's furniture with a single arm. She tells Leviathan she can be brutal when her husband is not around.

Mansion: Entrance Hall Belphegor pursues Rudolf back to the entrance hall. Rudolf spots EVA and recognizes her as as Eva, though the witch corrects him on that. He tells her that he had been suspicious since Rosa's death, and takes aim at the witch. Belphegor charges at him to defend her master.
Mansion: Corridor Leviathan is frustrated at her lack of success against Kyrie. She tells the woman of how she had developed an inferiority complex towards her sisters during childhood, and had turned that into magical power, attaining the speed of seven days and seven nights of envy.

Unfazed, Kyrie tells her of how Asumu had gotten in between her relationship with Rudolf, used her body to seduce him, and then used her pregnancy to coerce Rudolf into an engagement. Kyrie had also been pregnant with a boy and had been due on the same day as her, but had experienced a miscarriage. She then cursed Asumu until she died. To this day, her heart continues to be filled with jealousy of Asumu every time she looks at Battler. With the power of 18 years of envy, Kyrie's speed slows Leviathan's pace to a crawl, and she shoots her down.

Mansion: Entrance Hall/ Corridor Rudolf proposes a standard Western duel with Belphegor. She accepts, but warns him that she can move faster than a bullet. Rudolf fires before the three steps are up, and while Belphegor could see the trajectory of the bullet, she is hit anyway. EVA complains about this, but Rudolf explains that she had taken the hit because he had actually fired at the witch. Belphegor regrets her laziness in failing to notice his plan.

Kyrie joins her husband and the two take aim at EVA. EVA dismisses her predecessor's furniture as incompetent and calls forth new furniture of her own. Chiester 410 and Chiester 45, two bunny girls in skimpy military outfits, heed her call. Kyrie realizes that they are outclassed by the new furniture and runs away with Rudolf.

The Chiesters calculate the precise movements of the escapees, and fire a single golden arrow that snakes through the corridors and impales their bodies.

The Chiesters carry the two corpses back, and EVA prepares to use the Endless magic to toy with them. Beato shows up and tries to stop her, telling her that Battler may take her cruelty badly. EVA however finds Battler's opinion meaningless to herself, as he is from a completely different world. She sneers at her predecessor for requiring someone else's approval, unlike herself. With that, EVA tells Beato not to interfere with her methods. Beato realizes that her relationship with EVA now is similar to how she had been with her teacher before.

Meta-layer (Entrance Hall) Beato reflects on her past actions. She had thought that blowing Battler away in the previous game would have caused him to surrender and acknowledge her as a witch, but Virgilia observes that this had only made him more determined to defeat her. She tells Beato that it might be better to shine like the Sun.
Mansion: Entrance Hall EVA laughs sadistically as she endlessly kills and revives the two victims. Hideyoshi arrives, holding one of the guns from the corpses. He speaks to her as Eva and scolds her for killing the others to hoard the gold. Upon EVA's response, he figures out that she is the witch of Eva's childhood, a personality that Eva had already grown out of. He slaps the witch for her immature cruelty and tries to bring her back to her senses. EVA continues to reject his association of herself with Eva, and uses magic to fire the gun near Rudolf's body into Hideyoshi's chest. She adds him to her sacrifice ceremony.

Her mood ruined by Hideyoshi, EVA tells Ronove to clean up the scene. She summons Lucifer to gouge the corpses, much to the stake's humiliation.

Guesthouse: Guest Room Eva wakes up from her nightmare and screams out for the missing Hideyoshi.

Background Music

  • 誘い [Lure] (Fatigue)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Entering the mansion)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (EVA-Beatrice)
  • 痕音 [Scar Sound] (Kitchen)
  • 月うさぎの舞踏 [Dance of the Moon Rabbits] (Leviathan and Belphegor, the Chiesters)
  • Worldend dominator (Battle with the stakes)
  • オルガン小曲 第2億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #200 Million in C Minor] (Beatrice tries to stop EVA-Beatrice)
  • 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] (EVA-Beatrice's retort)
  • mother (Beatrice's reflections)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Intoxication with power)
  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Hideyoshi chastises EVA-Beatrice)
  • worldend (bp) (Hideyoshi slaps the witch)

Characters Appearing

The Definition of a Witch[]

Location Summary
Guesthouse: Corridor Krauss and Natsuhi worry about the mansion group, which still has not returned after 30 minutes. Eva bursts into the corridor calling out in panic for her husband. She is distraught upon finding out that he had gone to the mansion and rambles about a witch being there. Nanjo believes that they should remain cautious, but Eva retorts that they cannot leave her husband, who might be begging for help, for dead. George and Battler decide to follow her, but Natsuhi stops Jessica from doing so. Eva also requests that Nanjo follow along.
Purgatorio/ Meta-layer (Entrance Hall) Virigilia reports the group's findings. Stakes had been pierced into Rudolf's head, Hideyoshi's chest, and Kyrie's stomach. They clothes had been disorganized and their bodies at a distance, suggesting an attempt at resistance and escape.

