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The 07th Party Poster Photo Session Booklet is a booklet released during the 07th Public Bath 2020. It contains a short story written by Ryukishi07 regarding the 07th Party 7 poster featuring a crossover between Higurashi When They Cry, Umineko When They Cry, and Ciconia When They Cry. The booklet also contained concept art of Ciconia characters and other material.

The story has been translated by makeinuecore.



Pew pew, wham, kaboom!


Miyao: What the hell! How did that shot even hit!

Jayden: Of course it hits! I knew there was no way you’d notice, Miyao-chaaan!

Miyao: B-but, that only hit me because we’re in-game, okay?! That would never work in a real battle!

Jayden: Yes, yes, I get it already, Supergenius Jayden had to use a nasty glitch to beat you, Miyao-chan ♪

Even if it was only a game, Miyao was clawing at the floor, frustrated at losing in a Gauntlet Knight battle. He was strong, even at Gauntlet Knight games, that much was undeniable. But he let his pride get the better of him. He couldn’t match up to Jayden, who was hell-bent on winning at any cost!

Jayden: Ever since we decided to have this match, I’ve been studying this map, you know? I’ve been analyzing even your smallest habits and patterns, training, and training again!

Miyao: Why do you not put that kind of effort into real training…

Jayden: But I don’t get to give you dares if I ace real training! I’ll spare no effort if it means seeing you embarrassed!

Miyao: You say that like it’s not weird as hell…

Gunhild: Do we have a winner?

Jayden: Hell yes we do! A flawless victory by yours truly.

Gunhild: That’s nice. I’m glad all the time I spent helping you with that special training didn’t go to waste.

Miyao: Y-You did all that just to beat me? Even Gunhild? What the hell did I do to deserve this?

Gunhild: Nothing. We just thought you should be the Ciconia representative for the 07th Expansion Party announcement poster.

The 07th Expansion Party announcement poster!

It is a 07th Expansion-only event that will be held on Sunday, November 8 2020 at 3331 Arts Chiyoda! For the poster photoshoot, a representative from each series was needed. Rena Ryuugu from "Higurashi". Beatrice from "Umineko". Higanbana from "Higanbana". Leo and Rose from "Rose Guns Days". Alice from "TRianThology". But who should represent "Ciconia", was the question…

Gunhild: You’d assume Miyao would be the obvious choice.

Jayden: Right. Why are you being so difficult?

Miyao: No way, it’s embarrassing, not doing it! Besides, why does it have to be me? Isn’t it weird?

Gunhild: How so?

Miyao: I mean, Rena isn’t the protagonist, is she? She’s the heroine! And Beatrice isn’t the protagonist either, she’s more of a rival or heroine character, right?

Jayden: Higanbana’s the protagonist, though, and so is Leo? So where’s the problem in having it be our protagonist, Miyao?

Miyao: No way! It’s humiliating, no way!

Miyao kept insisting they pick another representative. Afterwards, since Jayden wouldn’t yield either, they decided to settle it with a game, leading us to this merciless and overwhelming victory…

Gunhild: It looks like you’re sharing center with Rena and Beato. No one will be able to miss you.

Miyao: So just put someone more fitting there, then! Why does it have to be me?! It’s Rena and Beato! You should pick a cute girl to represent Ciconia instead! There’s a ton of characters in Ciconia, just have the girls duke it out in a battle royale for the spot! So why did you gloss over them and pick me instead? There’s our bewitching beauty from Finland, Lilja-chan-sama, there’s Lingji, there’s Naima, and, and..! Anyway, there are so many beauties you could pick from!

Gunhild: And after a painstaking judging process, you’re the one we picked, you know?

Miyao: No way, no way! It’s embarrassing, no wayyyyyyy!

Red as a beet, Miyao was shaking his head with a comically angry expression. Gunhild nodded approvingly. Truly, this right here was why he was most fitting for the position.

Jayden: Come on, stop yelping so damn loud! You lost fair and square, didn’t you? You’re such a sore loser, partner! I was fully ready to be the poster rep if I lost! I’d have worn that iconic Angel Mort uniform with pride, in spite of the embarrassment! I’d have even put my hair in twintails!

