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Akarigurashi-hen Chapter 2 (明暮し編 其の弐 Akarigurashi-hen Sono Ni, Light-Inhabiting Chapter Part 2) is the second chapter in Akarigurashi and the sixteenth chapter of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Meguri.


Satoko chases Rika and fires off two more shots, but they miss. Satoko mentally tracks where Rika might be going and wonders what her route is, but remembers that she needs to kill Rika as soon as possible. She senses movement and fires another shot, but it hits a ball. Meanwhile, Rika hides inside of a room and takes a moment to regain her composure. She doesn't have time to waste since Rena saved her, and tells herself to step forward in order to make things happen.

Rika carefully leaves her room and sees nobody around, but she does see the deflated ball that Satoko shot. Rika had prepared traps beforehand, and wonders what to do next. She suddenly bumps into Satoko on the stairs and starts running away again. Rika trips but pulls a rope, releasing a cloud of chalk dust into the hallway and blocking Satoko's vision. She sees what appears to be Rika and shoots again, but it hits nothing.

The dust clears and Satoko continues the chase for Rika. Satoko wonders when Rika had the time to set up the dust and ball traps, lamenting the fact that she's wasting bullets. Rika hopes to keep running through the first and second floors of the school to use all her traps and get Satoko to use up all of her bullets. Both girls know that Satoko's gun only holds seven bullets, and with all of the shots fired so far, there's only two remaining.

Rika heads downstairs and prepares to do another lap between the first and second floors only to find lots of caltrops blocking her escape through the first floor. Satoko anticipates that Rika can't go anywhere else and prepares to cross the hallway to reach her, but Rika pulls out her own gun and fires it, causing Satoko to take cover behind a corner. Satoko is shocked that Rika has a gun and wonders how she even got it or if it's real.

The two girls wait silently behind their corner. Rika finally asks Satoko why she's doing all of this, and Satoko replies that she should know more than anyone. She peeks her head out and Rika fires another shot, making Satoko cower back. Feeling that they're getting nowhere, Satoko yells that the only reason the club is friends is because of Rika's 100-year journey. They care about each other and have such deep bonds because they spent so much time in Hinamizawa, with Satoko claiming that all of those tragedies made their bonds stronger. Rika is confused as to what she's saying, and Satoko says that even though she went through a hundred years of tragedy, she managed to break through all of it. Satoko says that the loops also made her feel more connected to everyone, and that it helped her view Rika as her best friend; Satoko says that only in June 1983 can she find happiness.

Rika understands that these twisted thoughts are what caused Satoko to carry out Oyashiro-sama's curse and get everyone's hands dirty. Satoko replies that Rika should also understand that all of the club members carry their sins together, and being able to accept each other's sins means their created bonds can overcome fate. Rika says it's nothing like that and asserts that Satoko was just afraid of carrying the weight of her sins alone. She says Satoko wanted the others to notice and deceived herself with happy days, and just ran away. Satoko doesn't accept this argument and says that it's because she loves Hinamizawa and wants to be happy, and wants to spend every day with Rika.

Rika leaves her cover and tries to shoot Satoko, but Satoko fires first and grazes her shoulder. Rika continues escaping and staggers away. Convinced that she's cornered her, Satoko follows and thinks that the only way she can be happy is to cling to this moment. Rika makes it into a classroom and collapses. Satoko aims her gun, and a gunshot rings out.