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The 07th Party 7 Booklet is a booklet containing a short story based off of the results for the 2020 07th Expansion character poll. The booklet was released online on the 07th Party website.

Japanese text translated by Gootarts. (Feel free to correct any translation errors if you spot them.)

English Translation[]

The 07th character popularity contest between all its works! All the characters from every work gathered together to determine the winner of the popularity contest in this big event, and everybody was very excited about it!

Of course, they were all interested in who was overall the #1 ranked character, but they also wanted to know which work they would be from, and who would be the #1 character in each work!

Keiichi: “The first place will definitely go to somebody from Higurashi!” Is what I’d want to say, but the other works are very popular, too.

Battler: No, no. The new Higurashi anime is going to start this fall. The winner this time will be from Higurashi.

Miyao: Ciconia’s story has just begun, and hasn’t finished yet. Well, it’ll probably be a one-two fight between Umineko and Higurashi.

Rena: Are you sure? A new work always gives off a beautiful glow. Rena wonders if she wants Ciconia to win, she wonders.

Beato: Well, if this was a normal contest, I would crush the opposition and emerge as number one! But, as you’d expect, I’m getting past my prime. So I’ll be generous and give the number one spot to a character from another work.

Jayden: Doesn’t the popularity contest have a weird atmosphere to it this time around? Normally I’d think everybody would be going “I’m the best, I’m the best, I’m the best”.

Gunhild: It seems the tendency here seems to trend towards modesty. For the guardians of the walls of peace, we tend to like mutual admiration.

Of course, everybody wanted to be ranked number one, and if that failed, they wanted a character from their work to be ranked number one.

However, atmospheres of modesty are interesting things. Once you foster an atmosphere of humility, everybody will praise the other people and be humble towards themselves…

Rika: I want characters from Ciconia to be really popular. A story about the future is more lovely than a story about the olden times of the Showa era.

Maria: Uuu! Maria wants to soar through the sky with a Gauntlet too! It’s amazing how they can fly around without caring about the anti-magic toxin!

Chloe: I’m jealous of how close everybody is in the world of Higurashi. I’d rather have that then flying…..><

George: By turning your friendship into power, you can overthrow your fate. That’s the core of that world. I think that’s fitting of the role of first place.

Satoko: Isn’t using the power of friendship a cliche these days? Don’t you long for Ciconia or Umineko, where everybody has great power?

Lingji: I also long for the world of Umineko. There, magic isn’t just some Selcom trick, it’s the real thing, and allows you to shift your form and do amazing things.

It was beautiful to see everybody complimenting each other. However, even though no alcohol was involved, the atmosphere gradually began to shift in the direction of recklessness.

In particular, the battle of humility between Umineko and Higurashi for the top escalated to an extreme level.

Keiichi: After all, aren’t all the heroines in Higurashi crazy? Hahahaha!

Beato: Right, right! Umineko doesn’t have any good male characters. The loser male characters are all in Umineko!

Mion: Even so, there aren’t any decent male characters in Higurashi! I’m really jealous of Umineko because it has a lot of charming male characters!

Keiichi: Yeah, yeah! I’m just a super dirty perverted character! Mion is a green-haired girl who calls herself an old man. There’s no way we’d be popular, wahahaha!

Beato: The protagonist here is a wishy-washy, good for nothing, self-proclaimed breast sommelier! I wish he had Keiichi’s strong will or Miyao’s cuteness!

Battler: Furt, furthermore, the self-described main heroine of Umineko doesn’t have any good qualities besides her big tits! She’s got zero cuteness and zero charm! She’s rude and vulgar, her brains are on par with a monkey’s, and the only magic she’s able to use is for killing people!

Beato: [breaking down noises] Th, there’s no way a character from a cruel game like Umineko would get a number one spot, riiiiiiight? *cackle* *cackle*

Satoko: This is an odd arrangement, is it not? I cannot tell if they are boasting or being self-deprecating.

