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This is a summary of the 1983: The Bewilderment of Ange Ushiromiya event.

Main Event[]

In 1993, Ange Ushiromiya banters with her bodyguard as they explore an abandoned dammed village. Ange asks the bodyguard why he chose this place as a rest stop before returning to the academy, and confirms that this place is Hinamizawa. The bodyguard talks about how the dam project had violent opposition and that there was a plan to renew the village and attract tourists, but it all ended up literally underwater. Ange laments how ultimately powerless the villagers were against the government. The bodyguard mentions that if the hot springs project had succeeded, which the Ushiromiya Group invested into, then the village may still be around today. Ange is surprised that the Ushiromiya Group was involved, and the bodyguard says the boss should've told her about it at some point. In the end, the hot springs project failed and the dam project started up again, leading Hinamizawa to become flooded.

Ange goes off by herself and comes across the abandoned Furude Shrine. She starts wondering if there could really be ghosts around, and if there would be ghosts who knew her father, mother, and big brother. Ange suddenly trips and falls, her mind fading as her vision turns black.

In 1983, Battler and Jessica reunite for the first time in 6 years and reminisce. Battler wonders if they’re in the right place since it looks nothing like a hot springs district, and Jessica says they’re in Okinomiya; the hot springs is in Hinamizawa. Battler and Jessica go to the bus stop only to find an "out of service" notice. Jessica sees the info she got was outdated, and Battler reminds her that they were the only 2 people on the train here; this desolate place couldn’t possibly have crowds of tourists. Jessica says her mom was suspicious too and asked her to visit it in person. Jessica wanted to invite Shannon but Natsuhi refused since women going there alone was dangerous, plus the servants had other duties, so she had to call Battler on short notice.

Jessica says her mom would normally be against this, but she’s been getting more unstable lately. Krauss’s investment projects keep failing, and there’s concern if the Hinamizawa hot springs he also invested in will succeed. Battler summarizes that he just needs to investigate the place, put in a good word for Natsuhi, and calm her down. Jessica says Natsuhi would kill Krauss and then herself if Krauss couldn’t pull out the investments, and has been polishing Kinzo’s Winchesters for a while. They need to keep the investigation secret from Krauss.

The cousins wonder how they’re even going to get to the hot springs district and argue. This attracts the attention of Irie, who drives up to them while wearing a baseball uniform. Irie introduces himself; Jessica is confused as to his baseball uniform, and Shion in the backseat explains he coaches for a baseball team, and she’s the manager. Battler and Jessica ask Irie if they can arrange a ride to Hinamizawa. Meanwhile, Ange watches the entire scene play out and wonders what’s going on. She should’ve fallen at the dam reservoir but woke up in an unknown village; this didn’t happen because of a Forgery, but through some other power. Ange grabs a nearby bike and rides after Battler and Jessica.

Meanwhile, the club is being driven by Kasai to the hot springs resort. Oryou gave the okay to sell some land, and soon after a Tokyo company approached her to build a hot springs. They were concerned with the dam project, but Oryou managed to convince the entire village to support the hot springs. Now that one area is finished, they’re having a pre-opening. Mion talks about how they also want to develop highways for tour buses, and that the club is being given a free trip to act as reviewers for the hot springs. Kazuho wonders if there actually were any discussions recently about the hot springs, and thinks she missed something.

The club finally reaches the hot springs and take in the sights. Kazuho smells some manjuu being cooked nearby and goes off to buy some, and accidentally runs into Battler. Keiichi, Miyuki and Nao catch up, and they and Battler introduce themselves. Battler explains he came with his cousin, the daughter of the hot springs’ sponsor. The club worries the hot springs will be shut down if the inspection turns out bad, but Battler assuages their fears and goes off to find Jessica.

Keiichi thinks Battler is cool, but the other club members criticize Battler’s character, thinking he’s the kind of guy to attract women problems. Keiichi still wants to be like him. Mion, Rena, Hanyuu, Rika and Satoko then arrive, learn about Battler the tourist, and have a group discussion about love. They’re interrupted by Battler’s screams of terror, and follow it to find Battler being attacked by tsukuyami. The club prepares to fight. Ange watches in confusion, wondering just what is happening in this world.

