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Ayakashisenshi-hen ~Do~ (妖戦し編 ~努~, lit. Demon Battling Chapter ~Toil~) is the second episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira.


—A new threat draws near Hinamizawa, the evil magic organization "Tokyo Magica".
Rika transforms into the magical girl "Oyashiro Rika" to fight them.
A shocking magical war with the fate of the world at stake is about to begin!


Plot Summary[]


Ayakashisenshi og magical rika

An adult Rika transforms into a magical girl

An adult Rika undergoes a transformation into a magical girl, Oyashiro Rika. She addresses her enemies, Okonogi, Nomura, Takano, and Teppei, and demands they release the tied-up Satoko. The self-proclaimed Four Heavenly Kings claim that Oyashiro Rika cannot defeat them all and soon tie her up as well. Just then, Rika wakes up, having realized it was a dream. She starts feeling her chest and wonders if she'll ever grow up just like the older version she saw in her dream. Rika notices Satoko muttering in her sleep, apparently having the same dream. Rika wakes her up and Satoko hugs her, relieved that she's okay. Rika asks if she was also having a dream about her being a magical girl, and she affirms it. They look at a magic wand that Rika found in the saiguden yesterday, which Rika had never seen before. They figure it must be the source of their dreams, but Rika is confused at her and Satoko having the exact same dream.

Nail ripper

Nail Ripper appears

Satoko and Rika walk to school in the morning and question the thick fog surrounding them. Rika says to be careful, having a bad feeling about it. Just then, a mysterious man in a gas mask appears to block their path and summons a "Saigu Majin", Nail Ripper. Rika and Satoko run away in fright.

First Half[]

Rika and Satoko wonder if this all part of the dream and successfully escape. The masked man comments on their speed and then kneels before Takano, who appears wearing a strange uniform. Takano says the Tokyo Magica won't allow Rika to challenge them anymore.

Satoko and Rika make it to school and catch their breath, wondering what they just saw. Satoko says it was just like a monster movie. Shion arrives and greets Satoko while hugging her. Rika is confused at Shion coming to their school in this world, but Shion has no idea what she means by "this world". Rena then appears and starts hugging Satoko as well. Keiichi and Satoshi arrive to greet everyone, with Satoko elated at her Nii-nii appearing. Satoko begins to go up to him when Rika grabs her arm. Rika tells Satoko to calm down and says this may not be the Satoshi she knows.

School starts, but the class note that Chie hasn't arrived yet. Satoshi and Keiichi go off to look for her, thinking she might've gotten lost in the fog. Rika is refreshed at seeing Keiichi and Satoshi getting along. Satoko explains that in this world, due to family issues, Satoko is living with Rika while Satoshi is living with Keiichi. Nobody remembers Hinamizawa Syndrome or the battle with Tokyo; Rika notes that they haven't gone back in time either, looking at a calendar that says it's September. Rika determines they've stumbled into a parallel world. Satoko asks how she's so calm, but Rika says she's used to it. However, Rika is still worried about the monster from earlier and wonders what's going on since Hanyuu hasn't shown up yet.

Higurashi kira fairy hanyuu

Hanyuu arrives in the form of a fairy

Just then, a wounded Keiichi returns to the classroom, warning that the Tokyo Magica's Saigu Majin have gotten to Satoshi. Irie tends to the wounded Satoshi in the infirmary. Keiichi says the monsters emerged from the fog and attacked Satoshi. Rika asks them to explain what the Tokyo Magica are; Mion and Shion think she's half-asleep, but they explain they're an evil magic-wielding society. Hanyuu then appears in the form of a tiny fairy and explains that Rika is the magical girl who fights them as Oyashiro Rika, and Hanyuu is her advisor.

The club learns that Rika and Satoko came from a different world; Hanyuu could tell immediately since she's the god of Furude Shrine. Irie determines the Rika and Satoko from this world replaced them in the other world, and Satoko asks if the Tokyo Magica did it. Hanyuu says they shouldn't have this kind of power. Rika asks to know everything about the Tokyo Magica.

