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The 07th Public Bath 2021 was an online fan-run event on June 6, 2021 similar to the 07th Expansion Party where fans could produce and sell merchandise related to Ryukishi07's works. Remotaro released an official artbook containing artwork of characters from various works, with Ryukishi contributing a preview of Phase 2's script. The artbook is available for free download on Remotaro's Booth page.

The script preview was translated by shirokaisen.

Script Preview

<Thank you for waiting. The Service Agent has arrived poyo!>

Service Agent: Sorry to keep you waiting, Senor.

The avatar of the employee known as the manager arrived.

The Yaoyorozu Nanotech has made customers of governments and companies. As a result, anyone who comes to visit is shouldering a whole massive organization. As such, there is a significant amount of manners involved.

Service Agent: Welcome to Yaoyorozu Nanotech. Today, I am acting as your Service Agent. My name is...

Toujirou: LATO Administration, Brazil Section, Gilbert Barrichello. I put in some work to make sure I got you. So there’s no need for pleasantries. But I don’t need anything from Gilbert. I need something from the Green Reaper.

Service Agent: ...er...eh? What did you say?

He tried to look confused, but his act was easy to see through.

The Green Reaper. Probably a combination of “Green” and “Grim Reaper.”

Basically, a god of death who hunts the colour green.

Of course, the only time he used this name was when acting as his other personality that only appeared online.

Though it’s another personality, he isn’t a CPP.

It’s the alias he’s used since childhood for himself as a genius hacker.

Toujirou: So, as for what I need. Just by you appearing in front of me, my errand’s already halfway complete.

Black Clothed Man: ...Excuse me. Comrade, the folder has opened.

Toujirou: Ah, thank you. This...this is the contents of your personal folder, correct?

Service Agent: Eh...a...ah…

Toujirou: For someone who calls himself a genius hacker, I’m sorry to say this, but no matter how high you get there’s always someone higher. In mere moments after you accessed this place, we went ahead and accessed your personal folder.

Service Agent: Ah...just who…

Toujirou: Relax. I’m not a cop. But if you’re not honest with me, it’d be a hundred times better for you if I were one.

Service Agent: ………………………

Toujirou: That computer virus that’s been going around recently. Red Dye. That was you, right?

Any machine infected would have all accessible RGB information altered to set the G and B numbers to zero.

Only the R would remain. As such, any infected machine would only be able to display the colour red. It’s known as “Red Dye” for that reason, but as it kills all images by making them bright red, it’s also known as “Red Die.” Because it has no other negative effects, it was classified as a prank virus, but it’s certainly extremely annoying and liable to piss you off.

Toujirou: Be straight with me. Or maybe you won’t open up unless I release these precious images you’ve got, which look illegal just to own?

As Toujirou lined up images with skin-coloured thumbnails, the man snapped and admitted he was the Green Reaper.

Service Agent: Yeah, it’s me. I made it. You fuckin’ satisfied? Or you gonna say my language was inappropriate or some shit and send a claim to the customer service center?!

Toujirou: Don’t get mad. Calm down, okay? I’ve got two things for you.

Toujirou: The first is that if you answer my question honestly, it’ll be like today never happened. If you’d like, I’ll even leave you a good review at the customer service center. The other one…

Service Agent: Okay, okay, that’s fine! You win. So? What’s your question for me?

Toujirou: Why did you kill B as well, instead of just G?

Service Agent: Huh?

Toujirou: You’re the Green Reaper, aren’t you? You were pushing for rapid development of the Amazon, weren’t you?

During World War III, the world’s countries traded blows with weapons of mass destruction and completely destroyed each other. However, the South American continent was blessed to be able to avoid most of the damage.

And so the world began the competition to rebuild in the A3W era. Humanity, after nearly destroying itself, began developing super technologies one after another and recovered with incredible speed. And the countries that avoided most of the damage, those that would later form LATO, had a commanding lead in that competition.

The newly developed 4D Printer technology could do everything from leveling to construction at a speed completely escaping previous common sense. As a result, rural areas that had been left out of development in the past developed rapidly.

Brazil and the other countries in the region wanted to go ahead and develop the Amazon Rainforest. But then, the “Environmental Protection Unit” from the North American and European countries that had been falling behind in the competition raised an objection. They claimed that due to the great many species of animals and plants and the effect on the world’s environment, developing the Amazon would be tantamount to a great sin against the planet itself.

At the same time, the former great powers of the B3W era had completely ignored their own environments and engaged in reckless development in the name of recovery. Therefore, public opinion in the South American countries boiled over in opposition.

