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This chapter introduces Battler's sister Ange as a secondary protagonist, who was absent from the 1986 Ushiromiya family conference and was taken in by Eva, the only survivor of the Rokkenjima Massacre. The narrative shifts between the gameboard and the outside world, showing readers the impact of the incident on Ange's life and exploring her relationship with Maria and magic through Maria's diary.

Character pages are linked as the characters first appear in the story, not when they are mentioned by others prior. Short meta-layer sections are indicated with curly brackets and italicized, while longer ones will be in their own rows and unmarked. Short gameboard sections in primarily meta-layer sections will also be italicized, but will be in square brackets. Song titles are in bold only when they are played for the first time.


Unlike in previous episodes, the chapter select screen for Alliance of the Golden Witch does not list dates and times. Information here is taken from the date and time screens from within the story itself. Italics indicate extrapolated dates.

Chapter Name Date Time
The New Guest Sat, Oct 4 1986
Ange and Maria After 1986
The Future 12 Years Later October 1998
Red Truth, Blue Truth Sat, Oct 4 1986 2:51PM
Ange's Recollection Sat, Oct 4 1986 6:07PM
Mariage Sorcière October 1998
Lure Towards Illusions October 1998
My World After 1986
Sakutaro Before 1986
To the Island of the Witch October 1998
Ushiromiya Kinzo Sat, Oct 4 1986 9:48PM
The Sweet World of Witches Sat, Oct 4 1986
Dungeon Sat, Oct 4 1986 10:32PM
My Mission October 1998
Final Family Conference Sat, Oct 4 1986 11:00PM
The Next Head Sat, Oct 4 1986 11:11PM
Cause of the Tragedy Sat, Oct 4 1986 11:47PM
Journey's Endpoint October 1998
Ushiromiya Ange


Location Summary

Background Music

  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Airport)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (The world frozen)
  • うみねこのなく頃に [Umineko no Naku Koro ni] (Opening)

Characters Appearing

The New Guest

Location Summary

Background Music

  • 弦楽四重奏曲第一番ト長調-I.Allegro [String Quarter #1 in G Major - I. Allegro] (Ronove and Beatrice)
  • moon (Ronove's report)
  • Monochrome Clock (Cheering Battler up)
  • オルガン小曲 第2億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #200 Million in C Minor] (Battler back in action)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (The fourth game, the game begins)
  • haze (Ange's arrival)
  • Melting away (Familiarity)
  • Haruka [Distant] (Ange's position in the game)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (Introductions)
  • wingless (The lonely observer)

Characters Appearing

Ange and Maria

Location Summary
Saint Lucia Academy Sometime after 1986, a lonely Ange attending boarding school at Saint Lucia Academy is ostracized and bullied by her peers. She is consoled by the memory of Maria, who she fondly remembers as an older sister figure to her (Maria was 3 years older than Ange as of October 4th 1986). Ange has Maria's Grimoire in her possession, and spends her days with Maria and Sakutarou, who has left a fragment of herself within her diary. Through reading her diary, Maria teaches Ange magic. They go through events from the diary together describing Maria's isolated life, relationship with Rosa, and the creation of Sakutarou.

Background Music

  • てくてく [Steady Pace] (St Lucia Academy)
  • 久遠 [Eternity] (The aftermath of the incident)
  • 神秘的森 [Mystic Forest] (Maria's diary, bullied kid)
  • apathy (Ange and Maria, Sakutarou meets Ange, to become a witch)
  • far (Maria's birthday)
  • さくたろうの頑張り物語 [Sakutarou's Adventure] (Sakutarou, bringing Sakutarou out)
  • cage (Convenience store)

Characters Appearing

The Future 12 Years Later

Location Summary
October 1998 Having jumped off the rooftop of the building, Ange survives miraculously. She meets with Okonogi, the head of the Ushiromiya Group after Eva's death. They discuss the Eva's guilt or innocence. Ange believes Eva is guilty due to the fact that she was found with the head's ring at the hidden mansion Kuwadorian, avoiding the accident. In contrast, Okonogi believes that George and Hideyoshi's deaths are proofs of Eva's innocence. Ange tells him she plans to meet with other people to learn more of the incident. Okonogi tells her "without love, the truth cannot be seen" and advises her to have an unbiased outlook of different perspectives/sides to the story.

Their meeting is cut short when Okonogi informs her of Kasumi Sumadera's pursuit and helps her escape with the aid of security guard Juuza Amakusa.

{Bernkastel tells Ange that the truth isn't fixed. It changes its appearance when it is observed and provides the example of Schrodinger's Cat Box. Ange learns that 'the truth of the future wins against the truth of the past'.}

Background Music

  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Ange and Okonogi)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (With and without love, the truth of the future)
  • てくてく [Steady Pace] (Multiple perspectives on Eva)
  • over (Kasumi's pursuit, Okonogi's report)
  • Like the gale (Ange's jump)
  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Speaking with Amakusa)
  • Haruka [Distant] (Ange and Bernkastel)

Characters Appearing

Red Truth, Blue Truth

Location Summary
Dining Hall Nanjo tells the siblings Kinzo has 3 months left to live yet again. The siblings think Kinzo had been dead for some time and suspect Krauss and Natsuhi of hiding his death to extort his wealth for themselves and avoid distributing it. None of the siblings have seen Kinzo since October 1984 and insist they meet with him. Kyrie tells Krauss that they would accept him as successor if he abides by 3 conditions:

1) The successor being the caretaker of the current head, 2) The duty of caretaker is to look after the head for the remainder of their life until their death, and 3) If the caretaker is neglectful in their responsibilities, (and Kinzo dies of any unusual circumstances other than a natural death) they shall be deprived of their role as the successor. Krauss' successorship would be passed down to Eva should he fail to adhere to any of the 3 conditions.