Higanbana: In that case, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a curse, or charm, or punishment game inflicted to the first place winner?

Marie: H, huh? What do you mean, Higanbana-san?

Meryl: What do you mean? You’re saying that instead of getting a prize for winning, you would have to do a punishment game instead?

Stella: *laugh* isn’t that interesting? Since Umineko and Higurashi both say they aren’t going to be ranked number one, doesn’t that mean they don’t have anything to fear?

Alice: Anyways, I don’t see us winning number one, either. Isn’t that also interesting?

Usagi: Haha, there’s definitely no risk to us! Regardless of who wins, it’ll be thrilling, and there’s no way it’ll be itchy or painful *laugh*.

Leo: Not bad, this is pretty good entertainment. But if the punishment is really cruel and Rose wins, I’d feel bad for her. I’d like to do something mild.

Rose: I, I mean, I don’t need to win. After all, this is a long-awaited festival. I hope it’s a fun punishment game.

Jayden: Don’t you think this is starting to heat up?! The first place is definitely going to go to a cute girl! So let’s all come up with a nice punishment game!

Miyao: How about taking a photo of them and using it as the original photo in a shitty photoshop thread?

Keropoyo: Poyo! Come on! You’re in a room with a number of people with incredible powers!

Hanyuu: Au au au au! I have a lot of items with strange magic powers in the ritual storehouse!

Bern: I’ll take care of it. I can flip through a couple hundred Fragments in order to find an item that will deliver misery to the loser.

Jestress: This is a long-awaited popularity contest, and instead of congratulating the winner, they’re going to make them look terrible. No matter how far humanity advances, their skin is still greasy with envy. *giggle*

Characters from each work began to gather troublemaking items and discuss this and that. Other characters also met in order to hash out the rules of the punishment game. Little by little, everybody began to sense that if their assumptions were mistaken and they somehow managed to get first place, they would be in trouble. The group of characters not in Higurashi or Umineko made the grand proposal that all characters in the winning work be subject to the punishment game.

Okonogis (all): T, that’s no good... I appear in both those works, so no matter what, I will have to participate. That’s too much…..

Butler: Yeah, yeah. Some characters have appeared in more than one work. Isn’t the risk for them a little unfair?

Wayne: In that case, we’ll hold it like a battle between generals. Then it would be the responsibility of the boss to take all the blame. That’s the unwritten rule of commanding troops.

Shion: Um, I agree with Wayne.

Ange: I agree as well. I think it’s ridiculous to get involved in somebody else’s praises so much that you take a punishment game when you didn’t even win first place yourself.

From that, it was decided that the punishment game would only be given to the character who won the first place vote.

To begin with, it was the Higurashi and Umineko protagonists that engaged in the weird modesty battle. They were definitely competing over who would be crowned the overall winner. In that case, it would be better if they resolved it between themselves, without dragging the other characters into it.

For Higurashi, that would be Rena, and for Umineko, it would be Beato.

Koshka: In that case, it would be interesting to personalize the punishment game to those two.

Lilja: I’d like a super humiliating punishment game for those two, meow! Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!

Bern: *laugh* I don’t know what you’re saying, but I know what you’re asking for.

Jestress: I wonder if you’ll give her the kind of punishment corresponding to the kind of bad kid who is obnoxiously humble despite thinking they’re number one…

Hanyuu: If that’s the case, use this, right here! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, I’ll channel Oyashiro-sama’s power at full throttle! Come on out, super-secret punishment game power!

Rena: H, hey, Keiichi-kun, supposing that somebody from Higurashi won, who would it be, it be?

Keiichi: ...That would be Rena, wouldn’t it…?

Beato: Yes, yes, that’s right! Ah, what a detestable fate! Rena will certainly claim first place! If you break down in tears and apologize now, we won’t talk about a punishment game, okaaaay?

Battler: Hey, hey, hey, aren’t you getting a little too excited over this? ...And to be frank...aren’t you also really popular...?

