Alliance of the Golden Witch/Colored Text

This page contains all the red truths and blue truths for the episode, contextualized and arranged by chapter.

Chapter 4: Red Truth, Blue Truth

Kinzo's Life or Death Status

As the adult guests had not seen Kinzo since the year before, they began to suspect that Krauss may have been covering up his death. Kyrie suspected that they might be aiming to declare him missing later, before having him declared legally dead when he remains so for seven years.

  • Battler discusses the implications of this with respect to Nanjo's murder in the third game.
  • Battler: When she named off all 18 people and announced who was alive and who was dead, she hid the name of culprit X, and instead mixed in someone who wasn't on this island...! By doing that, even though the culprit was on the island, she was able to leave him out of the list of living or dead people! The person who was mixed in wasn't actually on the island, so he didn't count towards the total number of people on the island.
  • Battler: We thought Grandfather was locked up in his study, saying that he didn't want to meet anyone, ...but there's a possibility that he's actually dead already, and that Uncle Krauss is lying when he claims that Grandfather's alive...!
  • Ange: If Kinzo dies, the distribution of the inheritance occurs. However, if Kinzo doesn't, if he dies, but it isn't announced, the distribution of the inheritance won't take place.
  • Battler: In other words, Uncle Krauss could have all of Grandfather's wealth to himself...!
  • Battler: If you can announce that the 18 people on the island included Grandfather, just try and do iiiiiiiit!!
  • Beatrice refuses, leading Ange to comment on the unfairness of the rules. In response, Beatrice allows Battler to use the blue truth.
  • Battler: Ushiromiya Kinzo is already dead. Therefore, the true number of people on the island is 17! By adding an unknown person X to that, it becomes 18 people. By supposing that this person X exists, the crimes will be possible even if all 17 people have alibis!!

Chapter 17: Cause of the Tragedy

Battler's Sin

During Battler's headship trial, Beatrice called on Battler to atone for his sin of six years ago. Battler spoke of his throwing away of the Ushiromiya name as rebellion towards his father's remarriage, but Beatrice states that he has another sin. She said that not remembering is his sin, and that she will forgive him if he does remember. Battler however could not remember anything that could be considered a sin.

  • Battler: Six years ago, no person called Beatrice existed for me.
  • Beatrice: I had no connection to you six years ago. Remove me from your thoughts already. you think it is a sin against me?
  • Battler: Because...your eyes are whispering at me to apologize.
  • Battler: Can you say it in red? Can you proclaim that the sin you're telling me to remember isn't something between you and me?
  • Beatrice: The sin I am now demanding that you remember is not between Ushiromiya Battler and Beatrice.
  • Beatrice: Ushiromiya Battler has a sin
  • Beatrice: Because of your sin, people die.
  • Beatrice: Due to your sin, a great many humans of this island die. No one escapes, all die.
  • Beatrice: It doesn't mean you carried it out directly. ......However, because you committed a sin, from an imperfection in the cogs that stretch back a full six years, a distortion was created, ...and tonight, this many lives are lost. You are one of the causes of this tragedy.
  • Battler (repetition request): 'If Ushiromiya Battler hadn't returned to Rokkenjima, this crime wouldn't have occurred'
  • Beatrice does not answer, but decides to abandon the gameboard.

Battler's Parentage

Having lost the motivation to continue the game, Beatrice decided to abandon the gameboard. She decided to question if Battler is even qualified to be her opponent.

Questioning Battler's qualifications

  • Beatrice allows Battler to repeat statements in red.
  • Battler: My name is Ushiromiya Battler
  • Beatrice: I am the Golden Witch, Beatrice. And I opened this game in order to fight Ushiromiya Kinzo's grandchild, Ushiromiya Battler.
  • Beatrice (repetition request): 'Ushiromiya Battler's mother is Ushiromiya Asumu'
  • Battler: Ushiromiya Battler's mother is Ushiromiya Asumu
  • Beatrice (repetition request): 'Your name is Ushiromiya Battler'
  • Battler: My name is Ushiromiya Battler
  • Beatrice (repetition request): 'It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that Ushiromiya Battler was born'
  • Battler: It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that Ushiromiya Battler was born.
  • Beatrice (repetition request): 'It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that you were born.'
  • Battler: It was from Ushiromiya......nguh, ......?!...?!?!"
  • Battler: It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that I was born...!! Why?! Dammit, why can't I use the red?! What the hell?!?!
  • Beatrice: Due to my previous demand to repeat and your subsequent refusal, I proclaim that you are not qualified to be my opponent. After all, Beatrice opened this order to fight with 'Ushiromiya Kinzo's grandchild Ushiromiya, Battler'. This gave you the responsibility, as my opponent, to declare in red that you are 'Ushiromiya Kinzo's grandchild Ushiromiya Battler'. You have refused to repeat that. This means the loss of your qualifications.

