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The 07th Public Bath (07th大浴場 07th Daiyokujyou) is an annual online fan-run event endorsed by 07th Expansion. It is similar to the 07th Expansion Party where fans can produce and sell merchandise related to Ryukishi07's works. Several official story booklets have been released at these events.

07th Public Bath 2020[]

This was the first Public Bath event, which ran from May 5, 2020. The associated booklet contained Ciconia When They Cry concept art and a crossover story with Higurashi When They Cry, Umineko When They Cry, and Ciconia.

07th Public Bath 2021[]

This was the second event, which ran from June 6, 2021. The associated booklet contained a preview for Ciconia Phase 2's script.

07th Public Bath 2022[]

This will be the third event which will run from October 2, 2022. The associated booklet features the Higurashi and Umineko cast joining with their own web sales.[1]



  • The event is named after the Public Bath in Ciconia, a recurring location.

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