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"Monster From the Dark" Hanyuu FurudeMonster hanyuu battle

Card 112026

Card 112026 h6
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Character Hanyuu Furude
Associated Event N/A
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Anguished Beast's Yearning


Deal X Special damage to all enemies and reduce Limit Gauge by X. Has an X% chance to inflict Panic. Panic lasts for X seconds. Limit
With This, I Can Actually...


Deal X Special damage in a wide area centered on the enemy with the highest attack power, and reduce Limit Gauge by X. Also reduce skill activation rate by X% for X seconds. Active
Evil Foot-Stomping Wave


Base activation rate increased by 20%. Deal X Special damage to the enemy with the lowest HP and grant a Barrier to self. Barrier negates all damage and lasts for X seconds. Also increase Limit Gauge by X. Active
Monster From the Dark: Hanyuu Furude


Increase HP by X and become immune to status effects. Also increase Special resistance by X%. Passive
Ripples From the Dark: Discord


Increase attack by X and Active Skill 1 activation rate by X%. Also increase Limit Gauge by X at the start of a wave. Passive (Sub)
Gloomy Beast's Craving


Increase HP by X and increase skill critical hit rate by X%. Also increase skill attack power of all allies by X. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Hanyuu with Utsushiro.


Part 1[]

Hanyuu seeks out Tamurahime no Mikoto in her core tree shrine once again. She read an interesting manga lent by Mion where a child hero managed to befriend enemy monsters and make them fight together as allies. They should try to befriend the Tsukuyami like that. Tamurahime is extremely annoyed and tells Hanyuu she shouldn't talk while sleeping, rather than that she should just sleep forever. Hanyuu wonders if Tamurahime is telling her to die, but Tamura says Hanyuu is like weed and will just grow back if killed, which still annoys her. However, Hanyuu insists, she is serious about this. Tamura remarks that Tsukuyami are beings of unknown origin and nature, so the chances of success are extremely small. Hanyuu argues that it might be useful to understand the situation, making Tamura accept her proposal.

Tamurahime wonders if Hanyuu has some kind of basis for this, and Hanyuu replies by showing her a black card. The remnants of the power of a defeated Tsukuyami, but in this state it's just an empty shell. Hanyuu knows that by gathering information, it's possible to create virtual, quasi-real objects and they can use that to revive that Tsukuyami. Tamura decides to start.

Part 2[]

Tamurahime prepared various counter-measures and then started the process of searching for unpacking and moving the relevant information. Hanyuu is surprised as the black card slowly begins to take a monstrous shape again. Tamura boats about her longevity and knowledge of the land far surpassing Hanyuu, which gets Hanyuu to praise her as the process continues, although she wonders if it's really a Tsukuyami. As the dark form takes shape, Tamurahime instructs Hanyuu to make a pact with it to keep it under her control. The method is the traditional one shared since ancient times, a blood contract. Hanyuu hesitates for a moment, saying it'd hurt, but she claims it's just a joke and goes forward with it. The monster takes full shape around Hanyuu. Tamura wonders how Hanyuu is feeling, but there's no answer.

Suddenly, Hanyuu wonders if it was Tamura who woke her up? She soon realizes that's not Hanyuu anymore. She claims to be a being born in the void to consume all life in the world. However, she was banished, but now she was brought back, unexpectedly not by the "Creator", but rather the very power that helped banish her and now possessing a body with strong hidden power. Hanyuu giggles. As a token of gratitude she'll slaughter the ones powerless before her and offer them as a sacrifice for the "creator". Tamura tells her to not underestimate the power of the god of that land, but Hanyuu just laughs. Her creator doesn't acknowledge her as a god, in fact, it's such a low level existence the Creator barely takes notice of her. They can do nothing but watch, relying on so called "Child of god" to have any chance against them.

Tsukuyami Hanyuu attacks Tamura, easily crushing her. Tamura asks who is this Creator that she talks about. Hanyuu decides to reveal it to her right before completely destroying her. Tamurahime is surprised by the reveal. "That" person has come to this realm? Hanyuu attempts to finish her off, but a barrier stops her attack. Now Tamura understands why in their usual forms Tsukuyami can't speak - they talk too much. Tamura proclaims that they should never underestimate a god, and she counterattacks, completely erasing the monster.

Part 3[]

Hanyuu is freed and thanks Tamurahime. She wonders if the Tsukuyami are that powerful, able to take over her body. Tamurahime says it's not a matter of power - it's an issue of compatibility. But not bad compatibility. The problem is that Hanyuu and the Tsukuyami actually are very similar beings, and the "waves" that compose the Tsukuyami are similar to Hanyuu's. Hanyuu wonders if Tamura is insulting her again. Hanyuu wonders if Tamura is just blaming everything on her like usual, but Tamura dismisses it. Hanyuu was fully responsible for this incident. Tamura told her it was dangerous.

After Hanyuu leaves, Tamurahime admits she didn't tell her everything she learned. The Tsukuyami having similar wavelength to one called god carries a certain meaning and Tamura actually wishes she had never learned about that.