{Battler tells Gretel he had had a suspicion of one of the family members already being dead, and an unknown person being mixed, taking their place as the 18th person on the island, thus not contradicting the red truth, but simply "the names of all 18 people don't necessarily correspond to the 18 people on the island".}

Witch's Tea Room Battler tells Beatrice to repeat that "the 18 people on the island included Kinzo" in red, but Beato refuses on the premise that she would only use her red truth on her own terms from now on. Gretel explains that Beato's refusal to repeat in red does not necessarily mean the human side's theory is correct, but that multiple truths can exist until the "box is opened" or the truth is refuted. New rules to the game are established. When the game ends, the decided time being 24:00 on October 5th 1986, both the human side and the witch's side can put forth their theories. The human side will be granted 1 minute to counter the mysteries, and the witch's side is granted 1 minute to argue back. If either side fails to provide a counter argument by the time limit, the game ends and a victor is chosen. Beatrice states that the human side will have to counter each and all mysteries in order to win. Beatrice introduces the blue text to Battler.
Dining Hall The siblings threaten Krauss with the possibility of forcing their way to check if Kinzo was alive or dead and getting the police/third party involved should he refuse to agree to their 3 conditions. They agree to wait until tomorrow before forcing their way into his study. Krauss and Natsuhi leave the parlor to convince Kinzo to meet with them.
The Master's Study Krauss and Natsuhi meet with Kinzo in his study and ask him to join the family for dinner that night. Kinzo is furious over their incompetence and assaults Krauss, choking him by the collar whilst holding him up in the air. In the end, he agrees to join them at the family conference.

Background Music

  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Nanjo's prognosis)
  • 痕音 [Scar Sound] (Kyrie speaks)
  • Closed My Heart (Meta-layer commentary, the unfairness of the red truth)
  • mind (A trick with names, rules of the blue truth)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Beatrice congratulates Battler)
  • Answer (Assaulting with a wall)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Kyrie states her theory)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (Blackmailing Krauss, Kinzo changes his mind)
  • happiness of marionette (short) (Kinzo blasts Krauss)

Characters Appearing

Ange's Recollection

Location Summary
Parlor Rosa retrieves Maria back soaking wet from the rain outside in the rose garden. Rosa praises Maria for being a good girl and promises her her own dessert at dinnertime. Maria and Rosa share a loving moment together.

{Gretel witnesses this and excuses herself from the gameboard. Maria asks Ange for the reason of her irritation, and Ange recalls bitter memories from Maria's diary regarding her true relationship with Rosa, which she believes was not as loving as the scene they had just witnessed.}

Rosa's Home Ange recalls a time when Rosa had left Maria home alone for 2 nights. To cope with Rosa's long periods of absence away from home, Maria finds comfort in the presence of friend Sakutarou, who encourages her to brave out her loneliness until her mother returns. They have a pajama party and Maria gifts Sakutarou a red muffler. She writes a letter to Rosa for when she returns.

{Maria chooses to see the good and happy moments in her life, but Ange is skeptical, believing Maria was in fact upset towards her mother's shortcomings. Maria assures her she had had a happy life as evidenced and written in her diary.}

Rosa comes back home bearing gifts. Maria is given a set of ceramic animals, all holding musical instruments. Maria accidentally discovers a stub of a train ticket to 'Atami' (a famous hot springs/vacation spot) from Rosa's coat pocket. Rosa's calm demeanor changes as she grabs the ticket from Maria's hand and leaves.

{Ange tells Maria that her mother had been lying all along and pities her. Maria continues to defend Rosa believing that whatever happened later had not ruined the happiness of that night. She tells Ange that the world is filled with happy and unhappy Fragments, and if she continues searching for a world without a Fragment of unhappiness, she'll never find happiness for all eternity.}

Rosa then reads the letter from Maria and apologizes.

{Maria tells Ange she was once like her, only seeing Fragments of misfortune, but has since obtained a 'power' that Ange lacks. She calls for Beatrice, and they both tell her that the power is 'magic'.}

Rose Garden (Kuwadorian) A memory is shown of Maria having tea with Beatrice in the Rose Garden at Kuwadorian. She introduces Sakutarou to Beatrice. Beatrice believes that stuffed animals loved by children commonly have spirits made to reside in them, as children lack the anti-magic toxin. She tells Maria that unlike other stuffed animal vessels, Sakutarou is special in that he moves on his own free will. Maria tells her this phenomena comes naturally to her, as she has many other friends just like Sakutarou at home. Beatrice admires her apprentice's newfound magic and acknowledges Sakutarou's materialization into the human world along with Virgilia. She sketches a new form for him on a piece of paper as a present. She proclaims MARIA as an Apprentice Witch of Origins and gifts her a fitting outfit for a witch.