Eventually, the scarce and vast underground Spirit Fields were discovered, LATO was formed, and opposing forces could no longer say anything in objection. Even so, many citizens of South America continued to hold a grudge about being blocked from developing the Amazon.

In the end, thanks to the vast profits brought about by Spiritium, there was no reason to focus on developing the Amazon, and LATO reigned on top of the world. As a concession for having emerged victorious, LATO announced that they would abandon Amazon development and that it would be preserved as a natural reserve for all humanity to share.

...But many young people within LATO believe the nation surrendered to the former B3W superpowers, flattering them and acting weak. In order for LATO to remain on top of the world forever. And to send a message that LATO would never again be conquered by the former B3W superpowers. They aggressively, recklessly maintained the position that the vast land of the Amazon should be developed immediately, and that the only ones who wanted it to be preserved were the scholars bought off by the old superpowers.

The Green Reaper was one of those who demanded its development immediately.

Toujirou: Why did you kill B as well, instead of just G?

Toujirou: You’re the Green Reaper, aren’t you? The god of death who hunts green? So then shouldn’t you just kill the green? Why did you kill the blue?

Service Agent: No, uh…

The man’s bewilderment was a bit strange. It didn’t look like he was confused by the bizarre question. Rather, his face seemed to say, why was someone talking about B “again”?

Service Agent: What...is this...exactly? You, and that other person. What do you have against B, against blue?

Toujirou: Who do you mean?

Service Agent: I’ll talk in order. Just like you’re thinking, the virus I created originally just set G to zero. “The Green Reaper, he who kills green, has arrived,” yknow?

Where will that virus be sent? Isn’t it obvious? The place where it would have the most impact, be seen by the most people. I succeeded in getting the password of one 8MS engineer. My target was one of our company’s biggest products, the water purification 8MS!

Toujirou: The water purification MS doesn’t just clean it, but controls the colour it gives off, correct?

Service Agent: That’s right. Most people think that the water in the oceans, rivers, pools, and the water supply is blue, green, or transparent. But it’s all fake! It’s all just whatever colour we set the 8MS to!

Toujirou: ...So your virus, the Green Reaper, takes away the illusion, and sends a message to kill all the green, clear the Amazon, and show the world how strong LATO is...is that right?

Service Agent: Ahahaha, it’s great, isn’t it? Nature means fuck all nowadays! The only reason people think otherwise is because the 8MS makes them think it does! The Amazon’s fucking useless! Who gives a shit about rare plants and rare animals, as long as we have the 8MS we don’t need anything else, ahahahaha!

But of course, even a genius like me can’t get to the core of the 8MS or the 8MS transmitter. But the colour at least! That kind of prank is something I can do!

Then, just as I was about to release my Green Reaper, an unexpected guest arrived. Just like you, they pretended to be a customer. And they said they knew everything about my prank. They said that it’s interesting, so they wanted me to let them take a bite as well.

Toujirou: What did they mean by take a bite?

Service Agent: They told me this: Just like you want to kill green, I want to kill blue! I can’t stand the fake blue of the oceans created by the 8MS!

Toujirou: An Anti-8MS activist?

Toujirou: Probably! But I don’t give a shit! Their conditions were way better than yours. It wasn’t just that they’d keep quiet. They gave me a nice fat allowance for my trouble. And in advance! Of course, if I took the cash and ran, my prank’d get exposed. I couldn’t refuse, and I got paid, so why the hell not?

And so, I changed the virus to not only kill the G, but the B as well. This way we’d both get what we wanted! And with green and blue set to zero, all that was left was red.

Toujirou: I see. So the water purification 8MS infected with the virus all were dyed the colour of blood.

Service Agent: Aahahahaha! It’s fuckin’ creepy to see the Amazon River dyed red! Flatten that shit and use it to build a base for the LATO Federation Army in space! LATO will take over the entire Solar System!!!

Toujirou: Have the 8MS infected with Red Dye already been deployed?

Service Agent: Yeah! The update’s already gone out and it’s spread out all over the South American oceans, lakes, and water supplies! However, it looks like the guy I stole the password from got flagged by an AI for improper access and was transferred. So my prank’s one-and-done.

The effects of 8MS are not forever. Just like cells get replaced over time, old 8MS die off and get replaced by new ones. The 8MS I infected will get replaced after a year and fall into the ocean.

