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The Arctic Ocean Union (環北極洋連合 Kan Houkyokuyou Rengou, lit. Ring Arctic Ocean Union) (AOU) is a faction consisting of several nations from North America, Europe, and Asia. These countries border the Arctic Ocean or are in Central Asia or Caucasus Regions.


A faction that formed around an alliance between AOU America and AOU Russia, two B3W superpowers.

Their highest goal is to restore the world order from the B3W era, regaining worldwide hegemony with their two core countries once again.

After the nuclear war, they chose to manage childbirth through factories. By rapidly recovering the size of their populations and selecting for genes, they also managed to eliminate various hereditary diseases.

They're known for being extremely conscious of human rights, and they tend to intervene when they see human rights issues in other countries, claiming to be vanguards for worldwide justice.

Because it's a faction of humans born from factories, other factions view them as a land of cold-blooded values.


The AOU has a presence on multiple continents and regions. The core nations may be America and Russia, but several other nations situated close to the Arctic Ocean such as the Scandinavian countries, unknown Western Eurasian countries, Canada, and half of Japan are also members of the faction.

Member Nations[]


The AOU Joint Parliament governs the faction as a whole.


AOU cities have people living in places suitable to their unique needs. Talking about socioeconomic privilege is strictly forbidden and penalized, as it is considered harassment. This was done to protect the happiness score in each area, especially since the happiness score worldwide plummeted before WWIII. [9]

In an effort to maintain the happiness score, every TV channel in AOU nations air scheduled government broadcasts showcasing the positives of living in the AOU.[10]


Because of a decline in child births after WWIII, almost all humans are born in factories (called "factory-born") in order to repopulate and grow the population of the nations. More specifically, they are born in Incubators located in government-run childcare facilities. Most people have "siblings," or people who were born around the same year. The AOU had labeled the last Sunday of every month to be Siblings' Day, where siblings could get together and strengthen their bonds. [11]

Traditional births (nicknamed "ciconia-born") are rare, with strict morals and regulations concerning raising the child; namely, the parents have to take care of them to the very end. A violation of said regulations would lead to imprisonment for violating childcare laws, and the child would lose all ties with their parents and be placed in a childcare institution. The failure of a ciconia-born child to blend in with factory-born children has led to a debate among the COU Child Protective Service on what is the proper way of dealing with ciconia-born children who were neglected. [12]

As soon as a child is conceived, their genes are studied to determine what they will be good or bad at in life. Their entire lifestyle and future jobs are thus arranged for them, however people are given the opportunity to change professions. [10]

Gender and Sexuality[]

The AOU, out of consideration to various genders, was one of those Anti-Sexual Discrimination nations. As a result, resident cards in countries allied with the AOU indicated their citizen numbers and names, but not their sexes. Information about one's sex was shared only when it became necessary at medical institutes, and even then it was shared only between the person and their hospital, and the information would be instantly removed after a certain time had passed. [9]

To further such measures, the AOU has also implemented gender-neutral bathrooms in addition to men's and women's bathrooms. In addition, the AOU allows and acknowledges same-sex marriage and abolished discrimination against sexual minorities. This is in contrast to their prohibition of marriage between close relatives. [9]


Students were put into classes at random and, depending on their grades, were sent to different institutions that matched their level of talent.[13]


All AOU nations have their own respective militaries, with their own units and procedures. The AOU Combined Military HQ manages all of this.

Aerial Augmented Infantry[]

Aerial Augmented Infantry, similar to other nations, were composed of the top aces from their respective militaries. The AOU has fielded two squads for the International Battle Standard Festival: Warcat and Grave Mole.

In an effort to bolster numbers following the drone attacks, many trainee Gauntlet users are rushed into service.[14]

Known Units

Other Military Units[]

In the AOU, Judo is focused by the Russian Army with Japan dropping it from its routine a year before the International Battle Standard Festival. [16]

The AOU American Atlantic Fleet is the pride of the AOU navies, with the flagship being the aircraft carrier Roger Jamison.

After the massive upset with regular forces and power displayed by the Gauntlet Knights, all militaries switched to using drones exclusively, namely due to how frontline soldiers felt powerless.[15]

Foreign Relations[]


AOU Japan and COU Japan have had a shared responsibility in maintaining the Glass Sea as a World War Relic. After discovering that Rare Spiritium was contained there, COU Japan started building military bases to occupy the area while AOU Japan opposed them.[17]

A buffer zone between AOU Russia and COU China becomes the location of combat due to an unresolved border dispute.[15]


The Atlantis Spirit Field, the greatest supply of Spiritium for the ACR, has been a contested region between the ACR and AOU over ownership of the area. The ACR launches their warship Atlantis to occupy the area, which AOU America has accused them of illegally doing. The Atlantic Fleet is sent in response.

The ACR dispatches the Aerial Augmented Infantry kette Squad 601 to counter the Atlantic fleet, however the leader of the kette Rethabile orders the Atlantis Fleet into a defensive position, leaving only her kette to attack. After a brief discussion between Rethabile and the captain of the Atlantic Fleet, both sides engage each other. No casualties are sustained, and the Atlantic Fleet soon retreats after disarmed heavy torpedoes are given as a "gift" and placed inside the main bridge of the Roger Jamison.[18]


Due to a treaty, the AOU is supposed to assist the ABN if they're attacked.[8]

The Seven-State Alliance in Western ABN Ukraine seeks admission into AOU Russia, which are considering military intervention on behalf of protecting Russian citizens. The ABN Peace Department has opposed this move.[9]

After the outbreak of Erbil L5, several affected AOU countries push for investigation into the ABN for their suspected involvement.[8]


The IPMA appoints several AOU Joint Parliament members, including Simon Wicksell, to become provisional directors.[19]


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