{Maria tells Ange that being happy is creating happiness out of one's current misfortune. She reminds Ange that she was also once part of Mariage Sorciere, and that she would teach her the magic of origins.}

Background Music

  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Rosa and Maria)
  • 久遠 [Eternity] (Ange's irritation, two points of view)
  • 神秘的森 [Mystic Forest] (Flashback)
  • さくたろうの頑張り物語 [Sakutarou's Adventure] (Sakutarou's suggestion, Sakutarou becomes human)
  • ひだまり [In the Sun] (Pajama party, Maria's witch dress)
  • apathy (Rosa's return)
  • Fortitude (Maria's rationalization)
  • wingless (Rosa reads Maria's letter)
  • far (Maria and Beatrice)

Characters Appearing

Mariage Sorcière

Location Summary
Restaurant (12 Years Later, October 1998) Ange meets with Professor Ootsuki at a restaurant to discuss the crime of Rokkenjima. He tells her that in April of 1987, he had received an unusual request from a friend to determine the value of a very large collection of books, around the subjects of folklore, archaeology and the occult, that would be later sold at an auction by Ushiromiya Eva. Eva's financial situation was tight, thus she had resorted to selling off some of Kinzo's valuable antiquities and books to obtain some funds. Appraisals of such items happened around half a year after the Rokkenjima tragedy, with investigations still ongoing and missing persons that have yet to be determined dead, leaving Eva unable to obtain any of the wealth, inheritance, or life insurance. Professor Ootsuki claims that Kinzo's collection had garnered a lot of interest from occult enthusiasts because of their rarity and tremendous value to the field, of which only the elite and wealthy can obtain. As this information spread to the public, it gave rise to many of the occult-based theories surrounding the Rokkenjima tragedy. Ange asks him about the message bottle that was declared by a fisherman some time after the talk surrounding the Ushiromiya Library came to light, similar to the first message bottle found by the police after the accident. Professor Ootsuki claims that although both letters matched each other's handwriting, it was doubted if Ushiromiya Maria had been their author, as they appear to be written by a much older person. Both letters describe two different accounts of the 2 days of the family conference, but both end with a tragedy, as well as both letters cite Ushiromiya Eva as one of the victims. Ange shows Professor Ootsuki Maria's Grimoire, and they confirm that the letter written by Beatrice inside the diary match the handwriting of the letters from the message bottles.
Hotel 2:00 AM (12 Years Later, October 1998) Ange stays at a high-end hotel for the night. MARIA visits her and guides her into using magic just as she had done before in the past. Ange has obtained one of the purgatory stakes from the accident scene, and uses it as a vessel to summon Mammon of Greed. Ange manages to summon 4 other Sisters of Purgatory, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Belphegor and Satan before succumbing to sleep.

Background Music

  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Ange and Ootsuki)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (Ange presents Maria's diary)
  • over (Kasumi's information)
  • apathy (Hotel room)
  • Parallel (How to use magic)
  • Surrounding (Summoning Mammon)
  • 599 million ruins (Reunion with Mammon)
  • F Style (Summoning the other stakes)
  • wingless (Maria and Sakutarou)

Characters Appearing

Lure Towards Illusions

Location Summary
Meta-layer (memory) Ange recalls her magic training with MARIA during her days at Saint Lucia Academy. MARIA instructs her to image a vast empty space to reduce her anti-magic toxin. Ange was able to summon the 7 Sisters of Purgatory in the past, who kept her company during her lonely days at school. In a bathroom stall, Ange summons Mammon, and tells her she hopes to summon her family one day. Mammon tells her that the magic of Resurrection is a very high-level and difficult magic. Ange has nothing to remember her mother and father by, but she has her pink hair pins to use as a vessel for Battler. Battler had given the hair pins to Ange after winning them for her at an arcade game during a day out with the family.
Meta-layer As Ange prepares to go back to the gameboard, she meets with Lambdadelta who tells her that Bernkastel had lied to her when she promised to return her family back to her. Lambdadelta tells her that in the chance that Battler does win the game, he will only be returning to 1986, where Ange is still 6 years old, and not the 18 year old Ange of 1998. Lambdadelta wants the game to continue in a tie for all eternity and therefore will assist Battler only when she feels he is about to lose or give up, to keep the game going. She tells Ange that Beatrice has no chance for victory in this game, and Bernkastel had thrown in Ange as a piece to tip the scales in her favor and break the endless cycle. Lambdadelta asks Ange to become her piece instead and assist her in keeping the game going. If Battler gains an advantage over Beatrice and is close to winning, Ange would have to hold back. In return, Lambdadelta promises to keep the gameboard from crumbling, ensuring Ange is with Battler for all eternity.

Background Music

  • Parallel (A vast space, shifting the magic to Ange)
  • Novelette (Seven sisters)
  • HANE (Playing with Sakutarou)
  • apathy (The remaining sister)
  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Walking through St Lucia)
  • wingless (Hair accessories)
  • 599 million ruins (Unknown meta-world space)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (The world freezes)
  • 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] (Lambdadelta)
  • miragecoordinator (The truth of ANGE's situation)

Characters Appearing

My World

Location Summary
Ange's Future (After 1986)

