This page details the spoiler policy for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Everything after the General Spoiler Policy section will contain untagged spoilers for the series.

General Spoiler Policy

Wikis normally don't tag their spoilers, working under the principle that people who have not completed the series should not be browsing the wiki. Unfortunately not everyone knows this. The fact of the matter is that people still visit wikis regardless of this, so it makes practical sense for us to have to set some standards for this.

The general guiding principle for spoilers here is that whether or not something is a spoiler should be evaluated based on the context of the article. What story arc would a person who can find this page be at? The page would assume knowledge of details up to the end of that arc. Consider the kind of content implied by the section headings when browsing.

For Higurashi, details of solutions, plot developments, or major red herrings from the answer arcs will be spoiler tagged. Character details revealed there which are not critical to the overarching story will not be. This includes sprites that are not revealed in the question arcs. For the most part, plot developments and details from the question arcs including their endings will not be spoiler tagged (though you probably will not see arc ending details outside sections where they would be expected). As such, we strongly discourage visiting the wiki if you have not at least completed the question arcs.

The 2020-21 animation series Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and Higurashi: When They Cry - SOTSU are sequels to the 8 main visual novel chapters and considered part of the main Higurashi story along with them on this wiki. Naturally, sequels contain spoilers for the prequels and we strongly advise against visiting Gou and Sotsu related pages if you have not completed the main story before them. However, details of solutions, plot developments, or major red herrings from Gou and Sotsu starting from Nekodamashi-hen Part 4 will be spoiler tagged.

The series has extensive side stories outside the main story. Pages of side story contents are expected to have spoilers for the main story by default for obvious reasons. Therefore, we strongly advise against visiting side story related pages if you have not completed the main story.

On this wiki, we use spoiler tags, collapsibles, spoiler warning banners, and in extreme cases, spoiler warning pages. Apart from the last one, none of these methods of spoiler protection will work on mobile. This is an issue with mobile CSS support on Fandom's side, and as far as we know there is no way around it.

Examples of Non-Spoilers

From the Question Arcs

  • The dam construction murder and curse of Oyashiro-sama
  • The victims and cause of death for the fifth year's curse
  • The legend of Onigafuchi and history of Hinamizawa
  • The existence of Shion and Irie
  • Details about Satoshi and his disappearance that are mentioned in the Question Arcs
  • Satoko's family history
  • The existence of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster
  • Hinamizawa Syndrome: the term used to refer to the psychological issues suffered by many people, especially relatives of Hinamizawa residents, in the wake of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster
  • Ooishi had a personal friendship with the dam construction site manager, which serves as the motivating factor for his investigations into Oyashiro-sama's curse.

From the Answer Arcs

  • Keiichi and Satoshi's sprites
  • Shion's old school
  • Shion's crush on Satoshi
  • Rena's family history, excluding present day events
  • Rena's history in Ibaraki and her institutionalization, excluding details regarding the maggots

From Gou

  • Gou is a sequel to Kai instead of a remake
  • The first three arcs (Onidamashi, Watadamashi, and Tataridamashi) are alternative versions of the original first three arcs

Examples of Spoilers

From the Question Arcs

  • Rika has foreknowledge regarding the curse's victims up to her death

From the Answer Arcs

  • Additional Meakashi details regarding Satoshi's involvement in the fourth year's curse
  • The Mion/Shion childhood twin switch
  • Shion is the murderer for many of the murders in the Watanagashi arc
  • The Sonozaki family's bluff regarding the curse
  • Rena feels that there are maggots in her blood
  • The parasite theory and alien theory
  • Keiichi's BB gun attacks on young girls
  • The events of the Onikakushi arc were largely due to Keiichi hallucinating malicious intent behind his friends who were trying to help him
  • Rika's foreknowledge comes from having lived and died through many alternate worlds
  • Hanyuu and Okonogi's existences
  • The truth regarding Hinamizawa Syndrome
  • The Irie clinic's function as a research facility
  • The existence of the Mountain Dogs and Takano's control over them
  • The truth behind Takano and Tomitake's deaths
  • The Great Hinamizawa Disaster is a mass murder ordered by Takano and the gas flow story is a cover up
  • Miyo's birth name Miyoko as well as her childhood
  • The truth behind the events of the past years' curses

From Gou

  • Rika's red eyes
  • Takano's change of heart and the consequences, including Takano and Tomitake going missing or escaping from Hinamizawa on the night of Watanagashi and the absence of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster
  • Satoko becomes a looper; the name of the fifth arc (Satokowashi)
  • The existence of Eua
  • Events after 1983

Guidelines for Editors

Spoiler tags are used as follows:

In the ''Meakashi'' arc, <span class="spoiler">spoiler text here</span>

Collapsibles are used as follows:

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">
A section of spoiler content. Use this method sparingly as the Expand button is not that obvious to readers.

The spoiler banner used is <add spoiler banner here>

Special Standards

While most spoiler details in a character's Background section may simply be spoiler tagged, the disproportionate amount of backstory Miyo gets might raise suspicions. As such, Miyo's character page should only contain a spoiler-tagged summary of her backstory details, with a link redirecting readers to the page Miyoko Tanashi, where her backstory will be presented in full in the Article subpage with a spoiler warning on the main page.

The same form of spoiler protection will exist for Hanyuu, whose appearance alone is a spoiler.

Okonogi, Mountain Dogs, Tokyo, Nomura, and Bloodhounds pages will simply have a Major Spoiler Warning banner on the top of their pages, without subpage level spoiler protections.

As mentioned earlier, side story contents are expected to have spoilers for the main story by default. For this reason, the pages for side story exclusive characters will have a Major Spoiler Warning banner at most and not get the subpage level spoiler protection no matter how much of a spoiler their existence is. It is up to the visitors who have not completed the main story to avoid those pages.

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