Battler asks Ronove to declare in red that the three bodies are dead, but he declines. He steps down as Beato's representative and requests that Battler accept her as his opponent once more, but he refuses to. Ronove calls Beato to apologize, but she fails to voice the words from her lips.

Mansion: Entrance Hall The group grieves over the deaths, with Eva lamenting that Hideyoshi may have been saved if they had arrived earlier. Battler tries to hold back, believing that George, who had lost both his father and fiancée, had it the hardest. George mourns the lost future with the one he loved.
Meta-layer (Entrance Hall)/ Purgatorio Battler explains to Beato that humans live their limited lives to the fullest, and that he cannot forgive anyone who sneers at that. He is willing to accept the necessity of her killing for her own resurrection but cannot accept the unnecessary desecration of their deaths.

Virgilia describes the Endless Magic as a black art that causes witches to lose their concept of the finite and tempts them into cruelty. She tells Battler that all magic exists to bring happiness to the human world. With that, Battler tells Beato that she has failed as an Endless Witch.

Battler wonders if the purpose of their game is really a test for Beato to be accepted as an Endless Witch in the truest sense. She denies any ulterior motives behind the game. Battler tells Beato that if she is only an apprentice and not a witch, she is not qualified to be his opponent. He tells her to think for herself what she must do to earn his forgiveness. Battler tells Virgilia he will suspend the game until Beato has earned those qualifications, but will patiently wait for her until then.

Guesthouse: Corridor The survivors return to the guesthouse. The two guns and master key that had been with Rudolf's group had not been with their corpses. For additional security, they set the chains on the doors and barricade them with furniture, and also pull down the shutters on the windows so that they cannot be opened with a master key. Krauss, Natsuhi, and Eva guard the first floor.
Guesthouse: Cousin Room George reminisces about his happy memories with Shannon. His love for her had played a huge part in pushing him to better person, and her death had left him feeling purposeless. He tries to suppress his sadness to instead be grateful for her impact on his life.

The cousins bring up the rumor that Kinzo had dedicated his life to the occult in a desperate attempt to revive his lover. George fully understands Kinzo's feelings and imagines that he must have been happy for the short time he had been reunited with her before his death. He wants to believe he can revive Shannon as well, but tells himself that it is impossible. He leaves the room to refill his coffee.

Guesthouse: Corridor (with meta-layer) George continues to struggle with his grief. He believes that the Western tradition of burying had been meant to preserve the body, due to the belief that it could be revived by a miracle. He wonders if Beatrice could do this for him, and is willing to even sacrifice his own life for it.

Beatrice watches him and remembers a single weak spell that she can still use with her current power, albeit with the help of another. {She speaks to George, offering to revive Shannon without requiring any compensation. She requests his help for this, and George easily accepts.}

George opens his eyes and sees the witch before him. She tells him to be quiet as she cannot preserve her form in front of any more humans. Knowing that they cannot exit via the first floor, she opens a window with her magic and invites George to float through the sky with her.

Mid-air George follows her lead and is shocked that he is able to fly. Beato tells him that he must not doubt the magic or he will fall. The two head for the mansion.
Rose Garden EVA Beatrice gazes at the guesthouse and selects Krauss and Natsuhi as her next targets. She praises the Chiesters for having abilities superior to the Stakes. EVA notices a faint presence, but the Chiesters had been distracted by the guesthouse observation. Lucifer glances at Ronove, who tells EVA that he did not sense anything.

Background Music

  • mind (Eva's panic)
  • Voiceless (The crime scene)
  • moon (Grief, desiring a miracle)
  • Melting away (Battler's commentary)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Return to the guesthouse)
  • Fortitude (George's reminiscence)
  • far (The sadness of loss)
  • Worldend (Empathizing with Kinzo)
  • Haruka [Distant] (Beatrice speaks to George)
  • stupefaction (EVA-Beatrice's lookout)

Characters Appearing

Real Magic[]

Location Summary
Guesthouse: Lobby (with meta-layer) The three adults try to fight off their drowsiness. {Eva tells EVA Beatrice that she had been wrong to give into greed upon seeing the gold, birthing the witch from the self-centered part of her heart. EVA tells Eva that both of them are responsible for the five deaths. Eva asks her why she had killed Hideyoshi too, and she responds that it was an unintentional killing due to his annoying persistence. The witch cannot understand Eva's love for her husband and the dreams she has for her family. Eva regrets not announcing her finding the gold earlier. She rejects EVA's assertion that she is part of herself.}

Eva wonders to herself if she had been the one to kill Hideyoshi. She awakens and excuses herself to wash her face, deciding to also make coffee for them when she gets back.

