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"Magic Angel" Satoko HoujouIdol satoko battle

Card 062025

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Character Satoko Houjou
Associated Event To Love A Magic Angel
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Silver Dance Stage


Deal X Special damage to all enemies, with an X% chance to inflict Seal. Seal lasts for X seconds. Also has an X% chance to inflict Paralysis. Paralysis lasts for X seconds. Limit
Don't Avert Your Eyes


Deal X Special damage to all enemies. Does more damage if enemy is suffering from Seal or Paralysis. Active
Heart-Pounding Performance


Deal X Special damage to the enemy with the lowest HP. Also restore X% HP to all allies and increase Limit Gauge by X. Active
Light Idol Step


Increase HP by X and reduce chance of suffering status ailments by X%. Also increase Special resistance by X%. Passive
Mischievous Fanservice


Increase Active Skill 2 activation rate by X% and skill critical hit rate by X%. Also increase Limit Gauge by X at the start of a wave. Passive (Sub)
Curtain Call of Hope


All allies restore X HP per second. At the start of a wave, increase chance of all enemies suffering status ailments by X% and reduce Special resistance by X%. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts a teenage Satoko Houjou in an idol costume. The 6-star artwork features Rika Furude in her own idol costume.


The school festival was a success, and everyone loved Rika's and Satoko's duo. One week later, the president talks with Satoko about it, and Satoko mentions that she reminded her of someone. The president asks if it was a man or a woman, and Satoko replies it's both. She was talking about Rena and Keiichi together, two friends from her hometown. They were older than her, so they were not just friends, but more like guides too. Still, Satoko wonders what was her true goal in doing the idol number in the festival. The president explains that her true goal is something that probably won't be achieved just during her years in St. Lucia, but she wants to plant the seeds for the future. She wants to transform St. Lucia into a place that doesn't valuate people solely based on their grades, but rather their wide range of abilities. She dislikes the rigid and cold environment that can't gauge people's unique abilities. And even for studying, forcing everyone into the same mold is just wasting people's individual talents. Following that, she asks if Satoko would like to become an idol for real.

Satoko refuses an invite from Rika to join a tea party; she's learned how to interact well with the other classmates, but she only does it as much as necessary since she has nothing in common with them. Rika praises Satoko's growth and realizes it's due to the student council. Satoko talks about how she interacts well with everyone in spite of so many people there disliking her style. But Rika wonders if in spite of so many disliking her, whether she actually hates anyone. Satoko says there must be, as she's just human after all. Rika wonders if she's really human, to Satoko's confusion. What else would she be?

Satoko says that the president's presence reminds her of Keiichi and Rena somehow, although Rika thinks she's closer to Shion if anything. They realize they had talked and disagreed about that several times. Even though they were around the same people, they seemed to have different ways of looking up to them. Rika gets ready to leave, although she's clearly unhappy, and Satoko teases her about going to the tea party with that taciturn face. Meanwhile, she's catching up with a book the president recommended to her.

After Rika leaves, Satoko thinks back about her conversation with the president. She was serious about her proposal and had shown a recording of their show to someone from the area, who actually showed interest after watching it. Satoko asks for just a little time before deciding. Although, somehow she feels like she already went through this situation and ended up taking too long to act to the point that her choice just disappeared, She won't make the same mistake again.

Satoko is surprised to see Rika had accepted it, but Rika says if she's with Satoko she can do anything, anywhere. Rika asks to change the name of their unit though. That night Satoko dreams about them singing on a large stage to an enormous crowd alongside Rika.

The next day, they accept the president's proposal. The president says that even if it ends up in failure, they can take that failure and use it as a step to go forward in their lives. Satoko follows her: sometimes when she's preparing a trap, she ends up using the materials for a different trap. "Dreams and traps don't start, unless you make them!"