Rika used to be the priestess of Furude Shrine. Inside the saiguden were instruments of torture, with the grudges inside of them growing stronger with every year until they turned into an enormous source of power. When the Tokyo Magica came to steal this power, Hanyuu gave Rika a magic wand to allow her to transform into Oyashiro Rika, but it wasn't enough to stop them. The Tokyo Magica destroyed the saiguden, causing the torture implements to transform into monsters called Saigu Majin. The Tokyo Magica want to use the Saigu Majin to make magic weapons and take over the world, and have been using Hinamizawa as their training grounds and want to drain the Furude Shrine of its magic.

Ayakashisenshi cheer club

The club in their support uniforms

The Tokyo Magica have already infiltrated the government and the police, and so Rika's the only one who can stop them. Mion assures her that the only ones who know Rika's a magical girl are those in the room right now. Their games club is just a facade, with their true identity being the Rika-chan Rooters; Keiichi and the rest of the club put on special uniforms as he says this. Irie acts as Coach, and designed the uniforms himself. Rika is disturbed, but it's similar enough to her situation in the original Hinamizawa. Satoko doesn't want to forgive the Tokyo Magica since they hurt Satoshi.

The club goes out to retrieve Rika's wand, which is still at home, and leave Irie behind to take care of Satoshi. While walking through the fog, they encounter Chie lugging a curry pot and shambling forward while muttering "curry" over and over again. Chie is shown to be deranged as she scoops up some curry and spreads it everywhere, leaving burn marks in the ground.

Second Half[]

The club runs from Chie as she continues attacking them with curry. Rika and Hanyuu get separated from the others and soon run into a deranged Tomitake and Oryou. Chie catches up to Rika, lifting her by the arm and cackling as Oryou prays with prayer beads and Tomitake takes pictures of Rika.

Rika breaks free and fixes her clothes after getting away, and Hanyuu catches up to her. Rika coldly addresses her and says to just find Satoko and the others already, but Hanyuu says it's impossible and whimpers at Rika acting different. Rika says she's always like this and wonders what the Rika of this world is like: Hanyuu says her Rika is honest and sincere, and does her best at being a magical girl. Rika scoffs, thinking she's subbing for the other Rika since she's weak.

Satoko, Keiichi, and Rena finally catch up to them, having gotten separated from Mion and Shion while running from the townspeople. Rika determines the fog is designed to make people go crazy, much like Hinamizawa Syndrome. As the group continues walking, Hanyuu figures the fog won't affect Rika and Satoko since they're from another world. As they reach Rika's shack, several needle-filled ohagi flies out of nowhere and splatters against a tree, and a deranged Mion and Shion emerge to block the group's path. Rena also starts laughing, revealing she's also gone crazy; she draws her cleaver as she says she's taking home Rika and Satoko. As Mion and Shion close in, Rena pulls out a gasoline can. The deranged club members attack, but just then Satoko pulls a nearby rope and sends the three flying with a log trap. Satoko is pleased that even in this world, she had traps ready.

Tokyo magica keiichi

Keiichi reveals he's part of the Tokyo Magica and steals the wand

They get inside the shack and find the magic wand, but Keiichi grabs it before Rika can pick it up. Rika voices her suspicions that Keiichi hadn't gone crazy from the fog yet, and Keiichi reveals that he was crazy from the start, pulling off his school uniform to reveal a Tokyo Magica uniform. Satoko sees he must've attacked Satoshi earlier, and Keiichi affirms it. Keiichi gloats as Rika says the Keiichi of this world is still careless, and Satoshi sneaks up from behind and knocks out Keiichi with his bat.

Ayakashisenshi deranged villagers

The deranged villagers surround the heroes

Satoko runs to hug Satoshi as Rika picks up the wand and comments that brothers and sisters really are the same, even if they're from different worlds. Keiichi gets back up and summons Nail Ripper again, destroying the shack. Rika, Satoko, Hanyuu and Satoshi escape into the forest and soon become surrounded by everyone: Rena, Mion, Shion, Chie, Irie, Kasai, Ooishi, and Tomitake, all driven mad from the fog. Satoshi starts laughing, having succumbed to the fog as well since he removed his mask.

Ayakashisenshi oyashiro rika

Rika becomes Magical Girl Oyashiro Rika

Hanyuu tells Rika that she needs to transform now. Satoko says she can definitely do it, and even though it's in a different form, she's fighting evil with a mystical force, so she's basically been a magical girl since the start. Rika gives in and successfully transforms into Oyashiro Rika. Satoko sees she actually enjoyed it, and Rika starts complaining when she sees her chest didn't grow bigger. Rika shines a bright light from her wand, purifying her friends and turning them back to normal.

