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"Monster From the Dark" Rika FurudeMonster rika battle

Card 072036

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Character Rika Furude
Associated Event N/A
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Fearful Beast's Resentment


Deal X Special damage to all enemies, with an X% chance to inflict Seal. Seal lasts for X seconds. Does more damage if enemy is suffering from Burn. Limit
Why Did It Turn Out Like This...?


Deal X Special damage in a wide area centered on the enemy with the highest attack, and reduce Special resistance by X%. Also increase Limit Gauge by X. Active
Clearing Evil Light


Base activation rate increased by 20%. Deal X Special damage to all enemies, with an X% chance to inflict Burn. Burn deals X damage per second for X seconds. Also increase Limit Gauge by X for all allies. Active
Monster from the Dark: Rika Furude


Increase HP by X and become immune to status effects. Also increase skill attack power by X. Passive
Ripples From the Dark: Fear


Increase skill attack power by X and increase Active Skill 2 activation rate by X%. Also increase Limit Gauge by X at the start of a wave. Passive (Sub)
Dark Beast's Dread


Increase attack power of all allies by X and reduce Special resistance of all enemies by X%. At the start of a wave, increase chance of suffering Burn by X%. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Rika Furude with Utsushiro.


Part 1[]

Rika wakes up surrounded by machines everywhere, cables and cords connecting them to her atrophied body. Rika tries to call Hanyuu with her thoughts, but she can't feel her existence. She tried to yell, asking for an explanation, although her throat hurt just from being used.

"Lieutenant Colonel Irie". Rika could heard someone talking outside. The Mountain Dogs had secured an escape route since all villagers now are rampaging L5, but they still need to wait for a van to transport "R". Irie insists in going with her, annoying the soldier who seemed to oppose it. Although he seems satisfied when the soldier praises his intellect, claiming they are doing that because his brain is valuable. Irie says he's sorry and asks about Takano. He learns she had left to a distant facility already. Irie wonders who is happier - those who live even though they know their sins or those who live in ignorance from their own sins. Rika's consciousness faded away.

Part 2[]

Rika wakes up, back in Hinamizawa, Furude Shrine. Her body is normal too. Rika noticed Satoko arriving, dazzling as the sun. She couldn't hold back tears upon seeing her and tells her about her strange dream. Satoko understands how scary suddenly waking up like that could be. Although soon she makes an odd observation, that dream is so scary because it could be real. Rika watched her confused as Satoko's face seemed to become emotionless. Had Rika ever heard about the Butterfly's Dream? A human wasn't sure if he was a human dreaming about being a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming of being a human. Then he tried to confirm what was the true reality. However, the more he immerses himself into that, the harder it becomes to tell apart dreams from reality. Rika says Satoko should stop saying scary things, although then she blacked out again, even as she screamed for Satoko.

Part 3[]

Rika wakes up again, her body atrophied once more and being transported on a vehicle, Irie sitting by her side. Saying his name, Irie is surprised Rika remembers him even though it had been 3 years. Irie explains Rika will become the "savior" who will rule the world. His expression and demeanor are completely different from the Irie Rika knows.

Irie asks Rika about Satoko. She mentioned that name while sleeping, but as far as he knows they never had any kind of bond. Rika then realizes this is some kind of horrible fragment. No Hanyuu, no ties with Satoko, and this Irie is a madman who doesn't look at people as humans, but just experiments. Rika talks about dreaming with a peaceful life with Satoko. But Irie was there too, and very kind, taking his duties as a doctor seriously. No, it basically felt like someone else compared to him. Irie laughs and says that's very harsh. He takes his duties as a researcher seriously. Suddenly an impact shakes the vehicle.

Villagers are surrounding it. Irie considers just running over them, but that could damage the vehicle. He decides to attempt something else. Irie holds Rika's arm, takes a syringe and drains her blood. Irie takes some blood, lets a few drops fall on a "Black Card" , and throws it through the window. The card becomes a lump of darkness and then takes the shape of a monster. It's an "Utsushiro" as Irie explains. The monster quickly slaughters all villagers surrounding them.

Irie starts laughing. "That person" was right. Using Rika's blood, a new life form could be created, a miracle. Even the godly power of world creation might be within their reach. Creating a world for only the "chosen ones", achieving true peace. Seeing Irie act like that, Rika tried to drag herself to outside of the car, but couldn't even stand, just hitting the ground. Irie tells her she can't escape with a body like that. She will live for them, as the God of the New World. Rika yells at him she will decide by herself where she's going to die. Following that, the monster which has already eaten all nearby villagers, rushes towards Rika, and then passes by her. It attacks Irie and the other soldiers. Suddenly, Rika's body recovers and she stands up, feeling power running through her, no longer atrophied as she recovers the appearance she remembers.

Rika turns around and sees a familiar girl there. The girl says it's finally time to begin. She claim "I", no "We" need her power. She says this cursed fragment doesn't deserve to exist and promises to destroy it and recover everything Rika wants to protect. Although Rika's senses resounded an alarm within her mind, she ignored that and reached the girl's outstretched hand, accepting her offer.