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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Amanda Amamiya (アマンダ・雨宮 Amanda Amamiya) is a lady of the night and one of the many women working in alliance with Primavera.


Amanda has long purple hair tied into curls with a black and red headband. Her dress is similarly black and red with a large cleavage window.


Amanda is a very strict woman with people, especially Rose Haibara, since she believes Rose's sincerity is what prevents her from making logical decisions.


Amanda was the leader of a group of ladies of the night and met Caleb when he tried to make her recruit his men as bodyguards. Caleb eventually pulled out, though he and Amanda formed a steady relationship.

In the meantime, Amanda, Stella Maiougi and Meryl Tanashi formed Primavera as an alliance of ladies of the night. Amanda wanted to become Madam, but everyone disliked her and settled on Rose instead. Amanda then retired and went to teach kids English in her spare time.



Season 1

Amanda is first introduced in 1947 where she gets recruited to provide some English-speaking girls for Philip Butler's party.

Later, Caleb Keireiji takes over City 23 and Amanda acts a contact between him and Primavera where she soon strikes a deal with him and makes herself the Madam of Primavera, taking half of the protection money the girls are to pay. Stella Maiougi and Meryl Tanashi leave the club in defiance, with some other girls following them.

Season 2

Claudia Kurosaki and Wayne Uedera are captured by Caleb Keireiji's men and Amanda holds them at an apartment. Claudia believes that Amanda may actually just be playing the part of the villain to ultimately help Rose Haibara. Amanda later seems to prove her right when she takes several of her bodyguards and leaves the apartment unattended with an abandoned car nearby.

Amanda then heads to Club Primavera, where Rose's group take her hostage to use as a bargaining chip against Caleb. Amanda decides to play along with them and pretends to be threatened by Richard when Maurice Monobe appears leading a strike force, however Maurice sees through her ruse and grazes her with a bullet. Amanda is later taken to a hospital.

In 1948, the Wandering Dogs encounter Amanda and Caleb in a bar, who have retired from the mafia business and are living secretly. Amanda gives Rose and the Wandering Dogs advice from time to time.

Season 3

Amanda briefly appears to have a short conversation with Zel about her past as an assassin.

Last Season

Amanda appears for the last time in 1950 to give Jeanne some background support when she prepares to take on Primavera.


  • Amanda's name means "deserving to be loved", "worthy of love" or "loved very much by everyone" in Latin. Her surname Amamiya means "rain" (雨 ama) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮 miya).