Rika then turns to Keiichi to purify him, and he sends Nail Ripper to attack. Rika takes care of the monster and then zaps Keiichi, his mask breaking to show he's also turned back to normal. Takano then appears, commending Rika's powers as the Queen of Hinamizawa. Nail Ripper suddenly grows to a giant size, with an iron maiden emerging from his chest with Takano inside it. Rika tells Satoko to stay as she runs away, wanting to lure Nail Ripper away from her friends. She brings the monster to the Furude Shrine and attacks, wanting to also purify Takano, but it has no effect. Takano declares she'll prove the magical theory her grandfather left for her.

Ayakashisenshi trap satoko

Satoko becomes Magical Girl Trap Satoko

Satoko and Hanyuu catch up and find that Rika is powerless to fight Nail Ripper. Rika shields Satoko from one of his attacks and becomes weakened. Nail Ripper prepares to attack again as Satoko prepares to shield Rika. Rika asks her to run away, but Satoko wants to protect her this time since Rika's protected her a lot already. Satoko wishes to have power and begs Oyashiro-sama to lend her strength, and Hanyuu grants her wish. The Furude Shrine shines with energy, and a another magic wand appears before Satoko. At Hanyuu's urging, Satoko takes the wand and transforms into a magical girl herself, Trap Satoko.

The rest of the purified club arrive, with Satoshi shocked as to Satoko becoming a magical girl. Rika and Satoko attack Nail Ripper together, with Satoko creating a pitfall trap underneath his leg. The girls finally destroy Nail Ripper with a combined attack, Seventh Explosion. Takano is sent flying as she apologizes to her grandfather.

Tokyo magica 3

The remaining Tokyo Magica members

Elsewhere, the remaining Tokyo Magica lambast Takano for her failure, calling her a stain on the Four Heavenly Kings' name. Okonogi says she was the weakest of them all however, and offers to send the Mountain Dogs next. Teppei wants to have a turn next however, as Satoko doesn't know he's part of the Tokyo Magica yet. Teppei threatens to strip them naked and make them take a boiling hot bath. The Tokyo Magica leaders salute and unite in their goal to overthrow Rika.

The club looks over Hinamizawa from the Furude Shrine overlook. Rika and Satoko accept their newfound responsibility of protecting Hinamizawa, even if it is a different world. The rest of the club offer their support, but Satoshi is still worried about Satoko becoming a magical girl. Mion and Shion are confident she'll do her best. Rika and Satoko agree to also do their best. The adult Rika appears and questions if this will really work out, however.


Voice Cast[]

Character Name Actor
Keiichi Maebara Soichiro Hoshi
Rena Ryuugu Mai Nakahara
Mion Sonozaki Satsuki Yukino
Shion Sonozaki Satsuki Yukino
Satoko Houjou Mika Kanai
Rika Furude Yukari Tamura
Hanyuu (ハニュ♥) Yui Horie
Kyousuke Irie Toshihiko Seki
Miyo Takano Miki Itou
Rumiko Chie Fumiko Orikasa
Satoshi Houjou Yuu Kobayashi
Teppei Katsuhisa Houki
Okonogi Juurouta Kosugi
Nomura Rie Tanaka
Nail Ripper (ツメハガシャー Tsumehagasha) Takashi Matsuyama