Natsuhi observes that Krauss does sometimes show that he cares for Eva. Krauss regrets arrogantly bullying his siblings in an attempt to be like Kinzo, as well as bullying them to make up for his inferiority complex. He realizes that even if he apologizes to Eva now, it will not heal those wounds. Natsuhi comforts him.

Mid-air/ Guesthouse: Lobby EVA gives her order to the Chiesters, who fire a golden arrow that snakes through the keyhole of the guesthouse door and strangles Krauss and Natsuhi. The golden snake then drags them out of the guesthouse.

Eva returns from the bathroom but finds the parlor empty. She wonders where they had gone patrolling and waits for them to return.

Mansion: Parlor (with meta-layer) George kneels over Shannon's body as Beato channels his feelings into magic. Having lost much of her magical power, this spell places a huge strain on her. Nevertheless, George's sadness had caused him to lose his magical resistance and give birth to an immense magical power, which could come only from one who understood the value of a life. Beato remembers the time in her past when she had broken the vase and mourned its loss with her whole heart. She recites the restoration incantation, opening the door to the Land of the Dead and calling Shannon's soul back.

Shannon opens her eyes and recognizes George, feeling as though she had come back from a dream. Tears fall from George's eyes and the two embrace each other. As Beatrice watches the scene, she begins to understand what true magic is. George thanks Beato for bringing Shannon back to life, but she tells him that it was his magic that caused the miracle, and to celebrate their reunion to the fullest. {Virgilia observes that Beato has finally remembered how to use magic. Beato wonders why her predecessor is still alive, and she tells her that it is due to Beato allowing her to live.}

Mansion: Parlor/ Rose Garden The Chiesters fire their golden snake, piercing through George and Shannon's hearts in an instant. With his final breath, George thanks Beato for granting him that short reunion. The golden snake takes aim at Beato, but Virgilia shields her with her own body and tells her disciple to run. It pierces through Virgilia, and Beato escapes in the nick of time by turning into golden butterflies. She curses EVA Beatrice's cruel action, and in doing so also expresses disgust at her past self.

The Chiesters report the kills to EVA, who laughs triumphantly. She expresses pity at not having a corpse of Virgilia to torture endlessly.

Guesthouse: Lobby/ Corridor Eva finds out that George has been missing for over an hour and is distraught. The doors and windows on both floors had all been locked from the inside, making the guesthouse a closed room. Battler wonders if George had snuck over to the mansion to see Shannon's dead face, but cannot explain why Krauss and Natsuhi are also missing. They search the guesthouse thoroughly but find no signs of anyone hiding.

Nanjo wonders if there may have been a hidden door. Battler has a simpler theory: that he had left through a quieter window and someone else had locked it after. Nanjo realizes that Battler suspects him and Eva and denies involvement. He finds it strange that the culprit would do this with so few survivors, as that would place more suspicion on themself. Nanjo suggests that it may be the work of a witch who wants to prove their existence, but Battler rejects such a possibility. Jessica and Eva are determined to find their respective family members, and Battler and Nanjo decide to follow them to the mansion.

Background Music

  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (Eva speaks to EVA-Beatrice)
  • Fortitude (Krauss' regrets)
  • 月うさぎの舞踏 [Dance of the Moon Rabbits] (Execution of the seventh and eight twilights)
  • dead angle (In the parlor)
  • 白日夢の果て [Daydream's End] (The magic of restoration)
  • soul of soul (Bringing Shannon back from the dead)
  • Nighteyes (The Chiesters attack)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (EVA-Beatrice's delight)
  • rhythm-changer (Regarding George's escape)
  • Closed My Heart (Battler's reasoning)

Characters Appearing

The Witch's Courtroom[]

Location Summary
Rose Garden Arbor Jessica finds her parents' corpses in the rose garden arbor. Nanjo diagnoses the cause of death to be strangulation, noting the marks around their necks. Two stakes had also been driven into Krauss's thigh and Natsuhi's calf. Jessica pulls them out of the bodies. Eva runs to the mansion to look for George, and the others follow.
Mansion: Entrance Hall Eva unlocks the mansion entrance and the group heads in. They find the numbers "07151129" written in a red liquid above the the magic circle on the parlor door. Nanjo wonders if it is for a magic square or some sort of number play. Battler suggests that it might be a date, noting that his own birthday is July 15. November 29 however does not seem to match with the birthdays of any of the 18.
Mansion: Parlor She uses her master key to unlock the door and screams upon seeing the scene inside. There lay George alongside Shannon's corpse with a wound through his chest. Nanjo confirms his death.