Miyao: …hold on a second. Angel Mort uniform? Embarrassment?

Poyo! Search suggestions, on! Showing results for “Angel Mort uniform” poyo~

Miyao: What the hell is thaaaaaaaaaat?!?!

Jayden: Hmmm~ nice, very sexy ♪

Gunhild: I still can’t believe the B3W era has such lecherous… excuse me, such cute costumes.

Jayden: And so, for this poster, we’ll have the three main representatives wearing this front and center.

Miyao: Lalala, I can’t hear you! And besides, that’s made for girls, isn’t it? I’m a man, you hear, a man!!

Gunhild: Miyao, claiming an article of clothing cannot be worn by a certain gender is a violation of the AOU Gender Discrimination Abolition Act, you know.

In the AOU, a coalition of self-proclaimed forward-thinking nations, enforcing gender stereotypes is prohibited. Just as women can wear pants without any issues, it is forbidden to criticize a man for wearing a skirt. Conversely, asserting that women must wear skirts would be considered coercive behavior towards a gender, and as such be strictly reprimanded. As such, even a burly man with chest and leg hair would be free to walk around in titillating female clothing. However, if the surrounding people were made to be uncomfortable, of course, it could lead to unfortunate situations. It all comes down to personal responsibility. There are no proper regulations, but everyone exercises the bare minimum of courtesy to avoid offending others. That is AOU etiquette.

Miyao: I’m pretty sure that forcing me to wear those clothes against my will is also violating my rights!

Jayden: In the first place, going back on your word when you said you’d be on the poster if you lost is a breach of contract, though?

Gunhild: Exactly, exactly. You settled it through a Gauntlet Knight duel, albeit in a game.

Miyao: That’s… I. I will admit I have to be on the poster. But you said nothing about wearing that demeaning outfit!

Gunhild: Well, how about you tell the other two why you can’t wear it?

Miyao: Who are those “other two”?

Gunhild: Rena Ryuugu-san and Beatrice-san. Which reminds me, you still haven’t met them, have you?

Jayden: In this universe, seniority isn’t based on age, but on debut appearance.

Gunhild: Precisely. And since you’re the protagonist of the latest series, that makes you their junior.

Miyao: Isn’t Higurashi the one where the girl with the axe goes kerokerokerogekogekogekogeko!!

…wow, what was that. It looked like Miyao’s words had triggered the Kizuna’s settings, and were drowned under a cacophony of frog noises.

Jayden: Higurashi’s fine and everything, but Umineko is the best with all those glamorous girls ♪ Especially Beatrice ♪

Meow: That’s right ♪ Sorry I’m flat as a board ♪

Jayden: Huh? Miyao, did you say anything?

Miyao: Nope. I didn’t, at least…

And thus. The poster shooting session came, and with it the occasion for everyone to meet. Of course, that didn’t mean Miyao had made his peace with wearing the outfit. He was hellbent on making Rena and Beato go with a Gauntlet Knight look, since the Angel Mort costume wouldn’t fit him.

Miyao: I mean, that outfit is from Higurashi in the first place! If I wear it, we won’t be able to advertise the new series! Since Ciconia is the hot new thing, let me wear my Gauntlet Knight uniform! And besides! Why shouldn’t they get to wear it as well? With that, we’d be able to promote the new series, and we’d all fit together. I get to be cool, everyone’s happy, the end?

Gunhild: He’s really thought about it, huh. I see, if you put it like that, he’s almost got a point.

Jayden: Dang… I wanted to see Miyao-chan in an Angel Mort uniform…

Rena: You’re Miyao-kun from Ciconia, aren’t you? Aren’t you? You’re so kyuu~te, I just want to take you home with meeeeee~!!!

Beato: So you are the protagonist of the new opus. They sure picked a cute one for the main role this time! Kukukuku!!

Miyao: I-It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Miyao Mitake…

Beato: You may call me Beato. In return, I shall adress you as Miyao. Don’t be so stiff, now. Let us play our part in matching outfits as centerpieces of this poster!

Miyao: A-Actually, ……the matching outfits thing, is what I wanted to bring up…

Beato: Haaa? Surely you do not mean to say you are loathe to wear this garnment with us?