Saint Lucia Academy

Ange spends her days in the company of the 7 Sisters of Purgatory, MARIA and Sakutarou, having honed her magic and summoning abilities. They play the game 'shiritori' together. In another scene, Ange gets scolded by her classmates for flunking her test and bringing the class's average score down. Her classmates ask her to explain why her grades were so bad and force her to stay overnight writing a letter of regret. They laugh and jeer at her through the night, as MARIA, Sakutarou and the 7 Sisters watch from a distance. In a fit of anger and frustration, Ange calls for the Sisters to kill her bullies, but the Sisters hesitate, saying there was too much anti-magic toxin in their gathering and they were incapable of carrying out any orders their master wasn't capable of doing themselves. Ange's frustration grows as she starts to doubt their existence and her magic which slowly kills off the 7 Sisters one by one until only MARIA and Sakutarou are left. MARIA says that Ange had violated the contract of Mariage Sorciere. Ange tells Sakutarou he is only a figment of Maria's imagination and he disappears, which angers MARIA. A memory of a 6 year old Ange denying Sakutarou's materialization as a friend to Maria is shown, and Maria expells Ange from Mariage Sorciere. Back at the Academy classroom, Ange gives in to her antagonists and regrets she had survived the Rokkenjima tragedy. She vows to never rely on anyone other than Humans.

{MARIA pities Ange but says she will remain by her side when the time comes and Ange asks for her help once again.}

Background Music

  • cage (Stakes at school)
  • HANE [Feathers] (Shiritori)
  • Fortitude (Scolding)
  • 神秘的森 [Mystic Forest] (Classroom)
  • 生まれてきてくれてありがとう [Thanks for Being Born] (Evening, denying Sakutarou)
  • goldenslaughterer (Ange kills the stakes)
  • mother (Ange's monologue)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Rosa's Home (Sometime before October 1986) Maria is upset at what 6 year old Ange had said about Sakutarou as he comforts her. Even though Rosa had told her not to take any of her toys with her to school, Sakutarou suggests she take some of the smaller toys, the 4 ceramic rabbits that can easily fit inside her pockets. That way, Maria would not be alone at school. Maria agrees and begins to bring along her toys with her to other places, hiding them in her bag.After a trip to the convenience store, Maria loses her key and can't go back home. The store manager calls the police who escort her back to the station. The police officer calls Rosa's company and learns from her assistant that Rosa is on vacation with her boyfriend in Sapporo. Maria spends the night at the station which prompts a visit from a district welfare officer.

The next day, Rosa comes back home to find Maria with the social worker. Rosa is agitated by the social worker's questions and asks her to stop meddling. The social worker reveals that Maria is well-known around their area for being left alone very frequently, trotting around her stuffed lion and toys. Rosa violently denies being on vacation and claims she was swamped with work. In a fit of rage, Rosa slaps Maria and destroys Sakutarou and one of the ceramic rabbits as punishment for disobeying her, all while in the presence of the social worker. Sakutarou loses his materialization.

{Maria cries to Beatrice and asks her to bring him back to life. Beatrice hesitates and tells her she is not able to revive him as his creator, Rosa, had denied him and destroyed his form, and only Rosa can bring him back. As anger and sadness wells up in Maria, her heart begins to grow dark and cold. Maria asks Beatrice to teach her the kind of magic that will get her revenge against 'the evil witch possessing her mother'.}

Background Music

  • 神秘的森 [Mystic Forest] (Maria comforts Sakutarou, Rosa's return)
  • apathy (Leaving the house)
  • Fortitude (Missing key, scolding Maria)
  • 久遠 [Eternity] (Calling Rosa's office)
  • Requiem (Rosa breaks the rabbit)

Characters Appearing

To the Island of the Witch

Location Summary
On a boat to Niijima

(12 years later)

Ange and Amakusa travel to Niijima by boat to avoid being on the radar of the Sumadera family. Ange is accompanied by Mammon, the other sisters and Sakutarou. She feels ashamed of what she had said and done to them years ago, when she had denied magic. She realizes that whether magic exists or not is an opinion one holds within themselves, and not for others to decide on their behalf. If any one person believes in magic, it can manifest in the human world, as a different reality, similar to how two different truths can co-exist at the same time. Ange laments on her hurtful words and says that this journey is one to apologize to Maria, and believes if she had not hurt her all these years ago, the Rokkenjima incident would not have happened. Ange revives Sakutarou, who is able to be materialized in Ange's world. She summons the 7 Sisters and acknowledges all their existence. Ange apologizes to them, and says she still has not acknowledged magic herself, but that she acknowledges that magic can exist for people who believe in it (Similar to a Devil's Proof). She plans on exposing the truth of Rokkenjima without witches or magic getting in the way. Sakutarou explains that Maria had not been able to summon him the same way as she had witnessed his vessel being torn apart and decided herself that he had died, similar to one's denying of magic. Ange says that after Sakutarou's death, the nature of Mariage Sorciere took a dark turn, focusing on darker magic and curses, as evidenced through Maria's diary. Ange vows to reunite them together once again on Rokkenjima.

Ange notices a large heavy golf bag in Amakusa's possession and suspects he might be carrying dangerous weapons.

Niijima Airport Kasumi Sumadera had arrived to Niijima Airport and is escorted in a luxury car for the ride to Rokkenjima. She asks her bodyguards if they have prepared their 'tools' and they show her their automatic pistols loaded and ready.

