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Akira Toudou (藤堂 暁 Tōdō Akira) is one of the main protagonists of the manga-exclusive arc Onisarashi-hen and its visual novel adaptations Someutsushi-hen and Kageboushi-hen.


Natsumi's classmate and one-sided love. Currently enrolled in school with an art scholarship. He's a childhood friend of Natsumi's two friends, Chisato and Tamako. He's a bit of a foul-mouthed, naive person and is often teased by Chisato.

(Translated from the Entergram Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou website.)


Akira has short hair and wears a white shirt with black pants most of the time. The console adaptations give him red hair.


Akira is very upfront and serious with what he does. He genuinely cares for Natsumi despite the bizarre things he witnesses surrounding her.




Akira is first introduced demanding his textbook back from Chisato. He later talks to Natsumi in private and confesses that he likes her, asking her to give a reply later.

Akira shows up to interrupt Natsumi's talk with Ooishi and Akasaka when they interrogate her about her involvement with Hinamizawa, and he walks her home. Akira sees that Natsumi's house has been covered with strange talismans and charms, soon leaving without acknowledging it. The next day Natsumi swears to Akira that her grandmother was responsible for the charms and is insane, and she definitely isn't from Hinamizawa; Akira smiles and accepts her explanation.

When more students begin gossiping that someone from Hinamizawa may actually be at their school, Akira blows off their rumors and insists that neither he nor Natsumi are from there. Akira is later asked by Chisato and Tamako if he's to blame for Natsumi's strange behavior.

Akira and the rest later take Natsumi to a restaurant, and Natsumi quickly runs home after they watch a TV report playing in a nearby store about a dismembered woman being found. Akira follows Natsumi home and wants to know what's going on, and when Natsumi runs away instead of answering, Akira talks with Ooishi and Akasaka about Hinamizawa and Oyashiro-sama's curse.

Akira grows tired of Ooishi and Akasaka's conspiracy theories and labeling Hinamizawans as weirdos and storms off, swearing that he will protect Natsumi no matter what. He goes to a phone booth to call Natsumi's house and hears her crying for help, soon rushing there. Akira enters the house to see Natsumi covered in blood and is soon knocked out from behind by her mom.

Akira regains consciousness as Natsumi is rescued by the police, and she apologizes to Akira for lying to him about not being from Hinamizawa. Akira hugs her in response.

A few days later, Akira and his friends comfort Natsumi in the hospital, and Akira breaks off for a bit to speak with Ooishi and Akasaka again. He learns that the person who knocked him out that day was actually Natsumi, and her mom was the one calling for help on the phone. Akira speaks to Natsumi alone on the hospital roof and explains this all to her, however Natsumi refuses to believe it's possible. Akira finally hugs her again, and Natsumi stabs him. Ooishi and Akasaka arrive with some security guards to help Akira, who's still conscious, and Natsumi is handcuffed. Akira continues to smile at Natsumi, and she's let go to hug him one more time.

Several years later, Akira reconnects with Akasaka after graduating from university and reveals that he's married Natsumi, having spent many years looking for relatives of the Kimiyoshis and finding out Natsumi's whereabouts. Natsumi still shows feels guilty for killing her own family, and Akira had lied to her that he was the one who did it to try and ease her pain. Natsumi is soon released from the mental hospital, and she and Akira go off to live their lives in happiness.