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Alliance of the Golden Witch Vol. 6 is the sixth volume of Souichiro's manga adaptation of Alliance of the Golden Witch and the 20th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Umineko When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press in an omnibus format with Volume 5.

Publisher's Summary


長い旅の末に、ついに魔法を理解した縁寿。未来の六軒島で彼女を待ち受けているものとは…!? そして自分の存在を見失った戦人は、ゲームに復帰できるか!? 出題編ラストエピソード、終焉。


One by one, the attendants of the Ushiromiya family gathering are killed under what can only be described as supernatural circumstances. Even Kyrie, the strongest proponent of logic and reason, is convinced by the vicious parade of witches and demons she has witnessed. Battler and Maria have yet to be tested for their suitability as family head, but the greater test for Battler will be whether or not his logical stance can hold out against the seemingly undeniable tide of the witch's magic...


Chapter 23: It Can't Be Seen Without Love

Chapter 24: Black and White

Chapter 25: Conclusion

Final Chapter: Ange Ushiromiya

Tea Party —Episode 4— Part 1

Tea Party —Episode 4— Part 2

Secret Tea Party —????—



In This Real World Without Red Text

Hello, I am Ryukishi07.

It is at this point in the very long saga of Umineko When They Cry that we mark a transition into Umineko When They Cry Chiru ("Scattering"). In Episode 4, we meet Ange Ushiromiya, who gives us an interpretation of this world that is different from those of the first three episodes. How did you readers interpret the "incident on Rokkenjima" after this episode?

Ange refuses to believe in witches and steadfastly holds to her belief that Eva is the killer. Yet there are scenes where she speaks to Maria and Sakutarou. "What does this mean?"

"You cannot see it without love."

Neither Beatrice's true intentions nor the emotions of Eva the survivor. These things cannot be described by others. And without the red text of truth, how do we learn the "truth" in the real world?

I beseech you to travel this story with an "eye of love" and an "eye without love." I believe that these eyes combined, when you are lost without truth in the real world, will give you just a tiny hint when you need it most.

Now, for those of you lamenting the loss of Soichiro-sensei's art, there is good news! As it happens, he will be providing character designs for Ryukishi07's latest work! The title is Rose Guns Days, and I am once again grateful for all the help of my editor Koizumi-san at Square Enix... (Cries)

I hope you'll join me for the second half of Umineko When They Cry, as well as Rose Guns Days! Hopefully the two together will give you very different looks at the Ryukishi world!


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