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"Overflowing Desires" Sekai SaionjiSekai battle

Card 772001

Card 772001 h6
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Character Sekai Saionji
Associated Event Years of Infidelity
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Sorry, and Goodbye


Deal X Special damage to all enemies with an X% chance to inflict Confusion. Confusion lasts for X seconds. Also reduce Limit Gauge by X. Limit
Burning Stew


Base activation rate increased by 10%. Deal X Special damage to the enemy with the highest attack and grant a Barrier to all allies. Barrier negates all damage and lasts for X seconds. Also increase Limit Gauge of all allies by X. Active
Confessed Jealousy


Deal X Special damage to all enemies with an X% chance to inflict Burn. Burn deals X damage per second for X seconds. Also reduce skill activation rate by X% for X seconds. Active


Increase HP by X and become immune to status ailments. Increase Special resistance by X%. Passive
Love Triangle


Increase attack of all allies by X and skill defense by X. Also increase Special resistance by X%. Passive (Sub)
To Be Happy With Katsura-san


Increase skill attack power of all allies by X. At the start of a wave, reduce attack of all enemies by X and reduce Special resistance by X%. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Sekai Saionji. The 6-star artwork depicts Mion Sonozaki wearing the high school uniform from School Days.


After the Years of Infidelity event, Sekai asks Miyuki and the others when she can return to her world. Apparently it'd take at least 3 days. When the time is right, a portal will open in Okinomiya Station. But she shouldn't worry since she'll return to her world from when she left, with no time passing. The Mei trio wasn't planning to go back to their world since they still have things to accomplish in the Hinamizawa of the past. Sekai leaves the group, she also has something to do. Soon Kazuho receives a call from Tamurahime.

Sekai heads to the branch school to pick up something she seemingly forgot there. But when arriving she's confronted by Kazuho. Sekai's story about arriving there is a lie, there is no call from Makoto to her. She also is oddly fine with the world crossing incident, without showing the confusion the other girls do. Kazuho accuses her of being the one that arranged that entire situation in the first place. She is the one behind Mion, Rena, and Kotonoha going crazy too. People crossing from her world to this one was all because of her too.

Some time ago, Sekai had arranged with other students a conspiracy to isolate Kotonoha and split her from Makoto, but everything came to light. After everything fell apart, Sekai plead Makoto to return to her once more, but it was pointless. She was in despair as she felt her world crumbling. Then she met an unknown girl, who told Sekai Saionji, as another bearer of the Saionji name, she'd give her power to reach her dream, and then she handled Sekai a black card.

Using that power, she had dragged Kotonoha to that world and made her go insane in order to get rid of her, making her completely disappear from her world. But everything had failed. Sekai offers giving back the card as long as she got to return to her world. Kazuho however materialized a weapon from a Role Card. Sekai couldn't be allowed to escape with that power she received. Kazuho attacks her and Sekai falls to the floor. The black card crumbles. Sekai's memories of the supernatural power she received and the power itself would vanish by the time she wakes up. Kazuho receives another call from Tamurahime to confirm she had stopped Sekai. Tamurahime reveals that the one who gave Sekai that power is their "enemy".