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"True Oyashiro" Rika FurudeTrue l5 rika battle

Card 072033

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Character Rika Furude
Associated Event N/A
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Offertory Martial Arts of the Dark Abyss


Deal X Slice damage to all enemies. Attack ignores enemy barriers and defense, and reduces Slice resistance by X%. Also reduces Limit Gauge by X. Limit
Bloodstained Arms


Deal X Slice damage to the enemy with the highest attack, with an X% chance to inflict Panic in a wide area centered on the enemy with the highest HP. Panic lasts for X seconds. Also increase own Limit Gauge by X. Active
I'll Play With You


Base activation rate increased by 20%. Deal X Slice damage to all enemies in the middle row. Attack ignores barriers and defense, and reduces Limit Gauge by X. Also increase Limit Gauge of all allies by X. Active
Dark Song of Atonement


Increase HP by X and become immune to status effects. Increase Slice resistance by X%. Passive
Red Moon's Curse


Increase skill attack power of all allies by X and gain increased attack power over time, to a maximum of X. Also increase Limit Gauge by X at the start of a wave. Passive (Sub)
Swirling and Swirling


Increase attack power of all allies by X and reduce chance of suffering Paralysis by X%. Also reduce chance of suffering Knockback by X%. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Rika Furude.


Part 1[]

Rika has had many nightmares lately. She can't remember what they are, but when she wakes up she still carries the feelings of pain and restlessness. It got to a point she couldn't even sleep. Hanyuu recommends she should check up with Irie. Rika agrees, although she wonders where Satoko is. That just makes Hanyuu even more worried. She asks if Rika had forgotten Satoko went to the hotsprings with Shion. Rika dismisses it as her having just woken up, but Hanyuu pushes her to go to the clinic even more, and so she decides to go.

Part 2[]

Takano is there rather than Irie, who left for an academic conference. However, Takano says Rika should know about that. Rika feels some tension in being near Takano, although she can't remember why. She falls unconscious due to how tired she is. Rika is carried to a sofa by Takano. She tells Rika her brain works even while sleeping, and if she doesn't remember any of her dreams, maybe it's because her mind doesn't want to remember and it'd just cause even more pain. Rika falls asleep again.

Part 3[]

Then she wakes up, dressed as a miko, before an insane looking Takano, who resembled a demon or evil god in a space outside of reality. Takano goes on about how her dreams were ruined by Rika, but now she had the limitless divine power she wanted. She'd pursue Rika anywhere and make her a sacrifice. Rika rejects this reality. She remembers that Takano indeed was behind her torment, but she had defeated her and her friends also saved her. There should be no reason for revenge.

The darkness behind Takano attacks Rika, crushing her against the temple's floor. Takano told Rika their existences were incompatible. She didn't hold anything against her, but if Rika's existence was an obstacle in her path, as long as she denied Takano's "world" she had to be eliminated so she could achieve her dream. Takano claims only one of them could live. A wave of darkness burst from Rika, who cried out about how she'd kill Takano and tear her apart.

Satoko wakes Rika up, finishing up breakfast. Apparently, Rika took a long time to wake up this morning, and they still had to go to school. However, this time Rika remembers everything about her dream.