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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Andry (アンドリー Andorī), from COU Madagascar, is a member of the Gauntlet Knight squad Suparna.


From COU Madagascar

A member of the 301st Aerial Augmented Infantry squad "Suparna" of the COU Combined Military Central General Corps, First Branch

Supposedly, the reason he wasn't discovered by the national exams was because he likes to slack off, and he wasn't at school on the day of the exam.

Even though enrollment into the Aerial Augmented Infantry course usually starts at preschool, he began at age 13, becoming the latest-blooming ace on the planet, as well as the person who reached this position in the shortest period of time.


Andry has pink hair and wears a military uniform with a red scarf over it. He also wears black pants and brown shoes. His Gauntlet resembles a missile launcher and has a golden mantle hanging off of it.


Andry is interested in doing anything if it means he gets paid for it, even if he has to kill someone. Even so, Andry shows concern for his squad mates. He also says "woo" a lot.


Special Abilities

Sleeping Lion (SS)

Ingenious and efficient, he can perfectly carry out tasks  after seeing them just once, even if it's his first time and he hasn't studied at all.

However, either because it's the fate of all geniuses or simply because of his dandyism, he pretends to hate working and doesn't like showing off his true power.

Aptitude for Long-Distance Attacks (A)

He likes to hide behind terrain, safely attacking from a secure distance, and has a strong aptitude for such tactics. He values returning home without any losses more than guaranteed positive results.

Long-Distance High-Maneuverability Guided Missiles (A)

He specializes in high-maneuverability, powerful guided missiles capable of tracking even a member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry. He makes an art form of never exposing himself while one-sidedly chasing his opponent around, wearing them out and making them retreat without bloodshed.


Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Andry is first introduced in Chapter 2 alongside his squad mates at the International Battle Standard Festival. He later helps Jayden with his troubles regarding Miyao's alternate personality and subsequent relationship.

In Chapter 18, Andry's squad is sent on a mission to destroy ABN agricultural plants and in the process are accused of causing civilian casualties. This catches up to them in Chapter 24 when Suparna is reprimanded for it. Rukhshana suddenly transforms into Rukhi and lets loose on the colonel in charge, and Andry steps in to defend her and ensure she stays in the squad.