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"High School Student" Satoko HoujouSatoko12 mei battle


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Kamigame Page
Character Satoko Houjou
Associated Card "High School Student" Rika Furude[1]
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Hundred Fires Hunting Rampage


Deal X Special damage in an area centered on the enemy with the lowest HP. Has an X% chance to inflict Burn. Burn deals X damage per second for X seconds. Damage is increased if enemy type is Night. Limit
These Are Safe Firecrackers


Deal X Stab damage to the enemy in the middle row with the highest attack. Has an X% chance to inflict Confusion. Confusion lasts for X seconds. Active
A Firework In Each Hand!


Deal X Special damage to all enemies in the front row. Does more damage if enemy is suffering from Burn. Active
High School Student's Big Bag


Increase attack by X. During Night, increase critical hit rate by X%. Passive
Light The Fuse


Gain increased attack over time, to a maximum of X. Passive (Sub)
Hidden Feelings


Increase defense by X. If a Rika Furude card is on your side, increase attack by X. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts a teenage Satoko Houjou in her St. Lucia Academy uniform. The 6-star artwork features a teenage Rika Furude also in her St. Lucia Academy uniform.


At St. Lucia Academy, Satoko gets some bad test scores and thinks about life back in Hinamizawa, where she was judged for much more than that. Rika asks how her lessons were, saying she was invited to tea by some other students but right now, Satoko is more important. Rika compliments Satoko for doing her best, but Satoko thinks it's not enough and apologizes since she's been wasting Rika's time in being tutored by her. Rika apologizes as well for not foreseeing what would be on the test. Satoko accepts her apology and says it would be weird if everything was perfect. Satoko says she'll be more responsible, but Rika says she should ask for help next time.

Rika asks Satoko to eat cookies with her that she baked. Satoko asks if it's okay since Rika might have more fun with her other friends, and Rika insists that she wants to spend time with her. Satoko thinks she can't accept her words at face value, and Rika says those girls really aren't that bad and wants Satoko to join them. Satoko thinks that back in Hinamizawa, they didn't have to worry about social status since older kids like Rena and Mion hung out with them. Rika also misses those days and gets sad. Satoko says it's her own responsiblity for making the decision to come here with Rika.

Rika says they should start a club, but Satoko says she already did that and was rejected, being told that clubs with nothing to with studying are a waste of time. They both wonder what the school expects of them if they're not allowed to do anything besides study; their classmates say yes to everything and never question things, almost like slaves. Satoko says that back in Hinamizawa, the kids never treated her differently for being dumb. Rika asks if she's talkin about Rena, Keiichi, and Mion, but Satoko says she's talking about Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao.

A flashback to years ago begins. At the Hinamizawa school, Satoko struggles with a math question as Mion tries to help her. Miyuki, Nao and other club members also try to give assistance. They suggest to look at the answers first and then figure out how the question can be solved to get to it, comparing it to a game.

In the present day, Satoko laughs at the pleasant memory, remembering the discussion with Miyuki and Nao and thinking that she ought to change her learning methods. Later during class, Satoko thinks to herself and is distracted. The teacher Hinata ends homeroom for summer vacation and asks Satoko to talk privately about her exam.

Rika asks how things went afterwards, and Satoo says her exam score went up, and she even got a compliment. Satoko did the problems over and over again and figured out a solution. Rika says shes's always had a good memory. Rika says that for the club, they may be able to start one if it's derivative enough of lessons, and Satoko suggests they could do a dessert research club. Rika thinks it's a great idea.

They go to the dorms, and Rika thinks about how those three Tokyo girls, Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao, were able to have such a good effect on Satoko. Rika didn't remember them until Satoko mentioned them and wonders how she forgot about them.