Battler sinks into the sofa. He wonders why Rudolf and Kyrie had gone out for food and thinks about his remaining step-sister Ange. Jessica accuses Eva of killing the others, remarking that she is the only remaining survivor from the first floor. Eva brings up George's disappearance from the second floor and blames them for not stopping him. Nanjo tries to stop the fighting, placing the blame on a witch instead. Battler wonders if the culprit is trying to make them suspect someone on the inside, but cannot explain how they would lock the guesthouse from the outside.

The sound of a gunshot brings Battler's attention back to the room. Jessica had fallen to the floor and was clutching her eyes in pain. Eva held a smoking rifle in her arms, and tries to blame Jessica for coming at her. Nanjo takes Jessica to the servant room to treat her. Eva asserts her innocence. She runs out in search of George's killer, and Battler chases her.

Mansion: Servant Room It seems that the discharge from the rifle may have injured Jessica's corneas. Nanjo wraps her eyes in a bandage, blocking whatever vision she had remaining. Jessica refuses to accept that this is an accident and blames Eva for everything, suggesting that she may have killed George to keep him silent. Nanjo tries to calm her, telling her that the police will resolve everything. Jessica fears that the police will take away Kanon's body before she can see him again.
Mansion: Corridor/ Servant Room Nanjo leaves the room to check if the others are returning, but finds himself face to face with EVA Beatrice. EVA comments that Nanjo is now isolated, as those who have lost their sight lose their anti-magic resistance. Nanjo pleads for his life, telling her that he has a sick grandchild. Jessica hears the commotion and starts calling out for him in panic.

EVA recites the ninth twilight and strikes her staff into Nanjo's forehead with a bang, killing him. She tells Jessica that she will play with her after being done with Nanjo's corpse. Filled with fear, Jessica tries to crawl around to escape, but keeps running into furniture and objects. She cries out to her parents, Battler, and Kanon for help.

Mansion: Corridor Beato returns to a faint human form in the corner of the hallway. She regrets the shameful way that she had toyed with Jessica's love for her own amusement in the past. Ronove warns her that if she uses up the last of her magic to save Jessica, she will be left with no escape from EVA.

Beato decides that she must take this step to becoming a true witch, in the hopes of one day being acknowledged by Battler. She sees this is a necessary step for her atonement, to save at least one life to make up for those that she had taken away. With that, Beato tells Ronove to observe her final bit of magic, and perhaps write down the story of her foolish life as a lesson to others.

Mansion: Servant Room/ Corridor Jessica hears Kanon's voice respond to her cries, but cannot see him in her current state. Kanon tells her that while he is no longer alive, the witch had allowed him to help for for a short time. Following his instructions, Jessica calms her heart and becomes able to sense Kanon's figure before her. Kanon tells her that his current existence is so fragile that they cannot touch each other without destroying it. He asks her to hold back her desire to touch him, just as he is doing so for her.

Kanon guides her out of the room, having erected a secrecy barrier such that their whispers will not be noticed. Jessica is deeply grateful for this miracle and follows his instructions. As they walk, the two admit their feelings for each other and regret the fact that they did not have the courage to continue to pursue each other.

They pass EVA, who is playing with Nanjo's corpse, but she does not notice them. Ronove meets their gaze and send a golden butterfly bearing his own secrecy magic, the original more powerful form of Kanon's barrier. Protected by the magic, the two reach the parlor.

Mansion: Parlor Kanon guides Jessica to the curtains, telling her that she will be safe if she hides behind them. He notices Beato's faint form, and the two thank her for this miracle. Beato tells Kanon that this cannot compensate for the evil that she has done, and he responds that at least in this moment, she is without a doubt a good witch. She thanks Kanon, telling him that the next time they meet, she might be an evil witch again.
Mansion: Corridor (with meta-layer) Beato leaves the room and uses her remaining magical power to seal it in an attempt to protect their final moments together. The Chiesters lock on to the witch, though they find that they cannot snipe into the parlor. Upon EVA's instructions, they fire at her while avoiding her vital areas.

