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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Alan Aramaki (アラン・新巻 Aran Aramaki) is a former soldier with an inseparable bond with Keith Kisaragi as an assassin duo and a member of Primavera's Battalion. He first appears in Season 3


A flurry of fights buzzed down the drunken main street tonight. He was the brawler, Alan, who would come from anywhere to join in if he heard it.
He was popular among the drunks for his willingness to get into fights. Underneath the surface, he is a skilled "problem eraser" who belongs to the Battalion led by Maurice Monobe.
But his cheerful nature meant that he was happy to do both jobs.
His relationship with his girlfriend Yuki has been going well lately, and it seems that his days are getting better and better.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Alan has spiky blue hair and brown eyes. He wears a black suit with a red shirt and yellow tie.


Alan is generally lighthearted and sociable, and loves making lame jokes that only Keith seems to like. He enjoys fighting and regularly gets into friendly brawls with Chinese people, but he values Yuki more and tries to suppress this side of him when they're together. But despite his cheerful exterior, he also has a more serious, stoic side to him.


Alan and Keith fought in World War II as snipers as a two-man team even after their squad was wiped out, braving the Siberian winter alone for three months. They were eventually captured by Soviet forces and sent to a Siberian prison camp. After being released and repatriated a few years later, Alan and Keith were recruited by Maurice Monobe to join Battalion.


Keith Kisaragi[]

Alan and Keith have been extremely close since they met during the war, and vowed to survive together, considering themselves like a married couple. As a sniper duo, while Keith is the one to fire the final bullet, he acknowledges that he really can't do much else without Alan, who is his spotter and handles other logistics.

After Keith kills Meixue, Alan is extremely conflicted between his hatred for what Keith had done and the friendship they both share, and hopes that their final meeting before he leaves will give him closure on the matter, but in the end they can't forgive each other. However, he still cares deeply for Keith, to the point that he sacrifices himself for him towards the end of the last season.


Ever since she had saved him from an unfortunate misunderstanding, Alan had fallen head over heels for her, and constantly gushes about her to Keith, much to the latter's annoyance.

By the time they're introduced to the story, Alan and Yuki have been dating for a while, and things are going smoothly for them, except Alan's reluctance to tell him his true profession due to Yuki's dislike for anything violent or related to the mafia. Unbeknownst to him, she's also hiding her own involvement with the mafia, as well as her nationality, for fear that Alan, a Japanese person, wouldn't want anything to do with someone who's Chinese.

He loves her cool, no-nonsense personality, but also sometimes thinks she comes off a bit sheltered. It isn't until later that he finds out her true identity, and starts to come around to her ideals of harmony between the Chinese and Japanese.


Season 3[]

Alan is first introduced alongside Keith in 1949 where they get hired by Butler to assassinate a reporter harassing one of his subordinates. As the story progresses, Alan builds his relationship with Yuki while trying to hide from her the fact that he's a hitman. Alan and Keith are later hired to assassinate Davis Degawa, a man trying to oppose Primavera's plans for a City 23 Distribution Association.

Alan's relationship with Yuki gets to the point where she invites him to meet her brother Meijiu. On the way they suddenly get attacked by Gabriel's men, who try to kill Yuki as part of "Operation: Great Justice." Alan and Meijiu protect Yuki, which leads to Alan getting wounded and losing consciousness.

Last Season[]

The wounded Alan is brought to an underground Chinese doctor for treatment, and his absence leads Keith to believe he was killed. Alan regains consciousness a few days later, and he learns that Yuki's real name is Lee Meixue while coming clean about his life as a hitman. Alan then learns that tensions between Primavera and the GDS were getting bad because the GDS is being blamed for Stella and Yuuji's deaths.

Meijiu later informs Richard of Alan's survival and plans to return him soon, and Richard invites Meijiu and Zilong to lunch for a conference. Alan catches up with Maurice and learns that Keith was hired for a "big job," soon realizing that Keith is to assassinate Meijiu and Zilong as part of Richard's revenge.

Alan and Meixue rush to prevent the assassination, and Meixue gets shot by Keith while protecting Meijiu and lies on the ground bleeding. Alan, Meijiu, and other Chinese men hide behind cover and struggle to save Meixue as Keith slowly picks them off. in the end Meixue dies, and Alan manages to retrieve her body and bring her to Meijiu while Keith hesitates to kill him. Maurice and Keith truly become convinced that Alan is a traitor.

Meijiu asks Alan to accompany Meixue's body on its way to China for a funeral, but Alan wants to resolve his dispute with Keith first. The two of them meet at the docks, and after trading some parting words they fight. Ultimately Alan gets the upper hand on Keith and shoots him, but instead of finishing him off he turns around and leaves, leaving Keith to call out to him in despair.

Last Season[]

Alan returns to Japan in 1950 after spending a year in China and reunites with Meijiu. They come to the conclusion that Meixue's death and the dispute between Primavera and the GDS last year were ultimately masterminded by Gabriel Kaburaya, and they want Butler to testify to prove the GDS' innocence. Alan sneaks into GHQ to rescue Butler but fails when Butler refuses to leave under threat of something happening to his sister.

Alan later joins Jeanne's side to fight Primavera and in the final chapter has another showdown with Keith inside of a bell tower. In the end they grab each other and fall outside a window, and Alan sacrifices himself to save Keith's life. Keith soon grieves over the death of his friend.