Key Animation 原画
Toshinari Yamashita 山下 敏成
Tsukasa Sorimachi 反町 司
Ikumi Saitou 斉藤 育美
Keiko Ishii 石井 景子
Megumi Koike 小池 恵
Yasuyuki Kai 甲斐 泰之
Manabu Shioda 塩田 学
Hisashi Ishii 石井 久志
Hatsumi Takahashi 高橋 はつみ
Chie Mishima 三島 千枝
Masumi Kōketsu 纐纈 真澄
Eiji Fukuyama 福山 映二
Takehiro Nakayama 中山 岳洋
Tomoyuki Abe 阿部 智之
2nd Key Animation 第二原画
Big Owl
In-Between Check 動画検査
Digital Network Animation
In-Between Animation 動画
Nakamura Production
Big Owl
Coloring 色指定/Paint Check 仕上検査/Special Effects 特殊効果
Tomoe Nakagawa 中川 智江
Paint 仕上
Mizuho Yamada 山田 瑞穂
Tomoe Nakagawa 中川 智江
Big Owl
Art Assistant 美術補佐
Tomohiro Morishita 森下 智廣
Backgrounds 背景
Studio Kanon
Shinobu Yamaguchi 山口 忍
Yukako Ogawa 小川 友佳子
Mayumi Okawa 大川 真由美
Shiori Nagaoka 長岡 志織
Yoshiteru Mizuno 水野 義輝
3D Work 3Dワーク
Toshirō Hamamura 濱村 敏郎
Yūki Himoto 樋本 悠貴
Kana Imagaki 今垣 佳奈
Kiyono Watanabe 渡邊 清乃
Keisuke Inoue 井上 圭介
Yuki Kuribayashi 栗林 裕纪 
Photography 撮影
Yoshitaka Mōri 毛利 善隆
Yutaka Nagaushi 長牛 豊
Editing Assistant 編集助手
Yuki Koike 小池 祐樹
Video Editing ビデオ編集
Yoshiaki Kimura 木村 祥明
Nozomi Suzuki 鈴木 希美
Sound Effects 効果
Kenji Koyama (Sound Box) 小山 健二
Recording Adjustment 録音調整
Kōhei Ōishi (Studio T&T) 大石 幸平
Hideaki Kizawa (Studio T&T) 木澤 秀昭
Recording Studio 録音スタジオ
Studio T&T
Aoi Studio
Sound Production 音響製作
Dax Production
Natsuki Fukuda 福田 夏紀
Ending Theme エンディングテーマ
Tenshinranman☆Miracle Change
Song 歌 Rika and Satoko
Lyrics 作詞 YUMIKO
Composer 作曲 Yuki Nonaka 野中 勇希
Arrangement 編曲 DY-T
Insert Song 挿入歌
100% Magical Star☆
Song 歌 Rika, Satoko, and Hanyuu
Lyrics 作詞 Saori Kodama こだま さおり
Composer 作曲 Shunryū 俊龍
Arrangement 編曲 Sizuk
Prop Design プロップデザイン
Tomochi Kosaka 小坂 知
Production Manager 制作担当
Kazuomi Senoo 妹尾 和臣
Production Advancement 制作進行
Takeshi Toda 戸田 武志
Production Assistance 協力プロダクション
Digital Network Animation
Assistant Producer アシスタントプロデューサー
Toshio Okada 岡田 登志男
Atsunori Yoshida 吉田 敦則
Merchandising Director マーチャンダイジングディレクター
Yuka Matsumoto 松本 結花
Special Thanks
07th Expansion
Yuka Matsumoto
Script 脚本
Fumihiko Shimo 志茂 文彦
Storyboard 絵コンテ
Hideki Tachibana 橘 秀樹
Episode Director 演出
Masahiro Sonoda 園田 雅裕
Animation Director 作画監督
Tomoyuki Abe 阿部 智之
Animation Production アニメーション製作
Studio DEEN
Production 製作
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira Production Committee ひぐらしのなく頃に煌 製作委員会

Opening Animation[]

Storyboard 絵コンテ and Director 演出
Hideki Tachibana 橘 秀樹
Animation Director 作画監督
Hiroshi Tomioka 冨岡 寛
Key Animation 原画
Hironori Tanaka 田中 宏紀
Yuki Komatsu 小松 勇輝
Satoshi Harayama 原山 智
Kyoko Kametani 亀谷 響子
Mika Takazawa 高澤 美佳
Mariko Emori 江森 真理子
Takumi Yokota 横田 拓己
Ryouichi Nakano 中野 良一
Takenori Tsukuma 津熊 健徳
Tomoko Sugimoto 杉本 智子
Tomochi Kosaka 小坂 知
Ken Takahashi 高橋 賢

Ending Animation[]

Storyboard 絵コンテ and Director 演出
Hideki Tachibana 橘 秀樹
Animation Director 作画監督 and Key Animation 原画
Hiromitsu Hagiwara 萩原 弘光


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  • Rika's magic wand resembles the ritual hoe she uses during the Watanagashi Festival ceremonial dance.
  • Hanyuu's name in the credits is written in katakana with a heart (ハニュ♥) instead of in kanji.
  • Rika and Satoko's final attack, Seventh Explosion, is named after 07th Expansion, the creators of the original Higurashi When They Cry sound novels.


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