Rena: Awww? What’s wrong with it? Is it because you’re embarassed? Is it? It would fit you so well, though, it would be so kyuute…

Miyao: No no no no no, I’m telling you it’s not cute at all! People don’t want to see a guy wearing the Angel Mort uniform, I’m pretty sure.

Rena: I don’t know about that? When Keiichi-kun had to wear it, people were crazy about it…

Beato: Because it fit him. Battler’s frame is too wide, so it wouldn’t fit whatsoever. Or rather, the uniform that fits him most is being stark naked. Kuhihi!!

Rena: I bet you’d be super popular if you wore the uniform, Miyao-kun! I guarantee it!

Miyao: No no no, I don’t care about your guarantee. I’m not wearing such an embarrassing costume, ever.

Rena: Eeeh, why does it have to be embarrassing? Why?

Beato: Is it humiliating for the cuckoo in your loins to puff up, squeezed by the leotard? Is it humiliating to have your crotch adorned with frills? That’s not it, is it?!?! You cannot bear to have people gaze at your shameful expression, can you?! Kuukukuku!! Come, my goat servants! Throw Miyao in a changing room and transfigure him into an Angel Mort boy!!

Goat butlers appeared out of thin air, lifting Miyao up and storming the male changing room. He tried to struggle, but without his gauntlet, he was no more than a powerless, slender boy. And yet, Miyao’s cries of protest could still be heard coming from the changing room.

Rena: I can’t wait to see Miyao-kun in the Angel Mort costume ♪ Hauu, I already want to take him home ♪

Beato: Well then, shall we get changed as well? …hm? What’s wrong, my goat servants?

Beato: What is it? What happened, now? What is that…? The boy turned into a girl halfway through…?? So that was why the goat butlers shuffled out of the changing room in a hurry.

Beato: What are you blabbering about, you fools? Never mind that, did you manage to make Miyao change?

Meow: …Um, …E-Excuse me…

Rena: Huh? You’re not Miyao-kun… are you?

Meow: I… am another personality residing inside Miyao Mitake… My name is Meow…

There weren’t any physical changes. However, those mannerisms made it clear that she wasn’t the boy they had been calling Miyao Mitake. Rena understood that right away. Beato already seemed familiar with the idea of CPPs, and looked extremely fascinated by Meow.

Meow: My brother suddenly closed the door to his heart and shut himself inside… Sorry he’s being so difficult. I’ll be taking his place…

Beato: Well, it’s true there will be no difference on the poster if you share the same body. Hhmm, I’m intrigued by what you call CPPs, however. To think such a concept is widely understood in the A3W world… How fascinating.

Rena: Meow-chan, nice to meet you. You can call me Rena! Have you ever worn the Angel Mort uniform?

Meow: No, it’s my first time. …It’s a bit embarrassing, but I thought we might be able to get along, so I was even looking forward to it a little!

Beato: Heeey, are you listening, Miyaooo? Your little sister gets it, at least!

Rena: Come on, let’s get changed! I’m sure we’re keeping the photo people waiting!

The staff was at the studio. Jayden and Gunhild had come to cheer them on. There were… two photographers. There really should only be one, but there were two of them.

Tomitake: Wow! You’re telling me that in the future, you can take photos directly with your eyes?

Toujirou: The quality is pretty mediocre, though. But it’s useful as a complement for your memory. I think the craft and artistry that goes into B3W cameras is much more impressive, though.

Tomitake: I don’t think a camera is something you snap around willy-nilly. I think it’s more like archery. You focus your spirit like you’re drawing a bow and letting it loose in one perfect shot.

Toujirou: I get you. Recording video and picking one shot out of it in post just doesn’t have any soul.

Tomitake: You really get what cameras are all about! From now on, you can call me your brother in arms!

Jayden: Miyao and the others are late… You don’t think he’s still kicking a fuss about the costume?

Gunhild: Rena and Beato are on another level. I don’t think he’s going to be able to talk his way out of this one. …oh, there they are.

The staff called everyone in the studio. Rena and Beato were wearing the Angel Mort uniform. And on their tail, Miyao was doing the same, waving at everyone with a bashful smile.

Jayden: Huh? …that’s not Miyao, though?