Beatrice's theory

  • Battler: I am Ushiromiya Battler...! Because I can say that in red, I should be your opponent!!
  • Beatrice: It may be a fact that you have the name Ushiromiya Battler. However, people's names are not exclusive. There is a possibility that multiple humans have the name Ushiromiya Battler. In short, this is what it means. ...You are a different person with the same first and last names as Ushiromiya Asumu's son, Ushiromiya Battler.
  • Battler: It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that...ah, ngagh, ...nnnggghh...!!!
  • Beatrice: You are not Ushiromiya Asumu's son
  • Beatrice: There is no way that you're my opponent, Ushiromiya Battler. With this as proof.
  • Beatrice: You do not know of that sin six years ago.
  • Beatrice: No, the true Ushiromiya Battler would not have committed a sin. But a sin did occur in the end, that span of six years became a blank space, and a man who knew nothing of that time took on the name Ushiromiya Battler and appeared on Rokkenjima.
  • Narration: Six years ago, opponent, the true Ushiromiya Battler, was already dead. You were part of a plot by Rudolf having something to do with distribution of the inheritance, ...a body double set up in Ushiromiya Battler's place.
  • Unable to respond, Battler's form eventually erases itself, and Beatrice shuts herself up for the Golden Land.

Chapter 19: Ushiromiya Ange


In the past, Rosa had ripped apart Sakutarou, a stuffed toy that she had made and given to Maria for her birthday. Ange was able to revive Sakutarou in 1998 even though Maria could not. This was because Maria placed a great importance on Sakutarou's vessel due to its being handmade by her mother. Upon witnessing its destruction, she decided that Sakutarou had died in her world too, and thus would not be able to summon him again.

Ange later offered to revive Sakutarou for Maria while in the Golden Land. Being unable to revive him herself, Beatrice could not accept that Ange would be able to do so.

  • Beatrice: This is my Golden Land...! A world where magic that isn't mine certainly cannot exist
  • Ange successfully revives Sakutarou
  • Beatrice: This is my Golden Land!! A world where magic that isn't mine certainly cannot exist!! And my magic was not able to revive Sakutarou
  • Beatrice: There's no way it could!! That is a special stuffed animal! Made by Rosa for her daughter's birthday, and in the entire world, the only- ......Ah, .........nngg, .........aaah...
  • Beatrice reluctantly acknowledges Ange's revival of Sakutarou to be real magic.

Battler's Parentage

  • Ange: Beato proclaimed it with the red truth. ...So I'll proclaim it too. Ushiromiya Battler is not Ushiromiya Asumu's son.
  • Ange (repetition request): 'Ushiromiya Battler is not Ushiromiya Kinzo's grandchild'
  • Beatrice refuses
  • Ange: Beato proclaimed two red truths, 'Battler is not Asumu's son' and 'No one except Kinzo's grandchild Battler is qualified to be her opponent'.
  • Ange: The one who is qualified to be Beato's opponent is 'Kinzo's grandchild, Ushiromiya Battler', and whether you're 'Asumu's son' or not isn't a problem. Thus, even if you aren't Asumu's son, you can still be Kinzo's grandchild. As long as you're Rudolf's son!
  • Bernkastel recognizes the validity of Ange's blue truth, and Beatrice does not counter it.

Ange's Final Words

  • Ange tries to bring Battler back to his senses to make him defeat Beatrice for her sake.
  • Ange: Say it in red! Say that Ange is your little sister!!
  • Battler: Ange little sister
  • Ange: You've had enough, right?! Then fight so that you can return to your family!! Destroy Beatrice and go home!!
  • Battler: No, ...I've had enough of witches...! Enough of Beato, ...enough of everything, ...and even you're probably just another one of the witch's allies... I could be betrayed again at any time...!!
  • Battler: You can't trust anything, you can't trust any words that aren't red...!!
  • Ange embraces Battler strongly from behind
  • Ange: Come home quickly, Onii-chan!! Don't leave me all alone!!!
  • Ange: It's me, it's Ange...!! Dad and Mom and one came home!! I'm lonely!! I beg you, come home quickly!
  • Battler: A-Ange... ......You were......Ange......?
  • Ange: That's right, I'm Ange!! The Ushiromiya Ange of a world where no one comes home...!! ......My entire family...never came home from Rokkenjima that day...!! The witch before your eyes stole away my whole family, even you, Onii-chan...! ......Only you can finish her, Onii-chan!! Finish her...!! Then, take your family back!!And then, ......come home to me...!!!
  • Having broken the rule that she must not tell Battler her real name, Ange is torn to pieces by red-hot pincers until nothing remains.