Background Music

  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Boat conversation)
  • worldend (bp) (Self-satisfaction as ultimate meaning)
  • cage (Mammon speaks)
  • 久遠 [Eternity] (Ange's regrets)
  • soul of soul (Sakutarou is back)
  • moon (The reason Maria cannot revive Sakutarou)
  • over (Kasumi's pursuit)

Characters Appearing

Ushiromiya Kinzo

Location Summary
Rose Garden Battler, Maria, Jessica, George and Shannon head to the guesthouse as the annual family conference was about to begin. Battler and Jessica are both aware of Shannon and George's relationship, and Jessica and Kanon's relationship is hinted at as well.

{Battler and Ange worry Kinzo's sudden appearance would push them back to square one, but they decide to not lose hope just yet.}

Dining Hall The adults along with Nanjo all await Kinzo's arrival. Earlier that day, Maria claimed that Kinzo had given her the umbrella while she was out in the rain, which makes the siblings doubt the theory of their father's death. Kumasawa and Gohda then enter the dining hall as Kinzo had supposedly wanted all servants to attend the family conference as observers. Shannon joins afterwards. Just then, Kanon and Genji enter the dining hall along with Kinzo. Kinzo tells them he is disappointed at every one of them for not being able to solve the epitaph's riddle all these years until now, and suspends the use of the epitaph to choose his successor. He also denies Krauss as being the successor to the Headship, much to Krauss' dismay. He denies all his other children as being fit to be his successor, and declares the Ushiromiya family to end with his death. Nanjo steps in and attempts to smooth things over between Kinzo and his children, citing their success for creating their own happiness through their homes and children. Kinzo is convinced and decides to hold a test to see if any of his grandchildren are qualified to be his successor. Kinzo then tells the siblings the true purpose of this family conference is for them to assist him in his ceremony to revive Beatrice and open the door to the Golden Land. He would offer 13 people as sacrifices. Kinzo explains that if anyone desires to gain his fortune and leave unharmed, they can either escape being sacrificed and solve the riddle, or kill him. Kinzo summons Chiester 45, Chiester 410, and Chiester 00 and orders them to pick 6 sacrifices at random. Natsuhi, Rudolf, Hideyoshi, Genji, Eva, and Rosa are then shot subsequently in that order. Kinzo then summons Ronove, Virgilia and for the first time, Gaap. Krauss, Kyrie, Kanon, Shannon, and Nanjo are all swallowed up by Gaap's holes as Gohda and Kumasawa escape.

{Ange realizes the victims' half smashed heads is to prove the death of the victims whilst still proving their identities, an ideal tactic for the witch's side.}

Background Music

  • 誘い [Lure] (Commenting on the family conference)
  • Praise (Things that cannot be bought with money)
  • 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] (Meta-layer commentary, testing the grandchildren)
  • stupefaction (Debating Maria's umbrella)
  • サソリのハラワタ [Scorpion Entrails] (Kinzo's arrival)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Sacrifices for Kinzo's ceremony)
  • 月うさぎの舞踏 [Dance of the Moon Rabbits] (The Chiesters)
  • goldenslaughterer (The slaughter begins, first twilight results)
  • happiness of marionette (Ronove)
  • Happy Maria! (Instrumental) (Gaap)

Characters Appearing

The Sweet World of Witches

Location Summary
Witch's Smoke Room


Rosa awakes in a daze and finds herself in an unfamiliar place. Sakutarou appears and tries to help her escape. A sharp pain runs through Rosa's head as she hears Sakutarou's "uryu". He tells her she is his mother, but Rosa asks him about Maria. He tells her Maria isn't the same Maria she knows and urges her to escape, but she refuses and tells him to disappear. Sakutarou's form is ripped apart once again. Rosa witnesses both her hands crumple and fall apart. Then, Maria appears, with Beatrice behind her, and tells her she won't be able to hit her anymore in her current state. Maria reminds Rosa of all her shortcomings as a mother and blames her for her only friend's death. Rosa argues back with excuses. Maria is in a rage and while being coaxed by Beatrice, begins to torture Rosa over and over again as Beatrice revives her every time.

{A memory is shown of Rosa telling Maria she would be working late and would not make it home that night. Maria calls her company and accidentally finds out that Rosa was not in. Rosa had been in a hotel with her boyfriend before a fight breaks out between them.}

Rosa then starts to blame Maria for her poor luck in relationships and finding love as a single mother. Rosa screams that she had hated Maria since the day she was born. Maria cries and continues to take out her anger at Rosa, who does not stop herself from expressing her hatred towards her. Maria says she will never forgive the evil witch even if she looked exactly like her mother. After a series of tortures, Maria asks Beatrice why she suddenly feels like she might forgive her mother, and Beatrice explains that now that she had tasted the magic of controlling life and death, human problems and issues seem minuscule, and she now stands at the entrance of the world of true witches.

Cousin's Room (Guesthouse) Maria cries as Battler teases her, but stops and decides to forgive him because "she's a witch". Just then, Gohda and Kumasawa arrive and tell the cousins of the massacre of the dining hall.

Background Music

  • Requiem (Memories of that day)
  • miragecoordinator (MARIA)
  • 月うさぎの舞踏 [Dance of the Moon Rabbits] (Chapter end)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Dungeon Kyrie, Krauss, Nanjo, Shannon and Kanon find themselves in an old jail cell with no way out. Kyrie's wristwatch reads 10:40 PM, approximately 10 minutes after the earlier massacre at the dining hall. The occupants try to search the place and figure out how they got to the jail pit. Shannon finds an old phone inside the cell, but Kanon rebukes her upon hearing this and whispers something to her. It does not connect to any external lines. Krauss dials the room to the guesthouse and speaks to Gohda and the children. He tells them of the incident at the dining hall and instructs them to barricade themselves inside the cousin's room. The cousins learn about the tragedy that befell their parents.