EVA asks Beato why she had taken the risk of appearing again to do something as compassionate as reuniting young lovers. Beatrice tries to pass it off as fickleness, prompting EVA to order the Chiesters to sew her. She does not understand Beato's change of heart and questions her further, increasing her pain each time she holds her ground.

Beato tells her that the Endless magic is not what she believes it to be, and that true magic is far beyond her reach. EVA tires of this and decides to kill her before torturing the couple. The Chiesters' attacks however continue to fail to kill Beato, who will not die before the lovers' time is up.

Beato declares that she has finally become a true witch. The Chiesters pierce her heart, causing her body to crumple. Her heart however remains beating in the air, held by the golden threads. Despite EVA Endless magic, she cannot damage that heart.

Kanon's ghost comes over and thanks the witch Beatrice for her blessing. EVA is infuriated that he sees someone else as Beatrice, but he simply reproaches her rudeness for claiming that title. Ronove declares that the title of Beatrice has now passed onto Beato. As Kanon disappears, the form of Beatrice too fades away.

EVA cannot understand how someone who had been thoroughly killed can be considered "endless". She raises her foot to crush Beatrice's heart. {As Battler approaches the scene, Beatrice asks him if she has earned the right to become his opponent. She tells him that she will continue to work hard to become a true witch. Battler simply responds that it is useless, and that Beatrice is not his opponent.} As EVA prepares to bring her foot down, Battler's scream pierces the world.

Purgatorio/ Meta-layer (Rose Garden) EVA finds herself in Purgatorio, where Battler declares that his opponent is not Beatrice but her. She orders the Chiesters to attack him, but they find their attacks defeated by his magic resistance power of "Endless Nine". He orders them to get out and tells EVA that he will unmask her as the true culprit, Eva. He thanks Beato for protecting the honor of true witches, and declares that he will destroy the fake witch, EVA. Ronove explains the rules to the newcomer.

Virgilia reconstructs the second twilight, where Battler has applied the Eva culprit theory. EVA summons Hideyoshi to give Eva's alibi. Battler tells her that testimony not in red is meaningless, and she complies by having him say that he had been in the room through the whole duration of the crime. Battler finds this trick laughable and remarks that Beato has never resorted to something like that. He asks for EVA to repeat in red that Eva had also been there the whole time. EVA refuses to, and Battler concludes that Hideyoshi had simply lied to provide an alibi while Eva left to kill Rosa and Maria.

Purgatorio/ Meta-layer (Mansion Entrance Hall) The witch side resigns and the game moves on to the mansion murders, where Battler applies the same theory. EVA tries to have him explain how Eva could kill all three of them alone, but he counters with the Devil's Proof. EVA finds this ridiculous, but Ronove tells her that such a move is valid. To EVA's frustration, he continues to use this strategy for the seventh and eight twilights.

Having gotten the hang of the game, EVA brings it back to the fourth to sixth twilights. She highlights the fact that Kyrie had previously decided that getting food was unnecessary, believing that they should remain in the guesthouse for their safety. She had then changed her mind, creating a contradiction that EVA claims is due to her magic. EVA confirms the facts regarding Kyrie's mindset in red, and uses the Devil's Proof against Battler when questioned on the existence of that sort of magic.

Battler struggles to figure out Kyrie's motivation. He wants to summon Kyrie, but Virgilia tells him that the human side cannot do this, and that he must present concrete proof on the reason why Kyrie had changed her mind. EVA declares in red that her reason was never told to anyone nor written down, leaving an endless sea of possibilities that can bear no real weight. EVA also declares in red that up till the time Kyrie died, her belief that not going to get food should mean not going to the mansion had been maintained.

Battler fails to come up with a response to EVA, leading her to relentlessly mock him. As Virgilia and Ronove are about to declare the human side's resignation, Beatrice interrupts them. She uses the concept of the contrapositive to argue that Kyrie may have had a goal for going to the mansion other than getting food.

Mansion: Entrance Hall (with meta-layer) Virgilia reconstructs the scene of Kyrie's death. Beatrice fishes through Kyrie's body for evidence, but only finds several small and insignificant items. She apologizes to Battler for failing to find any clues, but Battler tells her that she has done enough. He picks up the cigarette butt and points out that Kyrie does not smoke. Furthermore, he states and verifies that this cigarette brand is different from the brand that Rudolf smokes. Finally, he checks Hideyoshi's pockets and finds the very same cigarette brand.
Meta-layer (Guesthouse)/ Purgatorio Battler has Virgilia reconstruct the second twilight and lays out his argument. He makes the case that Kyrie had found the cigarette butt in the ashtray of Hideyoshi and Eva's guest room. As Eva hated smoking, this would have not happened if she were sick and sleeping in the room with Hideyoshi. EVA refuses to repeat in red that the cigarette butt had been crushed out when both of them were in the room.

