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Character Rika Furude
Associated Event The Fifth Year of Innocence
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Melody For Two People


Deal X Special damage to all enemies. Does more damage if enemy is Night-type. Also reduces defense by X. Limit
Jingle Bell Exorcism


Deal X Special damage to 3 enemies in front of you and reduce defense by X. Does more damage if enemy is Night-type. Active
Handbell Throw Expulsion


Deal X Strike damage to enemy with the highest attack. Does more damage if enemy type is Night. Also reduces Limit Gauge by X. Active
Decorating With Satoko


Increase HP by X. If a Satoko Houjou card is on your side, increase critical hit rate by X%. Passive
Heart-Pounding Christmas


Multiply normal attack damage by X. Increase attack by X. Passive (Sub)
The Christmas That Everyone Gave Me


Increase defense of all allies by X. If a Satoko Houjou card is on your side, restore X HP per second. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts a teenage Rika Furude in a Christmas-themed outfit. The 6-star artwork features Satoko Houjou also in a Christmas outfit.


Rika makes origami flower decorations. She regrets that she and Satoko have to wear ridiculous outfits and make Christmas decorations for the student council party in exchange for the student council president concealing Satoko's escape from school. Satoko shows up to help her make decorations.

Satoko feels like she did something bad to Rika, and didn't expect her to find out she escaped school. Rika says she's been thinking about Satoko nonstop ever since they came to St. Lucia. Satoko says she now feels like studying is gratifying, which shocks Rika. Satoko seemed to be in pain when they were studying for exams and was depressed thinking about all sorts of negative things, but her meeting the president encouraged her to do better. Satoko relates how the president's been enrolled since middle school, making this her fifth year at St. Lucia; Satoko spoke to her and learned a lot from her, becoming surprised at how the president could survive despite her personality and realizing that geniuses and dropouts are not that different. Rika sees that Satoko now is just like she was back in Hinamizawa; she could have fun then because of Keiichi, Rena, and the others, and now the president is helping her. Rika is saddened that she can't make Satoko smile on her own.

Satoko asks when Rika first met the student council president. Rika met her sometime after they first enrolled and heard all sorts of bad rumors. A flashback occurs to their first meeting: Rika saw the president sleeping alone on a bench outside and taking up all of it. When the president wakes up, Rika tells her that school is already over and thinks she skipped class and needs to fake a sickness report, but the president thanks her for looking out for her. Rika thinks her grades will fail if she becomes associated with her and begins to leave, but the president says she actually shouldn't be at the academy yet; the president should be attending a cram school session, but someone else went in her place for various reasons, and St. Lucia isn't going to expel her anyway since she gets good grades. The president then calls out Rika's full name, causing her to listen attentively, and compliments her for getting a good grade on the midterms. Rika runs away.

After that first meeting, Rika decided she didn't like the president. Satoko asks why she scares her, and Rika expresses confusion that the president knew her name and grades without ever speaking to her. Satoko says the how isn't necessary, but the president does understand the importance of collecting and using information. Rika understands that Satoko sees her positively despite her making them wear ridiculous outfits, and Satoko reveals she actually did tell the president about the club's punishment outfits.

The mood changes when Rika says she believes Satoko is capable of being liked by many. She had a dream where Satoko became really popular at St. Lucia and was surrounded by friends, causing her to stop talking to Rika. Satoko says it's weird since people originally avoided her, and relays something the president said about how dreams that take misleading directions like that may reflect your heart's desires. Satoko says she's also had dreams where Rika abandoned her and went somewhere else, getting tired of Satoko because she couldn't study. Rika says she'd never do such a thing. Rika and Satoko acknowledge that these are just bad dreams so they can discard them, and finish all their decorations.

The student council party happens on December 24th. The president addresses the newly-recruited council members and starts stuffing her mouth with food. Some of the sophomores and freshmen speak to Rika and Satoko and warn that the president doesn't let people she likes go. They also comment on their revealing outfits and ask how Satoko's top stays on, feeling up her back as they say this. Satoko tells them to back off. Rika is surprised that girls like these are attending St. Lucia, and the president says everyone is behaving a certain way so they don't stand out, and that they act like this when given the chance to show their true selves. Rika and Satoko may never have found out about this if they didn't get involved with the student council however.

The president muses that humans are multifaceted and that the St. Lucia girls blend in to survive, but they never let go of their ego and personality; anybody who acts otherwise is just a robot. Rika asks if her self-righteous behavior is also a survival strategy, and the president replies she just does what she wants. Rika says this Christmas party might become an object of criticism and that she risks everyone attending being held responsible, and the president says she intends to fight anyone who hurts what's important to her. People who abuse authority don't have anything else to protect themselves, and once you figure that out, all they can do is stomp around in frustration.

Rika now understands why she doesn't like the president: no matter the hardships, the president believes it's her job to take in all of the sins and fix everything by disappearing in the worst case; the president doesn't cherish herself as much as she does others. The president asks if there was someone in Rika's life who was also like that, and Rika asks not to pry. The president advises that, rather than believe the person she lost is only thinking about themselves, Rika should know they wish for her to live life to the fullest. The president also has someone important to her and wants to return to them rather than be locked in an academy, but all she can do is collect stories to deliver to them. The president adds that Satoko is very faithful and will always return to Rika's side to matter what, but Rika needs to watch her grow. Rika asks why she cares about her and Satoko so much, but the president refuses to answer.

Rika goes off to fix a fallen ornament on the Christmas tree and starts to feel lonely watching the snow outside fall. Satoko goes to her and asks to secretly exchange Christmas presents later. Both express how they want only the other to see their presents, and Rika starts caressing Satoko's head. The president interrupts them to call them back to the party, much to Rika's displeasure. The group cheers "Merry Christmas!" in unison.