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This page details the spoiler policy for Rose Guns Days. Everything after the General Spoiler Policy section will contain untagged spoilers for the series.

General Spoiler Policy

Wikis normally don't tag their spoilers, working under the principle that people who have not completed the series should not be browsing the wiki. Unfortunately not everyone knows this. The fact of the matter is that people still visit wikis regardless of this, so it makes practical sense for us to have to set some standards for this.

The general guiding principle for spoilers here is that whether or not something is a spoiler should be evaluated based on the context of the article. What part of the story would a person who can find this page be at? The page would assume knowledge of details up to that point and slightly further for relevant details within reasonable limits. Consider the kind of content implied by the section headings when browsing.

Rose Guns Days is an odd case in that the story likes to reveal details about future events to you via the frame story. These will be assumed to be known. Besides this, plot details from Chapter 3 of the 1949 arc onward will be spoiler tagged. A few additional details from before this point will also be tagged, such as Zel's history as a GDS assassin, as well as Caleb and Miguel's survival.

On this wiki, we use spoiler tags, collapsibles, spoiler warning banners, and in extreme cases, spoiler warning pages. Apart from the last one, none of these methods of spoiler protection will work on mobile. This is an issue with mobile CSS support on Fandom's side, and as far as we know there is no way around it.

Examples of Non-Spoilers

Up to 1949 Chapter 2

  • The various kidnappings in 1947
  • Alfred's survival
  • Details from the climax of the 1947 arc
  • Primavera gains the special concessions windows
  • Wayne survives till the present day
  • The Soy Sauce War
  • Details from the climax of the 1948 arc, including Wang's death but excluding the aforementioned spoiler tagged details
  • Primavera is forced to sell off some of its special privileges to gain allies against the GDS
  • Gabriel arrival and his domineering control over Butler
  • Primavera eventually becomes an ruthless nationalist organization
  • Opinion on Madam Rose is poor in the present day

From 1949 Chapter 3

  • Jeanne backstory and connections
  • Tequila's existence

Examples of Spoilers

From 1948

  • Caleb and Miguel are alive
  • Zel is an assassin under the GDS

From 1949 onward

  • Gabriel's revenge plan
  • Stella, Yuuji, Oliver, and Meixue's deaths
  • Alan and Keith end up on opposing sides
  • Rose is greatly injured and along with Wayne is taken out of the main story
  • Richard takes over Primavera from behind the scenes, with Cyrus and Keith on his side, and leads it with a much more ruthless ideology
  • Leo and Zel return in 1950
  • Leo and Rose survive, get married, and live under a different family name
  • Richard fails to kill Gabriel and Butler succeeds
  • Julie is their grandchild and is being told this story to prepare her for a role as the next leader of Primavera

 Guidelines for Editors

Spoiler tags are used as follows:

In the 1949 arc, <span class="spoiler">spoiler text here</span>

Collapsibles are used as follows:

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"> A section of spoiler content. Use this method sparingly as the Expand button is not that obvious to readers. </div>

The spoiler banner used is <add spoiler banner here>