Tea Party

For organizational purposes, this section will be divided by twilight or mystery. Each subsection will include both information from the first and second halves of the battle, indicated accordingly.

Kinzo's Life or Death Status

Battler's theory

  • Ushiromiya Kinzo is already dead! So the true number of people on the island is 17! By adding in an unknown person X, that makes 18 people. By supposing the existence of this person X, the crime is possible even if all 17 people have alibis. By this, even though the number of people reaches 18, it is still possible for culprit X to exist and carry out crimes, even if all 18 people seem to have alibis!!

Regarding Kinzo in the fourth game

  • Beatrice: Your greatest sword, this 18th person X, is based on the theory that Kinzo was already dead. I knew you would make that claim. That's why I took Kinzo out of his study. All members in the family conference welcomed that Kinzo, right? All of those who met at the family conference acknowledged the presence of Kinzo!
  • Battler: But Grandfather was seriously ill, bedridden on the verge of life and death, right? If he was so worn out that he looked like a different person, maybe no one would've cared, right?
  • Battler: That Grandfather was a different person, a body double. A different person the relatives mistook for Grandfather!
  • Beatrice: No person would mistake Ushiromiya Kinzo by sight. No matter what disguise might be used, they would not mistake Ushiromiya Kinzo by sight!
  • Battler: In the second game, when you announced with the red truth that there were five master keys, even though there could have been more than five in the first game, you changed the premises of the later games. So, it's possible that Kinzo's life or death status was changed for the 4th game alone. Therefore, Kinzo's existence in the fourth game doesn't serve as proof that he existed in the previous games...! Therefore, even if we suppose that six murders in the dining hall were carried out by Grandfather, it contradicts nothing!
  • Battler (repetition request): 'Kinzo was alive at the start time of every game'
  • Beatrice refuses
  • Battler: My theory's that the name of Kinzo gets passed on as the title of the Ushiromiya family head! Ushiromiya Kinzo was already dead. And he passed 'that name' on to someone else! Everyone acknowledged that!! That way, 'All of those who met at the family conference acknowledged the presence of Kinzo'!! There wasn't even any need to disguise themselves as Grandfather. Because everyone acknowledged a new 'Kinzo'! So, 'they didn't actually mistake Kinzo by sight'!! As long as this theory is not denied, nothing can change the fact that you're dead!!!
  • Battler (repetition request): 'Among all of the people there, not one had multiple, different names'
  • Kinzo refuses
  • Beatrice: Kinzo's life or death status is the same at the start of all our games. The setup was not different for the fourth game alone...!
  • Battler: Ushiromiya Kinzo was already dead! That's right, you definitely deserve to be pitied, since whenever we find your corpse, it's always completely burnt. That was a device to hide the fact that time had passed since your death!! Then, you passed the name on to someone else!!

Kinzo's death confirmed

  • Beatrice: As you reasoned, Kinzo is already dead at the starting time for all games!
  • Beatrice: Before now, I have proclaimed that no more than 18 humans exist on this island. I will lower that by one for Kinzo!! No more than 17 humans exist on this island!! That excludes any 18th person. In short, this 18th person X does not exist!!This applies to all games!!!

First Game, First Twilight

Six corpses were found in the rose garden storehouse. Rudolf, Kyrie, Rosa, and Gohda had their faces completely destroyed, while Krauss and Shannon had their faces half destroyed. The corpses were identified by their clothing. Eva, Hideyoshi, Genji, and Kanon had been the first to discover the bodies. The storehouse can only be opened with a single key from the servant room, which was found in its proper place there.

After Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Battler: There's nothing strange about the murder of the six relatives that were found in the gardening shed at the start! The crime was possible for any of those who didn't have an alibi!!
  • Beatrice acknowledges the validity of his blue.

First Game, Second Twilight

Eva and Hideyoshi's corpses were found in a guest room with stakes stabbed into their foreheads. Eva was found on the bed with her shoes on while Hideyoshi was in the still-running bathtub.

The door had been found locked by Genji and Kanon. Genji had used his master key to unlock the door, but found that the chain was still on. Genji went to get Nanjo and Natsuhi, while Kanon went with Kumasawa to get wire cutters. Kanon and Kumasawa, who had returned first, found a magic circle painted on the door in the short span of about five minutes. Kanon then cut the chain and found the bodies, with the others following soon after.

After Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Beatrice: Both deaths were homicides! It is not the case that, after the construction of the closed room, one of them committed suicide after committing murder! Furthermore, the murder was carried out with both the victim and the perpetrator in the same room! No method exists for the perpetrator to commit murder from outside the room!
  • Battler: Suppose that the culprit was a human without an alibi. In other words, the dead! We weren't able to identify some of the first six corpses because of their smashed faces. Maybe one was actually a disguised corpse, and culprit X killed those two after making us think they were a victim and hiding away! Then, after the closed room murder was constructed, the culprit hid under the bed and waited for all of us to come and leave!!
  • Beatrice accepts his argument.

First Game, Fifth Twilight

Kanon and Kumasawa had located the source of the stench to the boiler room. Kanon rushed in ahead and prepared to confront Beatrice, but was stabbed in the chest with a stake. He managed to pull the stake out of his body. The remaining survivors soon rushed in and found him wounded. Battler, discovering the other door to the boiler room was left ajar, attempted to pursue the culprit but failed to find them. Kanon was carried to the servant room and treated by Nanjo, and he was followed by George, Kumasawa, and Jessica. Nanjo's attempts were however in vain, and Kanon died there soon after.

After Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Beatrice: All of the survivors have alibis! Let us include the dead as well!! In short, no kind of human or dead person on the island could have killed Kanon!
  • Battler: If no one could kill him, then he might've been the one to kill!! Kanon-kun might've killed himself.
  • Battler (repetition request): 'Kanon-kun did not commit suicide'
  • Beatrice: Kanon did not commit suicide
  • Battler (repetition request): 'Kanon-kun's death was a homicide'
  • Beatrice refuses
  • Battler: Kanon-kun died for a reason that was neither suicide nor homicide. The details are unknown, but he died due to an accident. Because of the Devil's Proof, I refuse to explain what kind of blunder could've led to an accidental death where a stake was driven into his chest!!
  • Beatrice recognizes his argument as valid.

First Game, Sixth to Eight Twilights

Genji, Nanjo, and Kumasawa's corpses were found in the parlor by Natsuhi, Jessica, George, and Battler. Their faces had been destroyed, and stakes were stabbed into their stomach, knee, and calf respectively. The room had been locked, and was opened by George with the servants' keys. The group also found Maria facing the wall singing a song. She claims that Beatrice had entered the room with magic and then killed the others, telling her to do this so as not to witness their murders. She obeyed.

After Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Beatrice: Naturally, Maria, who was in the same room, did not kill them! And of course, their three deaths were homicides!
  • Battler: We can explain those murders with culprit X, who hid away using an unidentified corpse. After all, those three had their faces smashed. It's completely possible that one of them was a body-double corpse!
  • Beatrice: I guarantee the identities of all unidentified corpses. Therefore, there were no body double tricks!
  • Battler: Then you can explain it with simultaneous murders. Each of them had a gun, pointed it clockwise, and blew each others' faces off at the same time! After that, Maria collected those guns and hid them!!
  • Beatrice finds his argument ridiculous but moves on without countering it.

First Game, Ninth Twilight

Natsuhi had left the parlor reading a letter and barred the parlor doors with a candlestick. She then confronted Beatrice with her gun. When the survivors forced their way through the door, they found her with a gunshot wound to her head, as well as the smell of smoke coming from the barrel of her gun.

After Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Beatrice: Natsuhi's death was a homicide! There are no unidentified corpses, and all of the survivors have alibis
  • Battler: You can explain it with an indirect murder due to trap X! Something was done to Aunt Natsuhi's gun. It could have been a trap gun, built to send a bullet right into the forehead of anyone who tried to hold it up and shoot it!!
  • Beatrice: The bullet buried into Natsuhi's forehead was not fired from her gun!
  • Battler: It's possible that Aunt Natsuhi was lured out by that letter, whose contents were unknown! She was called out into the hall. Then, she was forced to stand at a specified location at a specified time and murdered by trap X, which used a gun that had been installed there beforehand!!
  • Beatrice is amused by his argument and hands the first game to him out of respect.

Second Game, First Twilight

Krauss, Natsuhi, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, and Kyrie were found in the chapel with their stomachs sliced open and Halloween candy stuffed into the wounds. Rosa and the servants were the first to find the magic circle on the chapel, and she found the door to be locked. She retrieved the key from an envelope given to Maria by Beatrice the previous day and used it to open the chapel door.

After Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Battler: Someone secretly borrowed Maria's key...and secretly returned it to Maria's bag after the crime was over!!
  • Beatrice: From the time Maria received her key to the instant Rosa unsealed the envelope the next day, the key passed through no one's hands!!
  • Battler: That door might've had an auto-lock, just like Gramps' study. In other words, it was unlocked before the crime, with a rock or something wedged in so that it couldn't close completely. Then, someone gave the key to Maria. The lock was automatic, so it's possible to make a theory where the key wasn't needed!
  • Beatrice: There were no doors with auto-locks other than Kinzo's study!
  • Battler: The victims locked the door from the inside. One of the six was the culprit, and this person killed the other five, then pretended to be dead!!
  • Beatrice: The six people were already dead by the time they were discovered! All of their deaths were homicides! All six were genuine victims, and did not take part in a mutual murder! There was no simultaneous murder!!
  • Battler: There were people, Kumasawa-san in particular, who had no alibi at the time. If we assume that someone was hiding on the inside, then we've got no problems!
  • Beatrice: There was no one hiding in the chapel. Therefore, the shut-in murder like you say does not work!
  • Battler: The food they were given had small bombs in it, which exploded from inside their stomachs. In other words, the crime was possible through trap X! The exact nature of bombs they could swallow without noticing and which could also blow open their stomachs is a Devil's Proof! I refuse to explain!!
  • Beatrice laughs but accepts his argument.

Second Game, Second Twilight

Jessica and Kanon were shown to be killed by Beatrice's furniture beforehand. The survivors found Jessica's body face down in her room with a stake stabbed into her back. Kanon's corpse was not found. Jessica's room had been locked and was opened by Rosa with Gohda's master key. A key was found on the side table with a cute mascot next to it, likely Jessica's key to her room.

After Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Battler: If the culprit was one of the servants, they could've used a master key. It's not even a closed room!
  • Beatrice moves on

Second Game, Kanon's Appearance

Kanon had been killed for the second twilight, and his death was declared with the red truth by Beatrice. However, he later appeared in the kitchen with a gaping wound, and killed Nanjo and Kuwasawa in the servant room in front of Genji, Shannon, and Gohda. He had red eyes at the time, and was turned into golden butterflies via the application of a spiderweb.

After Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Battler: If Kanon-kun's death was proclaimed with the red, there's no way he was alive. Therefore, there's a chance that the one who attacked that group was in a disguise that made everyone mistakenly think it was Kanon-kun!
  • Beatrice: They would definitely never mistakenly think that any other person was Kanon!
  • Battler: Then, just like the heredity of Kinzo's name, there's a possibility that Kanon's name was inherited by someone. You could suppose that Kanon-kun was killed, a different person succeeded that name, and that this person attacked them!!
  • Beatrice accepts his argument as valid and proceeds.

Second Game, Fourth to Sixth Twilights

George, Shannon, and Gohda were found in Natsuhi's room. Gohda's corpse was lying face down with a stake in his chest. George's corpse was along the wall, stabbed with a stake in the stomach. Shannon's corpse was slumped face down over a dresser with an open wound in her head and a stake next to it, having fallen out. The three had earlier been killed by Beatrice and her furniture. The door was found locked, and Battler opened it with a master key under instructions from Rosa.

Battler's culprit X theory

  • Beatrice: The key that unlocked Natsuhi's room was locked up inside the room, and all of the remaining keys that could unlock that door were in Rosa's hand. Even if a culprit X existed, it should have been impossible to construct that closed room.
  • Battler: If culprit X were to obtain a master key, that's not even close to a closed room.
  • Beatrice: No, it was impossible for the culprit to obtain one. All of the master keys were under Rosa's control!
  • Battler: But that's meaningless if Aunt Rosa was the culprit! Aunt Rosa handed a key over to culprit X by some method, assisting in the closed room murder! And after that, she retrieved the key by a similar method!
  • Beatrice does not counter his argument.

After Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Battler applies the same blue truth without using an 18th person, and Beatrice accepts his argument.

Third Game, First Twilight

The five servants and Kinzo were found dead by the adults in six separate rooms, all of which had their doors and windows locked. According to Nanjo, the chest wounds on the servants were likely due to a spear or a gun. Kinzo's corpse was burnt entirely, and had been identified due to him having polydactyly.

The six rooms formed a closed "loop" of locked rooms. An envelope was found alongside each corpse, and contained both a master key (with the exception of Kinzo) and the room key to the next room in the sequence. Shannon's corpse had been discovered first via the breaking of a window, and the remaining corpses were found in the following order as per the room keys discovered:

  1. Mansion parlor: Shannon
  2. Mansion second floor guest room: Kumasawa
  3. Mansion third floor waiting room: Gohda
  4. Mansion second floor VIP room: Genji
  5. Mansion boiler room: Kinzo
  6. Chapel

Battler's Eva culprit theory

  • Battler: The six linked closed rooms (...) all of that can be explained if we suppose that Aunt Eva was the culprit. This argument was already won back then.
  • Beatrice does not counter his argument.

After Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Narration: At the time, I theorized that Gramps was the culprit, and that after killing the other five and stringing the keys across each room, he'd constructed his own closed room in the boiler room... ...And that there, he'd died in an accident while carrying out some kind of scheme, burning to death in the boiler. But now I've declared that Gramps was already dead.
  • Batter: Plenty of people besides Gramps could've committed the crime! You could even claim that all the adults holding the family conference were in on it!
  • Beatrice: All five master keys were discovered, each in the pocket of one of the servants! The individual keys were found inside envelopes alongside the corpses! In short, all keys related to the linked closed rooms were locked inside the linked closed rooms!! No key could be returned from outside the room using the crack of the door, the crack of the window, vents or any place of the sort!!
  • Battler: Then they were killed with poison gas! Even if a key couldn't pass through, gas could, right?! The murder was carried out from outside the closed room!!
  • Beatrice: All of them had what appeared to be gunshot wounds that were fatal! Murdering them from outside the room would have been impossible!! I shall say more with the red! When the five other than Kinzo were killed, the killer was definitely in the same room as them! I already proclaimed in red at the time that there were no suicides!!
  • Battler: After the murder of each person in their respective rooms, the culprit created a linked closed room. But the culprit had no way to return just the key to the very last room. And yet, they were able to do it. After all, the first person to discover a corpse just had to pretend to find the key and pull it from the pocket of one of the corpses!!
  • Beatrice fails to counter Battler's argument.

Third Game, Second Twilight

Rosa and Maria's corpses were found by Rudolf in the rose garden. According to Nanjo, the causes of death were a stab to the medulla oblongata by the fence for Rosa and bare-handed strangling for Maria. The two had earlier been killed by EVA Beatrice in multiple cruel ways using the Endless Magic, and had been given this less brutal death by Beatrice. Rosa's gun had also been found at the scene with none of its ammunition expended. Hideyoshi had tested the gun and found it to be in working condition and not tampered with.

Battler had argued during the third game that Hideyoshi's alibi for Eva was a cover, and that she had committed the murders of the third game. EVA Beatrice was unable to deny his argument.

Battler's Eva culprit theory

  • Battler: (...) the murders of Aunt Rosa and Maria, (...) all of that can be explained if we suppose that Aunt Eva was the culprit. This argument was already won back then.
  • Beatrice does not counter his argument.

Third Game, Fourth to Sixth Twilights

The bodies of Rudolf, Kyrie, and Hideyoshi were found in the entrance hall by Battler, Eva, George, and Nanjo. They had wounds to their head, abdomen, and chest respectively, and stakes had been driven into these wounds. The corpses were not found next to each other, and their clothing was disordered, suggesting that they may have tried to resist or escape from the culprit.

The three of them had gone to the mansion earlier to get food, with Rudolf and Hideyoshi carrying guns. Hideyoshi later gave his gun to Kyrie so that he could push the cart. Rudolf and Kyrie were then killed by the Chiesters under orders from EVA Beatrice. Hideyoshi had confronted EVA afterwards, causing her to use magic to remotely fire Rudolf's gun at him.

Battler's Eva culprit theory

  • Battler: (...) Dad and the rest's deaths in the hall, (...) all of that can be explained if we suppose that Aunt Eva was the culprit. This argument was already won back then.
  • Beatrice does not counter his argument.

Third Game, George's Disappearance

George went missing from the guesthouse and was later found dead in the mansion parlor. The doors and windows to the guesthouse were all locked from the inside.

Before Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Beatrice: George did not go down the stairs of the guesthouse. He flew out through the window!
  • Battler: There was a lawn, so we couldn't tell if he'd jumped down, and it was raining so hard. Any light traces would've disappeared.
  • Beatrice: All windows and doors leading to the outside were locked from the inside. Furthermore, it is impossible to lock any of those from outside!
  • Battler: In that case, everything works out as long as someone locked the window after George-aniki escaped through it!
  • Beatrice fails to deny Battler's theory.

Third Game, Seventh and Eight Twilights

The bodies of Krauss and Natsuhi were found in the rose garden arbor by Battler, Jessica, Eva, and Nanjo. According to Nanjo, the markings on their necks indicated the cause of death to be strangulation. In addition, stakes had been found stabbed into Krauss's thigh and Natsuhi's calf. The two had been killed by the Chiesters under orders from EVA Beatrice while they were in the parlor, and then dragged out to the rose garden.

