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A Coffee Story (コーヒーのお話 Kōhī no Ohanashi) is a short story written by Ryukishi07 that was published in PANDORA Vol. 2 Side-A on October 10, 2008. It is a tribute to Kodansha's KOBO CAFE book cafe that was active from May 9 to August 24, 2008.

Plot Summary[]

One day, a great witch bought a stuffed lion plush named Sakusuke and gave him life. Sakusuke wanted to do whatever he could to help the witch, and one day decided to make coffee for her, since the witch always drank coffee after studying magic. Imagining the praise the witch would give him for making coffee, Sakusuke secretly went into the kitchen while the witch was in her study and began preparations. Sakusuke uses some instant coffee to brew a cup, but Mr. Mouse tells him that instant coffee isn't any good. Mr. Mouse was a mischievous mouse who always ate the witch's cheese, but he was very knowledgeable and taught Sakusuke lots of things.

Mr. Mouse says instant coffee is just fake coffee, and that to make the witch happy Sakusuke needs to follow a recipe for "real" coffee. Sakusuke gives him some cheese, and in return Mr. Mouse gives him a made-up recipe. He says coffee beans are needed to make real coffee, knowing that the witch doesn't actually have any. Sakusuke instead finds some soybeans and grinds them into powder, and uses them to brew some coffee. When the resulting drink doesn't smell good, Sakusuke thinks he needs to make coffee by putting in coffee-themed items and starts gathering those, such as coffee candy and coffee gum.

Sakusuke finally makes something that smells like coffee, but Mr. Mouse worries the witch will be disappointed when she drinks it and won't give Sakusuke the praise he wants. The witch shows up, having been attracted by the smell, and drinks Sakusuke's coffee. Mr. Mouse prepares to defend him, but the witch says the coffee was delicious and pats Sakusuke's head. Mr. Mouse tastes the coffee filter and is surprised at how awful it tastes.

It is revealed that Sakusuke's story was actually a fairy tale being told by a witch to a young man. The man thinks the great witch is unlike other evil witches and knew how to read the room. The witch says that half of all coffee only contains real coffee, and the man claims that without love, coffee is just muddy water. The man then comments that he's been smelling coffee in the air for a while, and anticipates the witch testing him on something. The witch says she made him coffee as a sign of appreciation. The man claims her coffee has no love, but really understood that the witch was doing her best. A note says that recent studies show that some ingredients in coffee nowadays include black tea, milk, and soup.


  • Umineko When They Cry features the character Sakutarou who is also a stuffed lion, and is said to have a brother named Sakusuke. Ryukishi suggests that the two Sakusukes are the same.[1]

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  1. Episode 7 Shinsou Kaimei Dokuhon: Interviewer: "The plush Sakusuke appeared in Maria's line. Is he the same person as Sakusuke, who appeared in "The Story of Coffee," which you previously wrote for the literary magazine Pandora?" Ryukishi07: I'm sure it's the same person, they even have the same name. But if you're asking me if that coffee story has anything to do with Maria, I'm not sure, but if you follow Osamu Tezuka's Star System, you can assume it's the same Sakusuke. Like Sakutaro, Sakusuke is also based on a lion motif, but the shape is a little different, more like a cylindrical pillow."