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Atonement Arc Vol. 3 is the third volume of Karin Suzuragi's manga adaptation of Tsumihoroboshi and the 17th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press.

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Based on the evidence detailed in Takano's notebook, Rena believes she's uncovered the truth behind Oyashiro-sama's curse and the mysterious deaths in Hinamizawa! But though Rena's theory fits perfectly with Hinamizawa's dark history, it is difficult for Keiichi to believe such an outlandish tale, especially given Takano's fascination with the occult. However, Rena cannot be diverted from her obsession with the plot she believes will inevitably destroy the village. Will her mounting paranoia cause her to take drastic action once again?!


Chapter 8: Turnaround

Chapter 9: Stupefaction

Chapter 10: Secrets

Chapter 11: Memories



Precisely Because He is a "Normal Person"

Hello, I'm Ryukishi07.

For this afterword, I would like to talk about the main character of Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY, Keiichi Maebara.

It's true that Keiichi Maebara has several unique traits. But fundamentally, he's a normal person, just like you and me. He has an energy befitting his age, and he can't sit back and watch when something's bothering his friends. Those are all traits that would be natural and not a bit strange for any of us to have.

And if this Keiichi can confront the hardships that befall him and overcome them, then that means we can all overcome, just like him. It thrills me to think of it.

Of course, Higurashi is entertainment. Nothing could be better than for you to laugh and cry as you read it.

But if there's anyone who learns from Keiichi Maebara and puts what they learn into practice, then as the author, I'm certain that nothing could make me happier.

Oh, but please imitate Keiichi's good qualities, okay? Don't copy the bad ones!

Everyone, if there's anything bothering you, please go to your father or mother first.

Karin Suzuragi

Thank you very much for sticking with me this far. The "Atonement Arc" has passed its turning point. All that's left is a straight dash to the finish. It'll be a climax from beginning to end! I hope that you'll join me again.

This volume is a big one with a lot of pages. I've always secretly dreamed of putting out a really thick graphic novel, so I am extremely glad and humbled. Volume Four, the next volume, will be the last one. I will do my best to make it even more intense than this one.

Thank you to everyone who sent me letters. They're a big encouragement.


Original Story, Supervisor: Ryukishi07-sama, BT-sama, Yatazakura-sama

Editors: Koizumi-sama, Kouno-sama

Staff-sama: Erina-sama, Tashiro-sama, Shigetomo Tanakura-sama, Atori Amou-sama, Nayu Y-sama, Niwako-sama, Bancho-sama, Tomoka Furuda-sama, Misshii-sama, Moyomoso-sama, Rico-sama, YF-sama, Yoshun-sama



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