Back at the dungeon, Kinzo appears with Ronove, Virgilia and Gaap, and tells them they're at the basement of the secret mansion, Kuwadorian. He tells them they will eventually be used as sacrifices for his ceremony, but at a later point in time. Kinzo is aware of the phone inside the cell and tells Krauss to call and inform the children of his test to determine the successor.

Background Music

  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Imprisoned)
  • rhythm-charger (The phone is connected, calling the guesthouse)
  • stupefaction (Previous events)
  • mind (Securing the guesthouse)
  • Voiceless (Jessica's grief)
  • dead angle (Armed)
  • hope (The Golden Land)
  • 絵画の魔女 [Witch of the Painting] (Approaching footsteps)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (Kinzo's arrival)

Characters Appearing

My Mission

Location Summary
Nanjo's Clinic

(Niijima, October 1998)

Ange visits Nanjo's son, Dr. Masayuki Nanjo at his clinic in Niijima. His father's corpse was never found after the incident and was thus proclaimed dead. She asks him for any information he has about the Rokkenjima incident. Dr. Masayuki hesitates at first because of his previous experiences with prying journalists and curious Witch Hunters, but agrees to tell her what he knows. Sometime after the incident, Dr. Masayuki had received a letter in the mail supposedly sent by himself addressed to his father from Niijima to Hokkaido, where no address actually existed and the post had returned it to the sender. The exact address reads: Rebun Island, Rebun County, Rebun City, 1-2-34-567, Hokkaido, Japan

The stamp was postmarked in Niijima on October 3rd, a day before the Rokkenjima incident, and was returned more than a week later. Inside the sealed envelope was a folded letter, small key and a key number plate inscribed with A112, and a black magnetic card engraved with golden letters reading 'Members' in English. The folded letter contained brief instructions and the number 07151129, as well as the name of a well-known bank in Japan and its branch. Dr. Masayuki tells her the card, key and PIN are for a safe-deposit box, one he had visited himself in the past. No identity confirmation was necessary as long as all 3 items were provided. Once the safe was opened, a duralumin case was retrieved, containing stacks of cash estimated to be around 100 million yen. Dr. Masayuki had not used any of the cash he found, and kept this incident a secret for 12 years. Ange compares the handwriting of the envelope's letter to the note in Maria's grimoire and confirms the author of both to be Beatrice.

Sabakichi Kumasawa's House Ange then visits Sabakichi Kumasawa (Kumasawa's son) who had also received a similar mysterious letter in the mail, through the same methods, addressed to Kumasawa Chiyo by her son to Okinawa Prefecture. The exact address read: Okinawa Prefecture, Yaeyama County, Yonaguni City, 1-2-34-567, Okinama, Japan.

A letter with a PIN, key with number plate and a card reading A113 was also included. Kumasawa's son had also not used any of the safe-deposit box's contents.

{Ange recalls a similar letter was also sent back to her 12 years ago, supposedly sent by herself to her father Rudolf. She had lost the envelope in the chaos following the tragedy and had not checked its contents, but guesses them to be similar to the other two letters. Ange, Sakutarou and Mammon theorize about the delivery method of the letters. Sakutarou says that Beatrice usually preferred to do things in an uncertain method rather than something absolutely certain and guaranteed. Ange remembers the grimoire mentioning the various pranks Maria and Beatrice had played on the family members. Beatrice had said "the most interesting and thrilling traps are those where you don't know who'll get caught, or even if anyone will get caught at all."}

Ange spots a framed picture at Kumasawa's house. The picture was of the large relief found on the Ushiromiya chapel door, focusing on the engraved words in English: "This door is opened only at a probability of a quadrillion to one. You will be blessed only at a probability of a quadrillion to one". At this point, Ange is not aware of the chapel's existence. Kumasawa's son says that quite a few of his mother's possessions showed that she was trying to solve the epitaph herself, and suspects the photo to be one of them.

Marafuku Sleep Shop Ange visits Captain Kawabata, the former ferryboat captain of the Ushiromiya family who was in charge of the boat ride to Rokkenjima. She asks for his assistance to take her to Rokkenjima, as there is no other public way to travel there other than making an individual request to an owner of a boat. After the Rokkenjima incident, some people have started to refer to the island with its former name of Akujikishima, and a lot of sailors feared it and kept their distance, rejecting the requests of those who wanted to make the voyage to the island. Thus, a lot of Witch Hunters could not visit the island, increasing its sense of mystery.

Captain Kawabata had known about the weather forecast on October 4th, knowing they would be trapped by the typhoon, but the Ushiromiya family persisted on the date of their family conference and insisted they go ahead with it. The captain himself felt somewhat responsible after the incident, and tells Ange he would be glad to take her on his boat, make the final trip to Rokkenjima, and bring her back safely as a sense of closure to him.

As Ange makes her way out of the Marafuku Sleep Shop, she is stopped by a strange sight that neither the captain nor Amakusa could see themselves.