Kyrie thus deduced that Eva had snuck out of the room, with Hideyoshi providing a fake alibi. She then proposed to have Hideyoshi help her and Rudolf get food in an attempt to isolate and question him. Ronove recognizes the validity of his Hempel's Raven. EVA denies it, but refuses to repeat in red that Eva did not step outside her room during the time. Battler declares checkmate, and the form of the witch begins to overlap with that of Eva.

Purgatorio EVA decides to accept his claim that she is Eva, but announces a final move that will prove the existence of witches. She advances the game to the time of Nanjo's death. Beatrice realizes the move that she is about to make and tries to stop her.

With the red, EVA declares that following Jessica's injury, Eva had been completely under Battler's supervision, providing her with a perfect alibi. She reiterates in red that there are no more than 18 humans on the island, and adds on that no life forms other than humans have any connection to the game. She then proceeds to list the life and death statuses of all the individual 18 people in red, with only Battler, Jessica, and Eva being alive.

EVA declares in red that both Eva and Battler are not involved in Nanjo's murder, and that at the time of the crime only Nanjo and Jessica had been in the servant room. She anticipates his reply and states in red that Jessica has not committed murder, and that the culprit who killed Nanjo is none of those three. Battler tries to propose that like Eva, Jessica also had a witch-like alternate personality that could kill Nanjo in the name of another. EVA shuts this down by using the red to state that no actions caused by Jessica, Battler, or Eva's bodies had any influence on Nanjo's murder.

Battler then tries to propose a suicide, but EVA declares in red that Nanjo's death had been a homicide committed by a culprit who openly appeared before him and killed him with their weapon. Battler finds the situation impossible and accuses her of lying in red, but she states in red that the red only tells the truth, and that doubting that would be the same as doubting Beatrice's honor. Ronove and Virgilia recognize the validity of her red truth and are in awe of her beautiful checkmate. EVA continues to by stating in red that the one who killed Nanjo is a human. She claims however that the human could use magic, making them a witch.

Beatrice tells Battler not to lose heart, hoping that he can find a way out, but he tells her that he has reached his limit. She then declares that she will make a move to counter EVA: denying witches in red. EVA reminds Beatrice that she will not escape unscathed, but she responds that neither of them are real witches, and that she will strip this deception away herself.

EVA panics at Beatrice's resolve but Ronove pins her onto her seat. Battler tries to stop Beatrice from sacrificing herself, but she tells him that her move is necessary to prevent EVA from bringing the whole island under her nightmare for eternity. She makes a final request that Battler cover his ears, wanting to at least remain a witch in his eyes.

Beatrice flashes a final smile at Battler, who covers his ears and howls to block her words. Beatrice begins to speak with the red truth, explaining away all the difficult problems. If Battler had listened to them, he would have understood Beatrice's true form, all of the magic and tricks, and this entire tale of anger and sadness. But he had decided that he would only learn that when he had reached the truth by himself, just as Beatrice had wished for him to. The world is enveloped in a brilliant white light, exposing all of the illusions.

Mansion: Parlor Eva stands before Battler, her gun pointed at him. Battler declares her to be the culprit but it is too late. She pulls the trigger, shooting him through the heart. In Battler's last moments, he realizes that Beatrice's move has given him a vital piece of information: that it is possible to deny all magic. If he had been able to find a counter to EVA's final move, Beatrice's sacrifice would not have been necessary.

Background Music

  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Krauss and Natsuhi's corpses)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (07151129)
  • Requiem (George's corpse)
  • Voiceless (Battler's mind wanders)
  • Nighteyes (Gunshot)
  • worldend (bp) (Jessica's blindness)
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana] (Nanjo's murder)
  • Melting away (Beatrice's resolve)
  • soul of soul (Kanon speaks to Jessica)
  • 月うさぎの舞踏 [Dance of the Moon Rabbits] (The Chiesters attack)
  • prison (Beatrice's resistance, Hempel's raven)
  • 生まれてきてくれてありがとう [Thanks for Being Born] (Beatrice's last stand, Beatrice's desperate search, Beatrice's final move)
  • 翼 [Wings] (The witch's courtroom)
  • 失楽園 [Lost Paradise] (The second twilight)
  • miragecoordinator (EVA-Beatrice's attack)
  • Dread of the grave -More fear- (Battler's counterattack)
  • happiness of marionette (short) (The red web)
  • happiness of marionette (Perfect checkmate)

Characters Appearing

The Witch's Illusion[]

Location Summary
Darkness In a pitch-black world, Battler senses Beatrice's presence next to him. She tells him that she is no longer a witch, but will definitely become one again so that she can be his opponent. Battler affirms her as a witch, declaring her final actions to be magic.

