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The Africa Commonwealth Realm (アフリカ連合王国 Afurika Rengō Ōkoku, lit. Africa United Kingdom, alternatively written as アフリカ連邦王国 Afurika Renpō Ōkoku, lit. Africa Commonwealth Realm) (ACR) is a faction consisting of African nations.


Immediately following World War III, a hero king shockingly united the African continent. He built up a powerful group of nations that now forms one of the world's Great Factions.

Rather than trying to forcibly integrate all of Africa's countless ancient cultures and religions, the Commonwealth King ruled while serving as the highest-ranking member of all cultures and religions.

While they respect tradition and culture, they have also taken up factory-managed childbirth following the AOU's example, claiming to be a new nation group that combines both tradition and the state-of-the-art.

Some members of the Royal Family blame failures in national policy on other factions, taking an overly hostile attitude in the belief that the people from other factions are looking to split Africa up into colonies once again.

Because of the excesses of some Royal Family members, other factions believe the Royal Family is corrupt and abusing their people.


The ACR Royal Family, who are all tied to the Father-King who founded the ACR long ago, is the main governing body of the faction.


The ACR is comprised entirely of African nations.

Member Nations[]


The ACR has a population of around 2 billion.[9]

Same-sex marriages were accepted in the ACR, however the Royal Family may not allow it among their members, as one of the princes came out as gay and was chased out of the succession, becoming a monk.[8]


The ACR Combined Military is the collective designation for Gauntlet Knights and standard infantry.

Aerial Augmented Infantry[]

Squads are officially part of the Aerial Knight Corps. The ACR has fielded two squads for the International Battle Standard Festival: Squad 601 and Cairo Memorial Squad.

Known Units

Other Military Units[]

The warship Atlantis is the flagship of the ACR Combined Navy. It's actually comprised of seven warships linked together.

Foreign Relations[]


The Atlantis Spirit Field, the greatest supply of Spiritium for the ACR, has been a contested region between the ACR and AOU over ownership of the area. The ACR launches their warship Atlantis to occupy the area, which AOU America has accused them of illegally doing. The Atlantic Fleet is sent in response.

The ACR dispatches the Aerial Augmented Infantry kette Squad 601 to counter the Atlantic fleet, however the leader of the kette Rethabile orders the Atlantis Fleet into a defensive position, leaving only her kette to attack. After a brief discussion between Rethabile and the captain of the Atlantic Fleet, both sides engage each other. No casualties are sustained, and the Atlantic Fleet soon retreats after disarmed heavy torpedoes are given as a "gift" and placed inside the main bridge of the Roger Jamison.[10]


An ACR politician receives asylum in COU Madagascar, whom the ACR demand be returned to them.[8]

Skirmishes between COU India and ACR Libya also break out for unclear reasons.[11]


Members of the ABN Guidance Department are accused of assassinating the Prime Minister of ACR Libya.[8]

After the formation of the Africa Commonwealth Realm long ago, many groups of people were exiled and leased land from the ABN to live there on a refugee camp. This land had largely been ignored by both factions afterwards, though members of the ACR government long accused the camp of harboring terrorists. After an ABN Leader of Peace is found to be there, the ACR uses this as a chance to drive the refugees off of the African continent.[12]

After the outbreak of Erbil L5 and subsequent damage to ACR nations, ACR Gauntlet Knights are sent to attack ABN agricultural plants and engage their forces above the Mediterranean Sea.[13]


LATO recruits several politicians from other factions and appoints them as provisional directors for the signing of a global peace treaty. However, most of them are killed during an explosion incident at the IPMA HQ. LATO is suspected of masterminding it, though it is determined to be an accident and swiftly brushed off.[14]

LATO later arranges a second simultaneous global truce and pulls it off with no problems.[15]


  • The English name of this faction and its alternative Japanese name (アフリカ連邦王国) are likely a reference to the real world Commonwealth realm (英連邦王国, lit. British Commonwealth realm), while the Japanese name on the official website and the character bios screen (アフリカ連合王国) is likely a reference to the real world United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (グレートブリテン及び北アイルランド連合王国).


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