The club defeats the tsukuyami with their Role Cards, but for some reason Rika is now wearing a bunny soldier outfit. Rika says the outfit appeared when she used her Role Card like usual. Rena’s Kyute Mode activates and she tries to grab Rika as Miyuki and Mion restrain her. Nao comments that she’s seen Rika’s clothes before, but doesn't know where.

The group checks on Battler, who’s incredibly confused as to the monsters and the card transformations. Keiichi explains everything to him; Battler is shocked that these monsters are commonplace and then worries about Jessica’s safety. Rena calms him down, saying the monsters only appear in one place at a time, so Jessica should be safe. At some point Rika changes back to her normal clothes. Battler still worries about Jessica, and that if the sponsor learns about the tsukuyami then it’ll jeopardize the hot springs plan. Mion says that it’ll also be a huge loss for the village. Battler adds that if the hot springs fails, there’ll be a murder incident, relaying what Jessica told him earlier. Mion looks at the club members and asks for their cooperation in getting rid of every single tsukuyami in the village, just for a while. Miyuki is the only one to voice opposition, with Satoko understanding that she’s having a hard time keeping up with Mion’s ridiculous demands lately. Miyuki heads back to the springs, citing a headache.

Kazuho speaks to Miyuki alone. Miyuki was correct to assume that Battler would attract trouble, and now it’s gotten worse. Kazuho sees that Miyuki’s premonition is so bad that she’s not willing to help like usual and considers going with her, but still worries about the hot springs. When they reach the hot springs, they run into Akasaka. Ange watches; she knows Akasaka should’ve died in 1983 and that he’s the father of Miyuki, and then wonders how she even knows all of that, including the fact that Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao are from 1993. Ange wonders if it’s because she went through a similar experience as them.

Nao meets with Kazuho, Miyuki, and Akasaka. Akasaka says he’s here because Ooishi told him a new hot springs opened in Hinamizawa, and he wanted to check it out to bring his family next time. The rest of the club appear and tell him about all the trouble that’s been going on, and Akasaka offers his help. Miyuki gives him a Role Card. Battler is once again confused that even Akasaka the Tokyo detective sees nothing wrong with the existence of tsukuyami. The club suggests he maintain his sanity by treating the situation as temporary. Hanyuu adds that trying to reject it all will be painful, and that telling himself they exist even if he doesn’t understand it will help; someday something may happen that will help him understand. Battler finally calms down and gets a Role Card from Hanyuu. Ange wonders why Battler is readily accepting all of this and if there’s a reason for doing it in the first place. Meanwhile, Jessica is by herself at the hot springs resort wondering where Battler is. She hopes he’ll remember their promise for tonight.

The club spends the rest of the day clearing out tsukuyami from the surrounding area. Akasaka has been fighting in a Role Card outfit (Battler’s Game Master outfit), with the club commenting on how similar it is to Battler’s. Battler likes it since he looks like an older brother and wonders why his own clothes didn’t change when he used his card. The club talks about what kind of outfit Battler would wear, with Battler becoming dejected since the topic went from cool armor to ridiculous punishment outfits. Keiichi asks them to lay off Battler, but then they start talking about outfits Keiichi should wear instead. Kazuho calls out to Miyuki to change the topic, however Miyuki is talking to Akasaka instead. Battler commends Keiichi for being able to put up with these energetic girls every day, and Keiichi says it’s fun once you get used to it. Battler and Keiichi bond as Ange continues watching.

The club finally relaxes in the hot spring, with all the girls bathing together. Miyuki says Akasaka got a call from Tokyo before coming to the spring and left, and will talk to her later. Miyuki figures it must be a call from home, and Kazuho wonders if he’s now talking to his own wife and 5-year-old Miyuki. The girls then overhear Battler and Keiichi from the men’s spring loudly talking about boobs. Keiichi starts talking about small breasts, and at Miyuki’s advice, Kazuho tries to drown out their voices and focus on the girls. Rena and Mion become embarrassed at hearing Keiichi talk, and the other girls say that Keiichi really needs to keep his voice down. The girls declare that if Battler or Keiichi tries to grope them, then they should punch them in the face. Kazuho asks if other customers are coming, and Mion says they’re still in a pre-opening phase. Battler’s cousin must be at the lodging facility nearby. The club shows interest in meeting her.

