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This is a page for listing the notable artists who have worked with Ryukishi07 and their contributions to manga adaptations, novel illustrations, and character designs.

An artist is considered notable if they meet at least one of the following criterion:

1) involved in the making of visual novel games in any way;

2) involved in more than one series by Ryukishi07 in any way;

3) involved in the adaptation or illustrations of at least two non-anthological works of the same series; Kataribanashi is treated the same as non-anthological works due to its prominence.

Akai Higasa

Japanese name: 赤井 ヒガサ

Personal site.

  • Kataribanashi
    • novel illustrations: A Kyute Lesson from Hell;
    • manga adaptation: The Melancholy of Stir-Fried Vegetables.
  • Rose Guns Days character design: Sun Zilong.

Akio Watanabe

Japanese name: 渡辺 明夫

Twitter account.

Eita Mizuno

Japanese name: 水野 英多

Twitter account.

En Kito

Japanese name: 鬼頭 えん

Main article: En Kito

Fumi Itō

Japanese name: 伊東 フミ

Personal site.

Hinase Momoyama

Japanese name: 桃山 ひなせ

Main article: Hinase Momoyama
  • Minagoroshi manga adaptation.
  • Kataribanashi novel illustrations: The Rustic Belle of Shishibone and Madder Red Skies ~Festival Accompanying Chapter: The Eve of the Grave Visit~.
  • Dawn of the Golden Witch manga adaptation.
  • Rose Guns Days character designs: young Jeanne Amakawa and Xiaolan.
  • Fifth and sixth 07th Expansion Party posters.

Karin Suzuragi

Japanese name: 鈴羅木 かりん

Personal site.

Kei Natsumi

Japanese name: 夏海 ケイ

Personal site.


Japanese name: クロサキ

Kyuuta Sakai

Japanese name: 坂井 久太

Twitter account.


Japanese name: みもり

Personal site.

  • Yoigoshi manga.
  • Kataribanashi
    • novel illustrations: Punishment Games are a Silver Bullet., Festival Accompaniment, Thereafter, and Feelings of that Day, Feelings at Present;
    • manga adaptation: Don't Quit, Chie-Sensei.

Nana Natsunishi

Japanese name: 夏西 七

Main article: Nana Natsunishi

Ninagawa Yaeko

Japanese name: 蜷川 ヤエコ


Japanese name: 西E田

Personal site.

Jiro Suzuki

Japanese name: 鈴木 次郎

Main article: Jiro Suzuki


Japanese name: れもたろ

Personal site.


Japanese name: 宗一郎

Main article: Soichiro
  • Kataribanashi
    • novel illustrations: A Fragmented Account Revealed by a Certain Scrapbook, or perhaps, A Fragmented Chronicle Recording The End of a Certain God, The Cuckoo Clock and Dreams of a Loving Home, and Spiriting-Away Chapter: Don't Add Pineapple to Sweet-and-sour Pork;
    • manga adaptations: Sacrifice Drifting, The Butterfly's Dream -Endless Nightmare-, The Cuckoo Clock and Dreams of a Loving Home, and Limit.
  • Alliance of the Golden Witch manga adaptation.
  • First 07th Expansion Party poster.
  • Rose Guns Days:

Takagi Tsuyoshi

Japanese name: 高木 勇志

Twitter account.

Takahito Ekusa

Japanese name: 江草 天仁

Main article: Takahito Ekusa


Japanese name: たつひこ

Twitter acount.

Tomato Akase

Japanese name: 赤瀬 とまと

Main article: Tomato Akase


Japanese name: ともひ

Personal site.


Japanese name: ともぞ

Personal site.

Yoshiki Tonogai

Japanese name: 外海 良基

Personal site.

  • Himatsubushi manga adaptation.
  • Kataribanashi novel illustrations: The Girl's Lost Memories, The Illness at the End of the Hundredth Year's Rope, and Courage Testing Chapter;

Yutori Houjyou

Japanese name: 方條 ゆとり

Twitter account.

  • Watanagashi, Meakashi, and Batsukoishi manga adaptations.
  • Kataribanashi
    • novel illustrations: Womanizing Chapter: The Ultimate Paradise Just For You......, Doll Vanishing Chapter, and Jirou Tomitake Dies Twice;
    • manga adaptation: Doll Vanishing Chapter.