Service Agent: So before that happens, I wanna raise hell at least once! I’m thinking of doing it around the anniversary of LATO’s formation.

Toujirou: How are they activated?

Service Agent: I infected the 8MS’ error signal. If I send the 8MS the signal to begin an error test, the oceans, rivers, and everything’ll turn blood red!

The water purification 8MS’ error signals are white for alert and yellow for danger. If there were to be an error, the water would first turn cloudy white, and then it would shine yellow. At first, the developers of 8MS planned to set it to yellow for alert and red for danger. However, enough people thought that dyeing the oceans red was far too unsettling, so it was set to cloudy white and then glowing yellow. But due to Red Dye, it would all become a far more unsettling red…

Despite being a prank virus that would just change the colour to red, its construction was very complicated and required a very high degree of skill. Programmers and hackers always put a ton of effort into their pranks and easter eggs……

Toujirou: Did you provide a copy of Red Dye to the person who paid you the allowance?

Service Agent: They said their desire was to turn all the oceans across the world red. Abusing my position at the company, I can dye LATO’s oceans, but there’s nothing I can do about the others. Maybe they’ve got some other way in? Whatever, I don’t give a shit.

Toujirou: ...Sheesh, what an irresponsible hacker you are. What will you do if there were some side effects on the 8MS, and the entire world turned into cornflakes or something?

Service Agent: Hahahaha! I wouldn’t mind! I’d prefer choco-crispies myself, though! Don’t get mad, ok? I’m telling you the whole, honest, complete truth just like you asked for, got it?

Toujirou: That’s true. So I’ll keep my promise. But try to keep your pranks to a minimum, alright?

Service Agent: Hoho! Keep it to yourself. This is my life’s work. Shove it!

Toujirou: The person who got you to kill the B. ...Well, I suppose they wouldn’t leave themselves open, but did you pick up any clues that would connect to their true identity?

Service Agent: They used some dumbass frog as their avatar, and the entire conversation gave absolutely no indication as to their nationality, gender, or any kind of characteristics.

Toujirou: I’d expect as much.

Service Agent: But y’know, my man. If you give me a little tip, this genius hacker here will tell you something only I could’ve caught onto.

Toujirou: Enough for a coffee, anyway. But if it’s legit, I’ll make it enough for that coffee to be a Five-Star Special. What did you notice, Mr. Genius Hacker?

Service Agent: The reason I’m being honest with you now is because that person was several levels better than I am, and you have the same smell as they do. I knew right away I didn’t want to piss you off, so I opened up right away.

Toujirou: So then...when that person told you they knew you were the Green Reaper, so they’d better agree to their terms, you didn’t go along with them at first?

Service Agent: Yeah, that’s right. Just like you stole all my passwords in the short amount of time since I accessed you, I tried to attack them directly through their Selcom.

Toujirou: And then?

Service Agent: I couldn’t do it. ...Well, not that exactly. But the problem was the time it took my attack to be denied. For an attack that would take bank-grade security three seconds to deny, it was brushed aside with the instantaneous speed of static electricity…!

Service Agent: Shocked as I was, I used my Selcom to calculate their P3 numbers from their lightning speed. The number I got was this…!

Toujirou: ...This...isn’t a last-generation number. This is ace-class.

Service Agent: It’s a fucking crazy P3 number, right?! There’s no way the government could ignore someone who can drop a number like this! So I just knew it. This person was a Gauntlet Knight!

If they’re a Gauntlet Knight, whether they’re a soldier or with a police force, they’re absolutely someone the government is breathing down.

Service Agent: At that point I surrendered. And that person wasn’t gonna arrest me, but let me go free and even give cash on top. I had no reason to go against them. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Toujirou: Have a nice smoke at the greatest of coffee breaks. However, keep your pranks to a minimum, alright? There’s no guarantee the next person who shows up, asking you to kill the R as well, will be as much of a gentleman.

Service Agent: Thanks for the warning. Well then, valued customer. If you were satisfied with the service our company has provided you, please provide a report to customer service.

Toujirou: Okay, Keropoyo. Please tell the customer service center that he was an excellent manager.

<Got it poyo!>

Black Clothed Man: Comrade Toujirou. Should we not silence this excitable fool?

Toujirou: No need. ...They’re letting him live, after all.

Toujirou: …………….

....Is it like His Excellency says, and this was just their consideration?

A one-sided game would be too boring, and so they intentionally left us this opening?

Toujirou: Or could it be...they’re just looking for attention...so they’re showing off these openings...like some pre-teen girl?


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