The club finishes using the springs and reunites to go have dinner at the inn and relax. Akasaka suddenly shows up and asks where Jessica is, as she hasn’t returned to her room at all, and worries that the tsukuyami got to her. The club splits up to search around the hot spring district, but to no avail. As they talk about what to do now, Irie drives up in his car and greets everyone. Battler explains that Irie gave him and Jessica a ride earlier. They ask about Jessica, and Irie says Shion should be showing her around the Furude Shrine grounds by now. Battler remembers that during the car ride, Shion was telling Jessica about how beautiful the view of Hinamizawa is from the shrine; the club realizes they never searched the shrine at all.

The club rushes to the shrine and meet Jessica, Shion, and Kasai there. Battler gets angry at Jessica for going off by herself, and Jessica reminds him he promised to go to the shrine with her at night during the car ride. Jessica didn’t want to wait for Battler so she went alone with Shion and Kasai. Battler apologizes for forgetting about it. The club breathes a sigh of relief at Jessica’s safety when more tsukuyami suddenly appear. Ange is also getting attacked by tsukuyami nearby and worries about what to do when a Role Card suddenly appears in her hands. Ange decides to fight and help her brother and friends.

The club defeats the tsukuyami, however Jessica is speechless after watching the entire ordeal. A dejected Mion mutters that Hinamizawa is finished, but Shion asks why everyone is so disappointed. Battler begins to explain everything and take the fall as payment for the club saving him, but Jessica says she already knew about the tsukuyami. Krauss had actually funded the hot springs district under the idea that monster appearances would be a regular thing. Jessica thought her dad was lying when he mentioned monsters and didn’t tell Battler since he used to be so scared of things; the monsters were the selling point, and without those, it’d be a regular hot spring. Battler doesn’t understand why, and Jessica says Krauss is predicting a horror boom. Jessica is even more impressed that the club members could defeat the monsters and says they all look like boars, which are all present on Rokkenjima; Battler can hardly believe that last statement. The club realizes there never really was a problem with the tsukuyami.

The club, Battler, and Jessica take in the nighttime view of Hinamizawa from the shrine lookout. Shion thinks it’d be even better if that one boy were here, and Jessica says she’d also like to bring someone. Hanyuu prays for their happiness and says Oyashiro-sama is a god of marriage. The club then sees a glowing light beyond Hinamizawa, and they realize a fire is breaking out at the hot springs.

In the morning, the group looks over the burned-down hot springs. Miyuki thinks her bad premonition earlier was about this. Akasaka says the cause was likely a circuit breaker failure, causing the hot spring equipment to catch fire. The error must’ve occurred on the contractor’s end, which angers Mion since they did a bad job then. The club tries to calm her down since they’re still looking into things, and Akasaka apologizes for talking about an in-progress investigation; they still don’t know for sure if the circuit breaker actually caused the fire. The others wonder if it could've been a man-made incident, and Akasaka asks everyone to see things from an unbiased perspective, with Battler agreeing that the truth becomes harder to see without incomplete information.

Jessica worries over what to tell Natsuhi now. She’s thankful that nobody was hurt seriously in the fire, and relieves everyone by saying this outcome is much better than people actually dying. Jessica expresses how great Hinamizawa is and promises that she’ll do what she can to persuade Natsuhi to rebuild the hot springs. The club offers to let Battler and Jessica play around with them next time, and Battler asks to bring his 6-year-old sister next time. Rena is ecstatic at the idea of having a little sister. Akasaka says he’ll bring his own daughter next time as well.

As Ange watches them, she wonders if this is a dream or an illusion. She starts heading towards them but suddenly wakes up back in 1993, with the bodyguard tending to her. Ange wonders if she really saw a dream; she can remember Battler and Jessica, but can’t recognize the faces of the village girls at all; their existence differs from those like Maria and the Seven Stakes: not imaginary, but something else. Ange says she must’ve met with ghosts and asks the bodyguard to bring her back to the hotel. Ange decides to look more into Hinamizawa later as she listens to the higurashi crying.