With his acceptance, a small grain of gold shines in the darkness, illuminating their forms. For a moment, Beatrice is surprised by her form. The grain shines brighter and gets sucked into Beatrice's chest, causing the world to become bathed in light. The two find themselves over a deep blue ocean, as Rokkenjima and the mansion gradually begin to form around them.

Golden Land (Mansion Entrance Hall) Battler and Beatrice find themselves in the entrance hall, which is filled with golden butterflies. Within it are all of the Ushiromiya household and fantasy characters (other than EVA Beatrice), who all applaud for them in celebration. Virgilia explains that they have reached the Golden Land, where all the souls of the dead can be revived. Battler had been the only one left who had not joined them, and Beatrice had tried everything to bring him here.

Lucifer tells him that here there are no distinctions between furniture, humans, and witches, and all are free to love one another. Jessica and Kanon hold each other's hands to Natsuhi's disapproval, but Krauss supports her choice. Eva expresses similar sentiments regarding George, and she and Natsuhi embrace each other in tears. Maria also welcomes Battler, telling him that she was never scared because she had always known they would reach this place. When he retorts, the Chiesters chide him for his rudeness to Lady MARIA.

Virgilia presents Battler and Beatrice a document containing 17 signatures. She tells them that the existence of the Golden Land requires the cooperation of all humans, and Kinzo adds that Battler did not sign it the last time it had been opened, sealing it back into darkness. Virgilia has the two take oaths to work for the happiness of the people. Finally, Kinzo reads out the invitation to the Golden Land, which requires that all signatories accept the existence of Beatrice.

As Battler prepares to sign, Beatrice and Virgilia's faces contort, and creepily goad him into it. A young woman breaks through the window of the hall, and Beatrice orders her furniture to kick her out. Ignoring them, the uninvited guest stares straight into Battler's eyes, but he does not recognize her. She shouts at him not to be tricked by the witch into accepting his own defeat.

Virgilia tells Battler not to listen to the woman, and two goat men force Battler to grab the quill pen. Beatrice's face twists in pain for a moment, but she returns to mocking him. Battler pleads for Beato to tell him it is a lie, but she reveals that she had simply been using the "North Wind and the Sun" strategy to manipulate his emotions to her advantage.

Beatrice attacks the visitor with her magic, but the girl remains unharmed. She demands her name but is denied. The visitor causes a burst of red light to free Battler from the goats. She questions how long Battler plans to stay here fooling around and having fun with Mom and Dad, the cousins, and everyone else, remarking that she is jealous of him. The girl demands that the witch give Battler back, but she refuses.

Beatrice realizes that the visitor is Bernkastel's piece and welcomes her to the game, promising to thoroughly destroy her. The girl responds that it's all useless, vowing to expose the truth of what happened on that day on Rokkenjima in 1986.

Character Credits (All fantasy characters and Ushiromiya Ange are added to the list)

When the seagulls cried, there was but one survivor.

Background Music

  • soul of soul (Pitch-black world)
  • happiness of marionette (The Golden Land)
  • 翼 [Wings] (A mysterious visitor)
  • Dread of the grave -rhythm ver- (Character credits)

Characters Appearing

Tea Party[]

Location Summary
Witch's Smoking Room Beatrice expresses surprise at the appearance of Bernkastel's piece. Lambdadelta petulantly tries to get her name from the other witches, but they keep it from her for their own amusement. She tells them that she can offer a secret as awesome as knowing that Santa is actually one's father, but the other witches make fun of her by acting as if she had been the only one not visited by the real Lord Santa Claus.

Lambdadelta reveals that her secret is that the girl who had become the new witch is actually Eva, citing her catchphrase, which ends with "えばぁ" (-eba). Unamused, Bernkastel offers to tell her the culprit of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni instead. Lambdadelta pleads for her not to reveal it as she is still playing the game. Bernkastel then leaves. Beatrice comments on Lambdadelta's closeness to Bernkastel, leading her to speak of her extreme possessive love for the other witch.

Lambdadelta drops her façade. She threateningly asks Beatrice if she has any real intention of winning, observing that she has only been messing around so far. Beatrice emphasizes that her game board is perfect, and Lambdadelta agrees that it can defeat Bernkastel easily no matter how many times she challenges it. She however questions Beatrice as a player, who does not seem to care if she wins or loses.

