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Kamigame Page
Character Dlanor A. Knox
Associated Event The Witch's Bloodstained Birthday Banquet
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Heilig Todesurteil


Attack the first enemy in front of you and deal X Stab damage. Reduces enemy Slash and Stab resistance by X%. Limit
Roter Schlüssel


Deal X Slice damage to random enemy in front of you. Reduce enemy defense by X. Active


Increase own defense by X. Restores HP by X% and restores X HP per second. EFfect lasts for X seconds. Active
Knox’s First


Increase HP by X. Reduce chance of suffering Seal by X%. Passive
Knox’s Seventh


Increase own attack by X. Reduce chance of suffering Paralysis by X%. Passive (Sub)
Knox’s Tenth


Reduce chance of all allies suffering status ailments by X%. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Dlanor A. Knox in her default form. The 6-star artwork features Gertrude and Cornelia alongside her. Dlanor wields her weapons the Red Key and Blue Key. Many of Dlanor's abilities are named off her moveset from Golden Fantasia. Her Limit skill, Heilig Todesurteil, is also based off her Meta-World super in Golden Fantasia, itself based off Dlanor's defeat of Battler in End of the Golden Witch.


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