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Arc Name (日本語 Romaji name) is <arc number or extra arc> from <series name>. It was first released as part of <major work> on <date>. (Mention the Comiket number if relevant.)

The Story Arc infobox should be used on every character page. See the page for specific information on how to fill each section.


The official introduction to the arc as written in the main menu of the visual novel, if available. This section should be italicized to indicate that the text is official.

Plot Summary

Main article: 07th Expansion Wiki:Story Arc Layout/Plot Summary

This section should contain a short spoiler-minimal introduction to the arc’s general plot.


Main article: 07th Expansion Wiki:Story Arc Layout/Characters

Main Characters

  • Main characters
  • According to the writer's judgment

New Characters

  • Character Name
  • Spoilery Character Name

Release History

This entire section can be omitted if there isn't enough information available. There should be a separate subsection for each release, even if it is the same type of release as a previous subsection. Release information should be cited.

Demo 1

Information on the release date, sale or download location, and contents of the demo(s).

Original Release

Information on the release date, type (digital or physical), sale location, publisher, and language of the original release. Also include any significant changes from the demo.

Patch 1

Information on the release date of the patch, as well as the most significant changes made in it.


Should contain a brief description of which ports have adapted this arc, with links. The subsection should explain any additional story changes made to the arc, such as censorship (spoiler tagged) or alternative endings from choice branches.


These sections should be arranged in chronological order of first release.

If major changes to the story were made in one of these adaptations, the reasons (if available) and details of these changes should be summarized in the relevant subsection before the list of article links. Some types of changes that are considered major include:

  • The removal of entire plot points that are central to the story arc, such as the switch between Mion and Shion as children in the Meakashi arc of the 2006 Higurashi anime and the removal of the Soy Sauce War in the 1948 arc of the Rose Guns Days manga.
  • Major rearrangements in the overall structure of the story, such as bringing most of the flashback segments forward in the Umineko manga for Alliance of the Golden Witch.
  • The addition of additional scenes or colored text that serve as additional answers in the Umineko manga. This applies mostly to the seventh and eight arcs but also includes the third arc, which has an additional red truth and more reasoning that is never contradicted later. If the detail is smaller, it should be documented in the volume or episode page instead.

The removal or rearrangement of individual scenes or details is not major enough to warrant documentation here, as the section is focused on things relevant to the story arc as a whole. They may however fulfill the criteria for documentation on the articles for individual episodes or chapters.


  • Linked manga volume 1 (released: Month, DD, YYYY)
  • Linked manga volume 2 (released: Month, DD, YYYY)


  • Linked episode title 1 (aired: Month, DD, YYYY)
  • Linked episode title 2 (aired: Month, DD, YYYY)

Light Novels

  • Linked light novel volume 1 (released: Month, DD, YYYY)


Should contain the unedited opening videos for the original release and each adaptation and port of the arc, if available.


Should contain transcribed staff credits for the arc if applicable.

  • Role 1: Example
  • Role 2: Example 1, Example 2
  • Role 3: Group Example (Member 1, Member 2, etc.)
  • Opening Theme: Example (link to page)
    • Lyrics: Example
    • Composition: Example
    • Role: Example


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