Beato: Nooo, nope, nada, nope. There’s no way I’d come in first place in a popularity contest! How could a merciless, stubborn, cruel heroine get enough votes to win? *cackle* *cackle* *cackle*

Maybe it was because it was impossible to step off a ship once you’d boarded, or maybe because her brain was the size of a walnut, but Beato was the only one in such high spirits.

Rena: Hey, hey, hey, let’s not do the punishment game. Instead, let’s all congratulate the winner.

Beato: Oh, if it isn’t Miss Rena, whose popularity is skyrocketing again because of the new anime! Now that you’ve realized that you’re going to be crowned number one, have you finally lost your nerve?

Virgilia: Why does this child always try to ride off at full speed without thinking immediately after mounting a horse?

Keiichi: Beatriiiiiice! You’ve said your piece, but are you prepared if you’re crowned first?!?

Beato: *cackle* Bring it on! If I’ve made a mistake in my calculations and am crowned first place, I’ll put up with any humiliation you give me!

Hanyuu: Okay, I’m focusing! Time to decide on the punishment game!

Bern: The final nail in Beato’s coffin was her saying that she would put up with any humiliation they’d give her. *giggle*

Jestress: No matter if Rena, or Beato, or even Keiichi wins, it will surely be interesting.

Hanyuu: In that case, I’ll reveal it. Nnnnnnnngggg!

Being turned into a titty mousepad while wearing a lewd micro-bikini and striking a sexy pose!

Keiichi: T, that’s an amazing punishment game…!

Battler: With this, it’s sure to catch the hearts of young boys and cause their hopes and dreams to swell inside their chests!

Rika: If I was wrong and the first place goes to Keiichi, I’ll definitely look forward to it. Nipah~

Maria: If Battler comes in first and has to get a mousepad with his two bulging XXXXs on them, he’d be too embarrassed to live!

Rena: R. Rena disagrees! Th, this punishment game is really gross!

Beato: *cackle* *cackle* If you dislike this so much, then submit to me! The pathetic Ryuugu Rena is too clumsy and stupid to rival Lady Beatrice in charm, so prostate yourself before me and lick my shoes, *cackle* *cackle* *cackle*!!!

Rena: …..No!!!! I’m not going to quit this game before I even know the result. Fine then, if I get first place, then I’ll follow through with any kind of punishment game!

Rena: But in return. Beatrice, if you are to win, Rena won’t hear any excuses or evasion from you, right…?

Beato: V…….very well, if that’s what you desire.

And…..finally, the results of the popularity poll!!

Who will obtain both glory from winning and humiliation from titty-mousepad-ification?

It, it’s Beatriiiiiice!!!!

Beato: Ugiiiiiiyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa! Gaap, create a portal! I need a portal!

Gaap: Honestly, what an idiot. You managed to get first place, and now you’re just strangling yourself with your own two hands.

Hanyuu: Okay, Beato! Change your clothes in the room over there, and after that we’ll start filming!

As she wore her tiny bikini, Beatrice reflected on this precious lesson about how too much modesty could be a bad thing….

Bern: Normally I’d be fine with just this as the punchline, but this time I have two more titty mousepad punishment games ready to go.

Jestress: In my era, the best we would be able to do for that many people would be to prepare the raw materials for a 4D printer. *laugh*

Beato: That means two more people will have to do this! I don’t want to be the only oneeeeee!!! Those two others, bring them here!

Bern: Since we are part of 07th Expansion, I’ll share that honor with the 7th and 70th places as well.

Jestress: There are a number of people with the same number of votes, so to keep things simple, let’s take the list of names and pick the 7th and 70th person from the top.

Beato: *cackle* serves them right! Come, embarrass yourselves alongside me!

Hanyuu: I’ll announce 7th place first! And they’re from Higurashi?! Ta-da! It’s Shion Sonozaki!

Shion: Huuuuuuuh!? What?! How?! My sister should be doing this sort of thing!

Hanyuu: And 70th place goes to an Umineko character! Ta-da! It’s Amakusa Juuza!