Lambdadelta reminds Beatrice that her role is to defeat Bernkastel and seal her in a cage for eternity. She allows Beatrice to play around to confuse Bernkastel, but warns that if she makes a move for a purpose other than victory, she will withdraw her support and reduce her back to her shabby original human self, sent to a Fragment even more miserable than the one she had come from.

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Background Music

  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (The witches' discussion)
  • miragecoordinator (Lambdadelta's threat)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Hospital Room The year is 1998. Eva lies alone in a hospital bed, guards stationed outside her room. Her niece Ange arrives in response to her request, but the atmosphere between them is filled with tension and suspicion.

As the only one who had returned from the 1986 Rokkejima incident, Eva had inherited the entire Ushiromiya family fortune, rumored to include the hidden 10 tens of gold. She had adopted Ange after the incident, but scorned her out of resentment for the loss of her son George. She had isolated Ange in a special school and deprived her of a normal happy childhood, causing the girl to resent her back.

Eva had grown increasingly paranoid about attacks on her life, particularly from the many enemies she had made in ruthlessly expanding her businesses after 1986. Finally, she had become afflicted with a terminal illness. Ange was to be the sole inheritor of the her wealth, with Kyrie's family next in line after her, leaving both her and Eva ideal targets for assassination.

Eva resents how her excessive wealth, that she cannot even pass on to George, has become a burden. She decides that the best way to make Ange suffer is to have her inherit all of her fortune, making her the target of ruthless and relentless media criticism just as she had been. She hopes that Ange will eventually grow to become like her, left alone without anyone that she can trust or love. Ange replies in single lines with cynical disinterest.

Eva breaks into a cough and a guard rushes in to give her water. She tells Ange to enjoy the cursed gold and inheritance of the family, as well as the name of the Golden Witch Beatrice. Ange replies that she does not care about that, and only wants to know the truth of what happened on the day of her family's death. Eva laughs and decides to take the truth with her to the grave as a final way of tormenting Ange.

Corridor Ange walks through the corridor, and the narration gives more background regarding the aftermath of the incident.

On October 5, 1986, what was described as an extremely unfortunate accident had occurred on Rokkenjima. While the police had been unable to find any evidence that the incident had been a crime, the media continued to place suspicions on Eva, asserting that the police had been bribed by her. The incident and Eva's life had become a media sensation, with her family dramatized in unsavory ways. As a result, Eva's personality had grown increasingly twisted until she began to resemble the evil person that the media portrayed her as.

Eva had become Ange's guardian and imposed strict security around her, causing her to grow up without a single friend. Media rumors had also led others to keep their distance from Ange, and she also became a scapegoat for anything bad. This had similarly broken her heart and prevented her from being able to trust anyone. Eva's illness had even been suspected to be a conspiracy by Ange to gain her wealth.

The magazines spoke of both Eva and Ange as witches, and Ange had accepted that in her heart as well. She had decided that she would be the final head of the family, and the last lonely Golden Witch.

Skyscraper Roof Ange stands at the outer edge of the fence on the roof of a skyscraper. She had often dreamed of the family she had lost, wondering if finding out the truth would allow at least one of them to come back. She decides to go home to where her family is, and prepares to take a step off the edge.

Bernkastel, a girl who Ange recognizes from her dreams, speaks to her. She requests Ange's assistance to help her family, who has been imprisoned on Rokkenjima in the span of those two days in 1986. In exchange for her help, she will search for the ideal fragment where Ange's family comes home. She cannot promise that it will be found, having been unable to find it thus far, and even a miracle would only bring one person back at most. Nevertheless, she offers Ange the change for revenge. Ange agrees to her proposal, and Bernkastel recognizes her the final Golden Witch, ANGE Beatrice.

Eva's guards open the door and try to persuade Ange not to jump. Bernkastel tells her that they should go, and Ange follows her by jumping off the skyscraper.

Staff Credits

Background Music

  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Hospital room)
  • てくてく [Steady Pace] (Ange's arrival)
  • Fortitude (Ange's inheritence)
  • mother (The Rokkenjima Incident)
  • wingless (Skyscraper roof)
  • haze (Bernkastel's request)
  • activepain (Ange jumps)

Characters Appearing


  • Althought EVA-Beatrice says "I'll switch the sacrifice of the sixth twilight to you" to Hideyoshi's corpse, he is considered the sacrifice of the fifth twilight on the character screen because of the spot of injury on this body.