{Mammon and Sakutarou also see this and are equally surprised. Ange questions whether this was magic or a miracle. She then concludes that it might be fate, that this was her mission, her purpose for going back to Rokkenjima.}

Background Music

  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Nanjo's clinic, a curious picture)
  • 誘い [Lure] (The mysterious envelope)
  • stupefaction (The letter's contents)
  • play (Sabakichi Kumasawa)
  • サソリのハラワタ [Scorpion Entrails] (Ange's envelope)
  • mind (Theorizing the envelope)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (Beatrice's pranks)
  • Novelette (Transportation secured)
  • worldend (bp) (Final job)
  • F Style (Ange sees something)

Characters Appearing

Final Family Conference

Location Summary


On the phone, Krauss tells the children to prepare for Kinzo's test. Kinzo does not want anyone other than the children to be involved, and thus instructs Gohda and Kumasawa to be taken to the gardening storehouse and locked there, with the Chiester Sisters supervising them. Kinzo threatens that if anything doesn't go according to his exact orders, the test will stop and everyone would be executed. He orders Ronove and Gaap to be the test examiners, and Virgilia to keep watch over the prisoners.

He tells Kyrie the test is a simple one, he wants the grandchildren to show him their resolve.

Gardening Storehouse Following Kinzo's order, the servants are taken to the gardening shed. The kids lock the shutter door behind them and toss the key inside through the small ventilation window to Gohda, thus making it a closed room. After they go back to the cousin's room in the guesthouse, they receive a call from Kyrie telling them the test will start with Jessica, George, Battler, and then Maria in that order, each to be summoned separately.

Background Music

  • dead angle (A test)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Locking up the servants)
  • オルガン小曲 第2億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #200 Million in C Minor] (Chiesters)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Another call)
  • moon (Kyrie's trust)
  • Answer (The cousins' resolve)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (A call for George)

Characters Appearing

The Next Head

Location Summary
Jessica's Room (Mansion) Jessica's test: Jessica is told to go to her room back at the mansion. She leaves the guesthouse and reaches her room by 23:10 PM, then locks the door behind her. Realizing this was not part of the instructions given to her, she unlocks the door and waits for her test to start. Ronove appears and commends her for following exact orders and unlocking the door, even if that would have guaranteed her own safety at least. He gives her an envelope with a question and tells her to answer the question with "a fitting attitude for the successor of the Ushiromiya family" and to explain "the thoughts that led" to the answer.

The question reads as follows: "Among the three mentioned below, in order to gain two, sacrifice one."

For Jessica's test, the options are: "1) Your life, 2) Kanon's life, 3) Everyone else's life. If you do not choose one, all of the above will be lost."

Rose Garden Arbor At that time, George had already headed to his test location at the Rose Garden Arbor. This time accompanied by Gaap, she gives him a similar envelope and asks for his answer. George's options are: "1) Your life, 2) Shannon's life, 3) Everyone else's life. If you do not choose one, all of the above will be lost."

Gaap tells George that the test is real and whomever he chooses will lose their life/lives. She tells him to make a decision as if he truly was the head of the Ushiromiya family Head.

Jessica's Room (Mansion) Jessica grows frustrated over the question and questions whether anyone could choose their own death, the death of the person they love, or choose to massacre everyone else. Ronove tells her Rokkenjima is now a demon island that is completely cut off from the human world.
Kinzo's Study (Mansion) Kinzo observes the test being given to Jessica and George. He asks the three Chiester Sisters for their answer to the same test question. Chiester 45 doesn't know the answer and is reprimanded for her foolishness. Chiester 00 chooses the first option, to take her own life, saying that as a weapon, it is her duty to fight and protect the ones they love. Kinzo mocks her for her obvious choice saying she is merely indoctrinated to answer that way. Chiester 410 chooses the second option and explains that the one you love would be lost eventually. If one had no one they loved, they would not get hurt, and if they lost their loved one, they can learn to love another again. Kinzo chastises her for her cowardice towards love and alters the option to 'the memories of the one you loved', making Chiester 410 hesitate to choose the option with the same resolve. He demands for them to leave and help Virgilia with the dungeon prisoners. Left alone in his study, Kinzo says that there is no correct answer and the charm of the test is whether they can choose any option "without hesitation, quickly, and with a resolute conviction and their own strong, unshakable will!". Kinzo alludes to his own test, where his answer led him to obtain gold, honor, and the witch. He asks rhetorically which answer they (the player) think he chose.
Jessica's Room (Mansion) Jessica chooses the first option as an answer to the question, to sacrifice herself. Ronove tells her her answer is neither good nor bad, but is also not a failing grade. He asks for her reasoning. Jessica explains that she tried to imagine a life for herself if she had chosen either of the other two options, and could not imagine a life in which she could live happily and contently, free of regret or guilt, thus she chose herself as a sacrifice. She asks Ronove to leave a message to Kanon for her, telling him to life his life to the fullest.
Dungeon (Kuwadorian) Back at the dungeon, Kanon and the rest of the hostages hear this through Virgilia's mirror showing them the scene back in Jessica's bedroom, as well as the scene with George at the arbor. The Chiester sisters appear, visibly upset at Kinzo's harsh words. Virgilia heads out to make some tea to calm them down, leaving the Chiester Sisters and goats to supervise them.
Rose Garden Arbor "Among the three mentioned below, in order to gain two, sacrifice one. 1) Your life, 2) Shannon's life, 3) Everyone else's life." George chooses option 3 much to Gaap's surprise. George explains that as he planned to engage to Shannon that night, it was only fitting that he stay an ally with his future wife against all odds. Gaap asks him if he is prepared to carry out the sacrifices himself, and he assures her. As the new Head, he chooses her as the first sacrifice.
Battle Scene:(Jessica's Room, Rose Garden Arbor, Dungeon) Not willing to let the demons off easily, Jessica and George battle it out with Ronove and Gaap simultaneously. The hostages watch from the dungeon. Jessica and George manage to land a few hits on their opponents. With the goats summoned to assist Gaap, the hostages manage to escape their cell with Kanon's magic. Shannon successfully defends against the Chiestar Sisters' attacks behind them as they make their way through the underground tunnel. Krauss fights off the goats summoned by Virgilia.

