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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Aysha (アイシャ Aisha) is from COU Indonesia and a member of the Gauntlet Knight squad Baibao.


From COU Indonesia

A member of the Imperial Guard Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Baibao" of the COU Combined Military HQ

As a trainee, she was praised for being a hard worker and a model student, but her innate talent was judged to be below average. Later, she volunteered to be sent to the Kunlun Military Research City as a test subject.

As a result of their research, they discovered that she was immensely talented at observing airspaces using 8MS, and she made a comeback as an Aerial Augmented Infantry soldier focusing on specialized techniques for observation and detection.

Furthermore, she later achieved good marks on compatibility tests with Lingji, and was promoted quickly through the ranks to land in Baibao Squad. She would then become the ideal supporter to bolster that squad's efforts.


Aysha wears a white cloth covering her head resembling a jilbab with a white uniform shirt and dress with black boots. Her Gauntlet has a golden semicircle-shaped shield attached to it and a shoulder guard resembling a crown.


Aysha is mischievous, poking fun at others and making innuendos while chuckling a lot. Despite her playful personality, Aysha is shown to have disdain toward her former classmates for their treatment of her and cares for her family deeply, wanting to ensure their continued happiness.




Aysha refers to Momotake as "Momotake-kun" in the Japanese text sometimes.[1]

Special Abilities

8MS War Zone Observation (SS)

While she's in a war zone, the passage of time is always her ally. One by one, every element of the war zone is stripped naked in her eyes. The pressure this causes can be quite terrifying, even if she never fires a shot.

Analysis of Combat Situations and Tactics (SS)

Using the vast amount of data she observes, she can make split-second decisions about the current combat situation and propose optimal tactics to deal with it. She truly is the eyes and brains of Baibao.

Poor Aerial Augmented Infantry Aptitude (-S)

Her natural talent for being part of the Aerial Augmented  Infantry barely gets a passing grade. She isn't good with sudden midair movements either. And, her ability to handle weapons only barely makes the cut.  However, the results of her battlefield analysis as part of Baibao Squad more than make up for this.


For You, the Replaceable Ones

Aysha is first introduced in Chapter 2 with the rest of her squad at the International Battle Standard Festival and accepts the Public Bath Oath soon after. Later, Meow's existence is revealed to Jayden, and when they go on a date Aysha offers some suggestive advice.

In Chapter 11, Aysha and her squad are sent into combat to destroy ABN mining machines.

Chapter 25 has Baibao and other Gauntlet Knight squads being encouraged to actually partake in combat or face consequences, with analysts appointed to watch them. Aysha decides to forgo the Public Bath Oath and follow along since her job as a Gauntlet Knight is what gave her family happiness and prosperity.


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