Gunhild: Ah, I see how it is. He got Meow to switch with him. A sore loser to the end. Fufufu.

Meow seemed to be getting along well with the other two girls. Pose after pose, they looked like they were enjoying the photoshoot. As far as Jayden was concerned, it was a shame he wouldn’t get to see a flustered Miyao throwing a fit, but he was content enough just enjoying Meow in an Angel Mort getup.

Tomitake: Ah, sorry, everyone. Let’s take five, okay?

The photographer called for a break. It didn’t feel like a hard-earned pause after getting in some good shots. It was like the pictures didn’t have the impact they were after…

Tomitake: Something’s strange here. We’re missing something…! You see what I mean, Toujirou-kun?

Toujirou: Hmmm… I sort of see what you’re getting at, but I can’t quite put it into words…

Beato: What is it, now? Is my voluptuous body not enough for the likes of you?

Rena: I don’t think that’s it? But there has to be something wrong for Tomitake-san to be frowning so much…

Meow: After I went through all this trouble, I was finally starting to have fun! It’s a shame we have to take a break. Oh, how about we take a souvenir picture?

Beato: Ooh, what a grand idea! How about it, how about it?

Rena: That sounds fun! Cheese! Right, right?

Toujirou: Something’s missing… I’m stumped…

Gunhild: Sorry to bother you. Is something the issue?

Tomitake: Ah, perfect timing! We were wondering if you had any idea about what we’re missing. Something important.

Jayden: …well, I… might have an idea…

Toujirou: Oh? And what would that be? We’re starting to run out of studio time, so if you have a plan, we’d like to try it.

Jayden: Let’s do it, then. I just need a moment.

Jayden ran up to the three maids, chatting and giggling while eating snacks… then started muttering something to them. Meow seemed extremely displeased, but Beato gave her a push with a wry smile, sealing the deal.

Gunhild: What the hell were you guys talking about?

Jayden: Just you wait! This has got to be the missing piece.

Tomitake: Well then, break’s over! Everyone, let’s take it from the top~!!

Rena: Hau~!! Let’s do our best, one more time, hau ♪

Meow: I-I’ll do my best too, but this is going to cost you, Jayden!

Beato: Kukuku, I did think something was missing as well! Kuukuku!

Gunhild: That’s… still Meow, isn’t it. I thought for sure you were going to call back Miyao. She’s a part of him, for sure, but Miyao’s the protagonist here.

Jayden: Tsk tsk. Close, but you’re only half right. Besides, even if I had her call Miyao back, I don’t think he would graciously help us with the shoot. In other words, there’s no point in having Miyao come begrudgingly! We need Meow-chan’s help, or we won’t get this done!

Gunhild: Fair enough. You’re Miyao’s buddy, of course you’d understand his charm more thoroughly than anyone. Fufufu.

Toujirou: Nice, nice!! Give me a cute pose, give me something more sexy!

Tomitake: Great! That’s it! You’re dazzling with cuteness!

Jayden: Alright, go, Meow-chan, it’s up to you!

Meow: I swear I’ll make you pay for this ten times oveeeeeeer!

Miyao: Hmmn, …what’s up all of a sudden, Meow…

Tomitake: That’s it, give me sexy, Miyao-kun! Can you stick out your butt and bring up your chest for me?

Miyao: Huh…? Huh? Huh?!

Meow has struck the most sexy pose she could muster, and switched personalities back to Miyao. Who was greeted with a myriad of flashes. The gears in his heads shifted, gradually processing the situation. Then, in a pose he wouldn’t be caught dead in, his cheeks instantly flushed…

Toujirou: That’s it, that’s the face I wanted to see, Miyaoooooo!!!

Tomitake: Awesome, magnificent! That bashful expression you can only see on a boy! That’s it, right here, right here, that’s what I wanteeeeeeed!! Howl like the wind, my camera of justice!! I’ll settle this with a dazzling Tomitake flash!!!!

Miyao: Meooow, Jaydeeen!! I, I’ll remember thiiiiiiiis!!!

Miyao, hiding his crotch in shame with a silver tray. And reflected upon it, Jayden’s smile, which had “gotcha” written all over it… That is the story of how we got this poster.

The End

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