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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Alfred Akagi (アルフレッド・赤城 Arufureddo Akagi), also known as Crazy Alfred, is the leader of the Alfred Family, an American-Japanese mafia group. Alfred aims to destroy Primavera when they refuse to pay him protection money.


Alfred was just a ruthless hitman working for the mafia in City 23 until he killed the American bosses, took over the organization, and sought control of the city. The organization has weakened a little due to the internal conflicts at the time, but there is no doubt that Alfred was the most dangerous man in City 23. He needed a lot of cash to settle with mainland US organizations and was collecting money in a fairly rough way. Of course, Club Primavera fell into his sights.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Alfred has purple hair and wears a white suit with a red undershirt and black tie.


As befitting his nickname, Alfred is psychotic and will gladly point his knife at anyone who crosses him.

Alfred later shows some genuine compassion for others, as in Season 3 where he attends Stella's funeral and gives condolences to Richard.


Alfred was a member of a Japanese mafia group that became part of a larger American one that moved into City 23 shortly after the war. Alfred killed the old head and took his place, soon trying to gain money to pay off the American group.


Role in the Story

Season 1

Alfred is first introduced in 1947, pestering Primavera and demanding that they pay him protection money. When they reject him, he kidnaps Claudia and holds her hostage, prompting the club to rescue her. He also kidnaps Rose and attempts to rape her, however his advances are thwarted.

Alfred later hatches a plan to destroy Primavera, having his henchmen prepare a truck with a bomb to drive it into the club. Primavera tracks down Alfred's hideout and Leo fights him one-on-one, soon putting an end to his crime spree.

With Alfred's defeat, Caleb starts taking over City 23.

Season 2

Primavera tries to fight Caleb by luring his men to the club, where the police will be tipped off to a "large crime" and arrest them. However, Alfred and his lackeys rob a bank and attract the attention of the police instead.

Season 3

Alfred starts getting involved in the mafia business again in 1949 when he backs Davis Degawa, a man trying to oppose Primavera's plans for a distribution network; Primavera wanted to assassinate Davis but were concerned of what Alfred would do in return. Richard convinces Alfred to forget about his backing and ally with him, and Davis is promptly eliminated.

Last Season

In 1950, the Wandering Dogs try to rescue Rose and stop Primavera from coming under Richard's rule. Alfred is sent to take them out and almost defeats them before being distracted by Leo, soon entering a rematch with him.

In the final chapter, Alfred has a fight with Alan and later Miguel.