Battler's Eva culprit theory

  • Battler: (...) the murders of Uncle Krauss and Aunt Natsuhi...all of that can be explained if we suppose that Aunt Eva was the culprit. This argument was already won back then.
  • Beatrice does not counter his argument.

Third Game, Nanjo's Murder

Nanjo was killed by EVA Beatrice in the corridor outside the servant room. Jessica, who was inside the room, heard the commotion, but had been blinded by the discharge from Eva's rifle during their struggle earlier. Eva had run off after that, and Battler had followed her.

Battler's culprit X theory

  • Battler: And even that final riddle that you proposed through EVA, the murder of Doctor Nanjo, can be explained with an 18th unknown person X.
  • Beatrice does not counter his argument.

After Beatrice denies an 18th person

  • Battler: True, the others probably were dead. However, their deaths were not proclaimed in red at the instant Doctor Nanjo died. Strictly speaking, it was in the fight between me and EVA after Doctor Nanjo's corpse was found. In other words, if someone was alive at the time Doctor Nanjo was killed, and then died before EVA made that proclamation, you can sew right through that crack!! In other words, it's like this. Someone who was first confirmed dead by EVA's proclamation was a culprit. They cleverly played dead earlier and waited for us to come and go...! Before their death was announced in red, we were made to think that they'd died. Then, they killed Doctor Nanjo...and later died for some reason! After that, EVA proclaimed their death in red!!
  • Beatrice fails to counter Battler's argument.

Fourth Game, First Twilight

Kinzo arrived at the dining hall where all the family adults and servants had gathered. He summoned several fantasy characters who killed Natsuhi, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Rosa, and Genji. Gohda and Kumasawa managed to escape and reported the situation to the cousins, though they were evasive about the details. The other survivors of the massacre were sent to a dungeon by Gaap, and they spoke to the cousins about this via a connected phone line.

Battler found the corpses in the dining hall during his investigation on the second day. All had their heads half smashed.

Battler's culprit X theory

  • Battler: The 18th person X went wild with a gun and killed everyone. As for the pitfalls, there is a chance that pitfalls truly were hidden there, and it's possible to explain it using Kyrie-san's theory, supposing that poison dart-shooting device X which can knock out a person out instantly, exists.
  • Beatrice switches her focus to Kinzo's existence (see earlier section).

Fourth Game, Second Twilight

Jessica and George were called out by Kyrie and Shannon to Jessica's room and the rose garden arbor respectively in order to take headship tests ordered by Kinzo. There they fought Ronove and Gaap, but ended up killing each other due to a well-timed teleportation.

George's body was restored by Gaap and then pierced in the forehead with her heel. His corpse was found by Battler with that head wound on the way to his headship test on the first night.

Jessica's body was sent back to her room and temporarily revived. During this time, she told Battler about what had happened, including the magical abilities and of George's corpse, and warned him that those she faced were not human. She then died with her face half-smashed, and was found by Battler in this state on the second day.

Battler's culprit X theory

  • Battler: The murders of George-aniki, Jessica, and those who escaped from the dungeon can also be explained using guns, just like the dining hall.
  • Battler: George-aniki and Jessica's deaths in the fourth game can also be explained by culprit X!!
  • Beatrice initially does not deny his theory, but eventually uses the red to deny the existence of an extra person (see earlier section).

Fourth Game, Fourth to Eight Twilights

Kanon, Shannon, Krauss, and Nanjo had been killed by the Chiesters upon escaping from the dungeon, with Kanon's corpse falling down the well. Kyrie managed to escape to the mansion where she called Battler and told him of the situation. She told him that she would not be alive for long, and was currently being attacked by a golden thread flying through the keyhole. Battler heard a loud noise, and Kyrie did not respond again.

Battler found their bodies on the second day. Kyrie's corpse was in a guest room, a stake pierced through her forehead. Krauss's body was found near the back door with his head half-destroyed, and a stake had been buried in the damaged area. Shannon and Nanjo's corpses were found near an old well with both their heads half-smashed. A stake was found lying on the ground next to each corpse. The well was covered with a metal grate and Battler's attempts to break through were unsuccessful. He was unable to find Kanon's corpse in the end.

During Battler's investigation on the second day

  • Narration: Kanon is dead. Among the five people in Kyrie's group, he was the first to die. In short, he was the 9th victim.

Battler's culprit X theory

  • The murders of George-aniki, Jessica, and those who escaped from the dungeon can also be explained using guns, just like the dining hall.
  • And the five who escaped from the dungeon and were killed, and the two in the gardening shed, and Maria in the end! All of those can be explained with 18th person X!! There's nothing strange there at all!!
  • Beatrice initially does not deny his theory, but eventually uses the red to deny the existence of an extra person (see earlier section).

