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This page contains a plot summary of the event A Little Bit of Chocolate.


Keiichi Maebara reunites the Soul Brothers regarding an important matter. Valentine's Day was approaching. Mion Sonozaki reunites the Club and brings the matter of Valentine's day. Nao Houtani and Rena Ryuugu were making a cake together and Nao was looking forward to Rena eating it. Miyuki Akasaka reminds her how in Valentine's you should be giving gifts to boys, but they say there was also a present for Keiichi on the side. Rika Furude and Satoko Houjou were planning handmade chocolates for each other on Valentine's Day, although Hanyuu cried on the side about being left out and how she wanted chocolate too. Rika offered buying a bunch of cheap chocolate for her to her protests. Satoko says Rika is just joking and their chocolate party will include Hanyuu too. Mion interrupts everyone again reminding how the focus should be gifting boys, and by that she means Keiichi. Mion wants to make a competition to give Keiichi the most thrilling Valentine's Day gift. Nao, Satoko and Rika all complain about it. Even Rena is confused about why it's a competition. Kazuho Kimiyoshi attempts to protest, mentioning other men they knew, but Miyuki pushes her aside. Shion Sonozaki soon arrives. Apparently Mion was too shy to give a gift to Keiichi by herself, so she had planned this entire competition as a "disguise" for it. Everyone eventually agrees.

The next day, Kazuho stumbles on Shion and Miyo Takano going after chocolates in the Sevens Mart, but it was empty. A suspicious group all in black had gone there earlier and bought everything. Mion and the others soon arrive. The same has happened in other stores around Hinamizawa and Okinomiya. Nao and Rena's cake and ingredients also were stolen. Satoko is surprised Takano is attempting to buy chocolate and mentions it must actually be a trap that blows up when one attempts to eat it. Although Rika says that's just Satoko's own plan. They go to Angel Mort since apparently they got too many chocolates and there should be lots of raw materials, but arriving there the place is surrounded by police. Kuraudo Ooishi appears and reveals everything was stolen. Yes, just chocolate. Apparently the same happened in various houses too. Ooishi tells them he had a strange meeting with Keiichi, Kyousuke Irie and Jirou Tomitake a few days ago, although he had to leave before the ending, but they did talk about Valentine's Day and a "chocolate golem". Could they really be behind this? Everyone heads to the clinic. Maybe Takano got a day off to keep her away due to whatever they were planning with the chocolates?

In the Irie Clinic, there's a strong chocolate smell. Keiichi, Irie and Tomitake are there but knocked out... then they see another Keiichi. Mion and Shion quickly recognize that the way he acts feels odd. Mion uses a Role Card and summons a weapon that pierces the fake Keiichi. Brown blood spills all over Miyuki. Then she licks it. It's actually chocolate. The chocolate golem was aggressive, and could regenerate from the damage. Satoko complains about how it's hard to fight against someone with Keiichi's face, but Rika points out her words are empty as she proceeds to bash and slice him up over and over. However, he quickly regenerates. Finally, as the group attacks him, they see a black Role Card inside it. That was its core, and eventually Miyuki opens the path to it and Kazuho crushes it.

The real Keiichi wakes up, getting hugged by a worried Mion and Rena. Apparently, he has cavities so even if he receives chocolates he can't eat anything. To avoid disappointing the girls, especially after learning Nao and Rena are preparing cake for him, so they couldn't just wait until he recovered, he wants to stop Valentine's Day somehow. Then he met "someone" who told him about the chocolate golem. Somehow though, he couldn't remember that person anymore. They went and bought all chocolate around town in order to push forward that plan. Nao mutters on the sidelines that the cake wasn't even for him. Everyone has misgivings about the stolen chocolate though, but, as it turns out, that was done by a group of unrelated thieves who wanted revenge for never getting any gifts on Valentine's Day and were stealing love by stealing the chocolate itself.