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"Penalty Loving" Kazuho KimiyoshiKazuho16 mei battle

Card 012015

Card 012015 h6
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Kamigame Page
Character Kazuho Kimiyoshi
Associated Event Four Men Assembled
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Bunny de Rabbit!

バニー de ラビット!

Deal X Special damage in a wide area centered on the enemy with the highest HP and inflict X Dizzy. Has an X% chance to inflict Burn. Burn deals X damage per second for X seconds. Limit
Bunny's Wonderful Wand


Remove all status effects except for those granted by Passive Skills and restore X% of HP. Prevent new status effects from occurring for the next X seconds. Also has an X% chance to inflict Seal to all enemies. Seal lasts for X seconds. Active
Punishment Wand


Deal X Strike damage in an area centered on a random enemy in the front row and inflict X Knockback. Has an X% chance to inflict Poison. Poison deals X damage per second for X seconds. Active
Bashful Bunny


Increase defense by X and HP by X. Passive
Kazuho's Mouth-To-Mouth Spoon Feeding


Increase Active Skill 1 activation rate of all allies by X%. Also increase critical hit rate by X%. Passive (Sub)
Eat It, Quickly...


Increase attack of all allies by X. Also reduce chance of suffering Knockback by X% and reduce chance of suffering Dizzy by X%. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Kazuho Kimiyoshi in a bunny girl punishment outfit. The 6-star artwork features Keiichi Maebara in a similar outfit. Her Active Skill "Bunny's Wonderful Wand" is Japanese wordplay: "Wonderful" (ステキ suteki) sounds similar to "Wand" (ステッキ sutekki), or "stick".


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