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This article is about an organization in Ciconia When They Cry.

The Abrahamic Brother Nations (エイブラハムの兄弟連合 Eiburahamu no Kyoudai Rengou, lit. Abrahamic Brothers Union, alternatively written as エイブラハムブラザースネーションズ Eiburahamu Burazāsu Nēshonzu) (ABN), also known as Europe/Middle East Alliance (欧州中東連合 Ōshū Chūtō Rengō, lit. European Middle East Union), is a faction consisting primarily of European and Middle Eastern countries.


Using the end of World War III as a turning point, the three religions that once stood in opposition succeeded in a historic reconciliation. The result was this newly-born religious nation group.

They're extremely respectful of religious traditions and precepts, and for the sake of protecting religious freedom, slander against other religions is strictly prohibited. The Religious Police who oversee this are famous for being incredibly strict.

They claim to be a beautiful, reverent nation group that respects precepts, traditions, and religious art. For that reason, they pity other factions and work to expand their influence and evangelize.

Because of the level of the Religious Police's authority, other factions think of it as a police state without freedom of speech.


The ABN Joint Parliament governs the faction as a whole.

There are several departments in the ABN:

  • Unified Religious Council: unknown
  • Leadership Council: unknown
  • Department of Friendship: handles foreign affairs
  • Department of Peace: oversees military units
  • Oracle Department: unknown
  • Guidance Department: espionage


Countries within the Middle East and Europe primarily form the nations of the ABN. Many of these nations predominantly practice Abrahamic religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Member Nations

While the Saint Florian International Airport is mentioned to be in the ABN[13], it is unclear whether it is located in Sankt Florian, Austria.


Homosexuality is tolerated in ABN nations, however the official stance on it is not clear.[10]

Thought-policing is also very strict, as any citizen suspected of intent to disobey the military or government will be arrested.[11]

After the drone attacks, an "order of harmony" goes into effect where anybody accused of religion-based hate crimes will be "given justice" without trial. Reporting of atheists and religious fundamentalists also becomes encouraged for "contribution points."[14]


Aerial Augmented Infantry

They have fielded two squads for the International Battle Standard Festival: Thalathat Suyuf and Yeladot Shavit.

Known Units

  • Thalathat Suyuf
  • Yeladot Shavit

Foreign Relations


Due to a treaty, the AOU is supposed to assist the ABN if they're attacked.[15]

The Seven-State Alliance in Western ABN Ukraine seeks admission into AOU Russia, which are considering military intervention on behalf of protecting Russian citizens. The ABN Peace Department has opposed this move.[10]

After the outbreak of Erbil L5, several affected AOU countries push for investigation into the ABN for their suspected involvement.[15]


The Kashmir Spirit Field is a source of dispute between the COU and the ABN, stemming from previous conflicts. Each faction claims it as their territory, with tensions being further exacerbated by the ABN performing illegal mining operations and introducing anti-aircraft weaponry.[16]

Several COU countries are affected by the outbreak of Erbil L5, and as retaliation they send forces to destroy ABN agricultural plants.[15]


Members of the ABN Guidance Department are accused of assassinating the Prime Minister of ACR Libya.[10]

After the formation of the Africa Commonwealth Realm long ago, many groups of people were exiled and leased land from the ABN to live there on a refugee camp. This land had largely been ignored by both factions afterwards, though members of the ACR government long accused the camp of harboring terrorists. After an ABN Leader of Peace is found to be there, the ACR uses this as a chance to drive the refugees off of the African continent.[17]

After the outbreak of Erbil L5 and subsequent damage to ACR nations, ACR Gauntlet Knights are sent to attack ABN agricultural plants and engage their forces above the Mediterranean Sea.[15]


LATO recruits several politicians from other factions and appoints them as provisional directors for the signing of a global peace treaty. However, most of them are killed during an explosion incident at the IPMA HQ. LATO is suspected of masterminding it, though it is determined to be an accident and swiftly brushed off.[18]

LATO later arranges a second simultaneous global truce and pulls it off with no problems.[19]


  • The alternative name of this faction, Europe/Middle East Alliance (欧州中東連合, lit. European Middle East Union), is likely a reference to the real world European Union (欧州連合).
    • Additionally, the flag of the faction is similar to that of the EU as they both feature 12 five-pointed stars.


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