Seemingly gaining advantage over the demons, Jessica and George endure the battle. Before they can end it with a finishing blow, Gaap opens a hole between them, causing Jessica's punch to land fatally on George's stomach and George's kick to smash through Jessica's skull. Gaap returns Jessica's corpse to her room leaving George's corpse at the arbor.

Jessica's Room Ronove revives Jessica briefly to make one last phone call. She calls the guesthouse and informs Battler

Background Music

  • play (Jessica's room)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (Ronove)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (Jessica's reaction to the test)
  • moon (Jessica's answer)
  • 薔薇 [Rose] (George's answer)
  • happiness of marionette (short) (George's resolve)
  • Answer (A twist)
  • HIBUTA [Launch] (Jessica's true answer)
  • death (from stupefaction) (George vs Gaap, Virgilia's goat)
  • mortal stampede (Jessica vs Ronove, George defeats the goats)
  • 生まれてきてくれてありがとう [Thanks for Being Born] (Shannon's plea)
  • Victima procipiatoria (George's kicks)
  • F Style (Jailbreak)
  • Revolt (The Chiesters' report)
  • 煉獄凶狂葬曲 [The Dark and Crazed Requiem of Purgatory] (Virgilia's magic neutralization)
  • Dread of the grave (Loser flags)
  • Dread of the grave -More fear- (Gaap's final move)
  • Happy Maria! (Instrumental) (Second twilight aftermath)
  • Requiem (A temporary revival)
  • miragecoordinator (The Chiesters' attack)
  • 久遠 [Eternity] (Kyrie's phone call)

Characters Appearing

Cause of the Tragedy

Location Summary

Background Music

  • Voiceless (Maria's reaction, George's corpse)
  • play (Phone call)
  • Happy Maria! (Beatrice's voice)
  • 痕音 [Scar Sound] (Leaving the guesthouse, Battler's test)
  • dead angle (Hanged)
  • ロウソクたちが踊る [The Candles Dance] (Meeting Beatrice)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (Battler reads his test, Bernkastel and Lambdadelta)
  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (A different test)
  • worldend (bp) (Battler and his parents)
  • 599 million ruins (Another sin)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (A cause of the tragedy)
  • soul of soul (Beatrice's dejection)
  • オルガン小曲 第2億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #200 Million in C Minor] (Return to the study)
  • witch in gold (cembalo) (Burning Kinzo)
  • mother (Abandoning the game)
  • miragecoordinator (Questioning Battler's qualifications)
  • Melting away (A world of two)

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Journey's Endpoint

Location Summary

Background Music

  • Monochrome Clock (On the boat)
  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Rokkenjima in the distance)
  • hope (On the island)
  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Assault)
  • Fortitude (Empathy for Eva)
  • wingless (The black witch)
  • 久遠 [Eternity] (Maria's diary)
  • 生まれてきてくれてありがとう [Thanks for Being Born] (Tearing the pages)
  • F Style (Magic exists)
  • dive to emergency (The stakes attack)
  • miragecoordinator (Showdown with Eva)
  • wingless (Final blow)
  • haze (Skyscraper)

Characters Appearing

Ushiromiya Ange

Location Summary

Background Music

  • dir (The Golden Land, goodbye Maria)
  • soul of soul (Reviving Sakutarou)
  • goldenslaughterer (Describing Ange's death)
  • Endless Nine (Battler's resolve)

Characters Appearing

Tea Party

Location Summary

Background Music

  • Voiceless (Alone on the island)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (The dining hall corpses)
  • 絵画の魔女 [Witch of the Painting] (Jessica's corpse)
  • stupefaction (Kyrie's corpse)
  • dead angle (Nanjo and Shannon's corpses)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Kinzo's corpse)
  • 誘い [Lure] (Gohda and Kumasawa's corpses)
  • Minute darkness (The well cover)
  • dead angle (Drinking alone)
  • dir (Confrontation with Beatrice)
  • dreamenddischarger (Showdown)
  • worldend (bp) (Beatrice's reflections)
  • 久遠 [Eternity] (No running away)
  • happiness of marionette (Beatrice's comeback)
  • Endless Nine (The battle continues)
  • 生まれてきてくれてありがとう [Thanks for Being Born] (Beatrice's plea)
  • discode (Beatrice's final question)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary

Background Music

  • くるり [About Face] (Bernkastel and Lambdadelta, the witches' bets)
  • Happy Maria! (Instrumental) (Lambdadelta's red truths)
  • 牢獄 STRIP [Prison Strip] (Staff credits)

Characters Appearing