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This article is about a location in Higurashi When They Cry.

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Angel Mort (エンジェルモート Enjeru Mōto) is a family restaurant. It is a frequent meeting spot for the club, and it is where Shion Sonozaki works at part-time.


Angel Mort originated in Okinomiya and soon became a restaurant chain with branches in Tokyo and Kakiuchi City. The main branch in Okinomiya is owned and managed Mion's uncle Yoshiroh.

The restaurant was inspired by a real-life Japanese restaurant called Jonathan's.[1][2]

Shion wearing the Angel Mort waitress uniform.


Despite being a "family restaurant", Angel Mort is actually aimed towards an otaku clientele, evidenced by the revealing outfits worn by waitresses and the veritable merchandise scene for Angel Mort figurines. Some customers are especially perverted and will purposely trip waitresses to make a mess and make them clean up, bordering on sexual harassment.[3]

The otaku crowd comes in full force whenever a Dessert Fiesta is held: an all-you-can-eat dessert event that requires special tickets to attend. Ticket scalping is thus a common occurrence.[3]

It is suggested that there is a blacklist used for barring people from entering restaurants when they do enough bad things like harassment or illicit ticket dealings,[4] however Mion doesn't confirm or deny if such a thing exists.[5]



  • The Angel Mort name comes from the words "mortal angle": "Mort" is a shortened form of "mortal" and "Angel" is an anagram of "angle".[6]
  • Before the release of Higurashi, the Angel Mort uniform was present in cards created by 07th Expansion for the card game Leaf Fight.[7] The original outfit included a spear and is supposedly based on the Dragoon outfit from Final Fantasy V.
  • Outfits resembling the Angel Mort uniform have reappeared in Ryukishi07's other works:


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