Fourth Game, Ninth Twilight

The cousins had been told to lock up Gohda and Kumasawa in the rose garden storehouse by the prisoners via phone call, as per Kinzo's orders. They then handed the single key to the shutter to Gohda via the window.

On the way to his headship test, Battler passed by the storehouse and saw through the window that both Gohda and Kumasawa were hanging from nooses. He managed to break through the shutter with a hatchet on the second day. As a result, he realized that both their feet were actually touching the floor, and they had actually been killed by what seemed like gunshot wounds to their heads. He found the key in Gohda's pocket with the tag still attached.

Kinzo's burnt corpse had been found in the boiler room. Maria's corpse was in the dining hall with the first twilight corpses, though she had no visible wounds on her.

  • Battler: And the five who escaped from the dungeon and were killed, and the two in the gardening shed, and Maria in the end! All of those can be explained with 18th person X!! There's nothing strange there at all!!
  • Beatrice initially does not deny his theory, but eventually uses the red to deny the existence of an extra person (see earlier section).

The Existence of Magic

  • Beatrice: Then Battler, do you explain my several acts of magic...? ......The very first time those appeared...was in the second game, when I fixed Maria's pumpkin marshmallow. At that time, Rosa definitely witnessed that magic.
  • Beatrice: Rosa alone witnessing it isn't very credible, right...? That's why I increased the number of witnesses to the uppermost limit later on. ...Which is what...happened in this last game... The summoning of my minions! And brutal murders due to magic! All of those were witnessed by a great many people...!! That is itself...proof that my magic exists...!!
  • Battler: 'Magic exists because magic exists'. Didn't the rules of our Braun tube trial say that you couldn't use that kind of argument?
  • Battler: No matter who or how many people witnessed magic, that cannot become proof of magic's existence!! Whether all the magic you've shown exists or not, I can ignore it all and explain things with Humans.
  • Beatrice cannot counter his move.

Beatrice's Final Riddle

  • Beatrice: Ushiromiya Battler. I will now...kill you.
  • Beatrice: And right now, there is no one other than you on this island. The only one alive on this island is you. Nothing outside the island can interfere.
  • Beatrice: You are all alone on this island.And of course, I am not you. Yet I am here, now, and am about to kill you.
  • Beatrice: ......Who...aaam I...?


Lambdadelta's Red Truths

  • Bernkastel: I mean, didn't Battler just solve almost all the mysteries up until now?
  • Lambdadelta: Nooot even close! Almost all of Battler's blue truth was wrong! Beato's lukewarm red is full of holes. If she had any brains in her, she'd slip through it easily by setting up a suitable web of twisted logic. (...) If it were me, I'd thoroughly cut down all of it with the red.

Regarding the first game

  • Lambdadelta: Not all of Battler's blue truths were valid. ...When talking about the first game, Beato clearly declared that she guaranteed the identities of all unidentified corpses! This defeats Battler's theory about the culprit of the EvaHideyoshi closed room murder being someone who faked up a corpse.
  • Lambdadelta: Next, Kanon might've died in an accident in the boiler room, but...*giggle*! What kind of accident could drive a stake into his chest?
  • Lambdadelta: Kanon did not die in an accident!
  • Lambdadelta: For the next one, the murders of the three including Genji in the parlor, the thought that it was a simultaneous murder where they shot each other in a clockwise pattern at the same time is laughable.
  • Lambdadelta: Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo are not killers
  • Lambdadelta: The final trap X to kill Natsuhi was also ridiculous. The thing that shot Natsuhi wasn't a trap, it was a real shooting murder with a gun raised and trigger pulled!

Regarding the second game

  • Lambdadelta: When the six were killed in the chapel, the culprit was inside the chapel!
  • Lambdadelta: That guy keeps trying to explain things using trap X. What the heck is trap X, some weird mystery novel cliche?
  • Lambdadelta: It's also laughable to say that, in the case where Nanjo and Kumasawa were killed in the servant room, someone else inherited Kanon's name.
  • Lambdadelta: No one else can go by Kanon's name! A different person can't claim that as their name!
  • Lambdadelta: And that theory about borrowing the master key from Rosa for Natsuhi's room is also worthless!
  • Lambdadelta: After the master keys came into Rosa's control, never did any of them leave her hands! Except for the time when she lent one to Battler to unlock Natsuhi's room.
  • Lambdadelta: I can keep on going, but just taking a quick look at them turns out like this, get it?
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