Ange: H, huh? Am, Amakusa? ...Amakusa is getting a titty mousepad?!

Amakusa: Well, miss. Haven’t you heard of titty male-sepads?

Ange: Why do you look so pleased by that! Ah, I get it, I get it, you’re the type of guy who likes to take off his clothes in order to show off his muscles.

Thus, the titty mousepad penalty game was settled with Beato in first place, Shion in 7th place, and Amakusa in 70th place. Congratulations to those three!

Japanese Transcript[]

07th Party7全作品無差別人気投票!







【ベアト】「まー、普段ならば妾がブッチギリでナンバーワン! と思うところだが、まぁ、さすがに妾も旬を過ぎたであろうな。なので気前よく、今回のナンバーワンは他の作品のキャラに譲ってやろうと思うぞっ」

【ジェイデン】「何だか、今回の人気投票は妙な雰囲気だな? 普段なら、どいつもこいつもが、俺が俺がナンバーワンってな感じだろうに」








【沙都子】「友情パワーで解決っなんて、今時、流行りませんでしてよ? やっぱり、出てくる人たちがみんなすっごい力を持っている『うみねこ』とか、あるいは『キコニア』の方がすごいし、断然、憧れましてよ?」


互いが互いを褒め合う姿はとても美しいものだ。。。・ しかし、別にアルコールが入っている訳でもないのだが、次第にその方向性が、暴走し始める。


【圭一】「それを言ったら、『ひぐらし』のヒロインなんか、イカレた上に病んでるヤツしかいねぇせ? わっはつはつは!」



【圭-】「そ、そうそう!俺なんか、ムっツリドスケベのただの変態キャラだしな! 魅音だって、一人称がおじさんで、緑髪のキャラだし。人気が出る要素がまったくねぇよな!わっはっは! !」

【ベアト】「こっちの主人公など、自称おっぱいソムリエの優柔不断の甲斐性なしと来たものよ! はぁ、圭-のようなたくましさや、都雄のような可愛らしさでもあればよかったものを!」


可愛げゼロ、魅力もゼロ! 下品で粗暴、知能はサル並、使える魔法も、人を殺すこと以外に出来た試しがねぇ!」




【毬枝】「え? ど、どういうことですか、彼岸花さん・・・・・」

【メリル】「どーゆうこと? つまり、1位になったらご褒美じゃなくて、逆に罰ゲームになっちゃうってことぉ?」

【ステラ】「うふふふ・ 面白いんじゃない? だって、『ひぐらし』も『うみねこ』も、どちらも自分が1位じゃないって言ってるんだから、恐れる理由なんかないものねぇ?」


【ウサギ】「うひゃー、それは確かにノーリスク! どっちが1位になろうとも、こっちは痛くも痒くもなくて愉快痛快、ぼんぼやーじゅ! !」



【ジェイデン】「何だか、面白そうな流れになってきたぜ? !きっと1位はカワイイ女の子になるんだろうしな! ナイスな罰ゲームを考えようせ!」



【羽入】「あうあうあう! おかしな魔法のカのアイテムなら、僕の祭具殿にお任せなのです!」

















彼らの見立てでは・・ 、『ひぐらし』ならレナ。『うみねこ』 ならべアトというところだ。


【リリャ】「なんか、チョオ恥ずかしいヤツがいいニャーゴ、ウニヤ~ンフニヤフニャア! なミャーオフミャーゴがいいニャオ!」


【ジェストレス】「本当は自分が1位かもしれないって思ってるクセに、厭味ったらしく謙遜しちゃう悪い子には、このくらいの辱めが必要ですかしら" " "」

【羽入】「ならば、これです、これなのです! !キタキタキタぁ! !オヤシロパワー全開! 宿れ、秘密の超罰ゲームパワー! ! !」

【レナ】「ね、ねえねえ、圭一くん・・・・・・。仮に『ひぐらし』が勝つとして、 ・『ひぐらし』の1位って、誰かな、かな


【ベアト】「おうおう、そうだとも! きっと必ず、いやさ運命! 必ずやレナが1位を取るであろうぞ!今の内に泣いて詫びれば、罰ゲームの話を流してやってもいいのだぞお?」

