This page details the spoiler policy for Ciconia no Naku Koro ni. Everything after the General Spoiler Policy section will contain untagged spoilers for the series.

General Spoiler Policy

Wikis normally don't tag their spoilers, working under the principle that people who have not completed the series should not be browsing the wiki. Unfortunately not everyone knows this. The fact of the matter is that people still visit wikis regardless of this, so it makes practical sense for us to have to set some standards for this.

The general guiding principle for spoilers here is that whether or not something is a spoiler should be evaluated based on the context of the article. What part of the story would a person who can find this page be at? The page would assume knowledge of details up to that point and slightly further for relevant details within reasonable limits. Consider the kind of content implied by the section headings when browsing.

For Ciconia, plot details beyond the end of Chapter 14 of the main story will be spoiler tagged. In addition, because the Data Fragments largely focus on character building rather than story details, details from all but the last two Data Fragments will not be spoiler tagged. Character backstory details from past that point that are not directly related to the plot will however be presented without spoiler tags. Despite our spoiler protections, we strongly discourage browsing Ciconia articles on the wiki if you have not completed Phase 1.

On this wiki, we use spoiler tags, collapsibles, spoiler warning banners, and in extreme cases, spoiler warning pages. Apart from the last one, none of these methods of spoiler protection will work on mobile. This is an issue with mobile CSS support on Fandom's side, and as far as we know there is no way around it.

Spoilers for Higurashi

Any explicit Higurashi references and connections in Ciconia will be spoiler tagged according to the 07th Expansion Wiki:Higurashi Spoiler Policy. However, as some early parts of Ciconia clearly imply greater significance to certain elements in Higurashi and the story sometimes passes off major Higurashi spoilers as jokes, it is highly recommended to read main When They Cry titles in the order of release.

Examples of Non-Spoilers

Up to Chapter 14 and the first 14 Data Fragments

  • The existence of the Three Kings and the Ninth Prime Chivalric Order
  • The existence of a version of Miyao in his head who claims to have knowledge of the future. This person gets a blue body in a later chapter.
  • The predictions of the other Miyao, including Miyao's killing of Lingji and Koshka, as well as the fact that he and Jayden will battle to the death.
  • Miyao is a Congenital Parallel Processor and shares a body with a female personality: Meow
  • Miyao/Meow's sex is unknown
  • Vier, her lab, and the blue bodied humans
  • Toujirou has ties to the Ninth Prime Chivalric Order
  • Koshka and Lilja are subject to human experimentation on their brains at Geroy.
  • Gunhild's background and resentment of Miyao and Jayden's talent
  • Details on Maja from Chapter 9
  • Toujirou is Miyao's father
  • The Gauntlet technology is able to function well in practice
  • Seshat has a Gauntlet
  • According to the blue bodied Miyao, Miyao is a murder program that will be compelled to kill a certain person upon seeing their picture, and will kill anyone who stands in the way of that. Miyao's childhood memories are also supposedly fabricated.
  • The existence of the factory from the future that processes live humans and extracts their brain and spinal cords, and that the narrator speaking to Miyao has experienced that future and believes that it can only be avoided by killing a certain person (Note: "them" in the scene is a gender neutral singular form).
  • Toujirou, Jestress, and Seshat have connections with each other
  • Chloevil
  • Most character-building details in the Data Fragments

Beyond Chapter 14

  • Character family names revealed beyond Chapter 14
  • Naima and Rukhshana's other personalities
  • Aysha's family background
  • The names Liu Tiankai and Cyril Africacommonwealthrealm
  • Details regarding the 8MS and its effects on the climate

Examples of Spoilers

  • The peace conference
  • Mario's existence and his machine
  • Cyril's assassination
  • Aysha does not buy into Miyao's beliefs
  • The ending of the Phase 1 main story
  • Jestress has a Gauntlet
  • Toujirou and Vier have some relation
  • Gunhild's Auxiliary Major General rank (whether real or forged)
  • Lilja is faking her cat personality and interest in WanyaDora to get closer to Koshka
  • Classified military details regarding Maja
  • The "missing book" in Data Fragment 16

 Guidelines for Editors

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