【戦人】「おいおい、あまり挑発するなって。・正直な話、 ・お前も結構、人気、あるんだぞ・・・・・・?」




【ベアト】「おおぉ、さすがはアニメ効果で人気も再沸騰のレナ嬢よ! 自分が1位になると気付き、ようやく怖気づかれたかぁ? !」


【圭一】「べアトリーチェ! そこまで言うからには、お前が 1位だった時は覚悟しろよッ? ! ? !」

【ベアト】「わっはっはっは! 望むところよ! もし間違って妾が1位になってしまったなら、どのような辱めにも甘んじてやろうではないか!」

【羽入】「は一い、傾注なのですよー! !罰ゲームが決まりましたのです! !」



【羽入】「それでは発表しますですっ。どーーーー ん!!!」

Hなマイクロビキニを着て、セクシーポーズを取りながら、それをおっぱいマウスパッド化されてしまうッ! ! !

【圭一】「す、すげぇ罰ケ-ムだせ・・・・・・っ! ! !

【戦人】これなら、夢と期待に胸と鼻の下を膨らませる青少年たちもキャッチザハート、間違いなしだッ! !」



【レナ】「レ、レナは嫌だよぉ! そんな罰ゲームは嫌だヨォ!!!」

【ベアト】「く一っくっくっくっく! そんなに嫌ならば妾に屈服せよ! 竜宮レナは、哀れでマヌケでブサイクなので、べアトリーチェさまの魅力には叶いませぇんと、今すぐこの場で土下座して靴を舐めてみせよ、ひゃーっひゃっひゃっひゃ! !」

【レナ】「・・・・・・嫌だッ! ! !結果も見ない内から勝負を降りたくないですっ。いいですよ、1位を取ったら、どんな罰ゲームでもやり遂げてみせますッ」

【レナ】「でもその代わり。 ・もしもべアトリーチェさんが1位になったら。・ ・・レナはどんな言い訳や言い逃れも、絶対に聞いたりしませんからね・・・・?」

【ベアト】「お、おぅ・・・・・・。の、望むところだとも・ 」

そして。。。、ついに迎えた投票結果! !


べ、べアトリーチェだあああああああああああ! ! !

【ベアト】「うっぎゃああああああああああああああああああああぁあ! !ガァプ、穴を作れ! 穴があったら入りたいぃいぃいぃいいぃ! !ー !!!」


【羽入】「さぁ、べアト! あっちのお部屋で着替えて、それから撮影なのですよーー! ! !」



【ジェストレス】「この時代では、4 Dプリンターの素材を用意するのが、その人数分が精一杯でしたので。クスクス」

【ベアト】「あと2人を道連れに出来るということか! !妾だけでは嫌だXぁぁぁ! あと2人、道連れにしたぁいい!!」

【ベルンカステル】「という訳で、07th Expansionにちなんで、第7位と第70位にも、この栄冠をお裾分けしてあげることにしたわ」


【ベアト】「わはははは、ざまーみろー! !妾と一緒に恥ずかしい目に遣えー! !」

【羽入】「ます第7位から発表! !『ひぐらし』のキャラですよぉ? !じゃーん! 園崎詩音なのです一!」

【詩音】「えええぇええぇええッ? ! ? ! 何で?! どうして?! こういうのはお姉がやって下さぁぃ! !」

【羽入】「そして第70位は『うみねこ』のキャラなのです! じゃーん! 天草十三なのですよー! !」

【縁寿】「え? あ、天草? ・・おっぱいマウスパッドなのに、天草なの? !」


【縁寿】「何で、まんざらでもない顔してんのよ! あーはいはい、いるわよね、すぐに脱いで筋肉を見せたがる男」


3人ともおめでとう! !