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"Heart-Pounding Circus" Mion SonozakiCircus mion battle

Card 092027

Card 092027 h6
Obtainment quote:

Kamigame Page
Character Mion Sonozaki
Associated Event Trick Encounter, The Flower Theater
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Dancing Lion's Gate of Fire


Deal X Special damage to all enemies and reduce Limit Gauge by X. Also increase Limit Gauge of all allies by X. Limit
Whip of Obedience


Deal X Special damage in a wide area centered on the enemy with the highest attack power and reduce Special resistance by X%. Also has an X% chance to inflict Panic. Panic lasts for X seconds. Active
Lion-Calling Flute


Deal X Special damage to all enemies and increase skill attack power of all allies by X. Also increase Limit Gauge of all allies by X. Active
Merciless Animal Trainer


Increase HP by X and become immune to status effects. Also increase skill defense by X. Passive
Fireblast Performance


Increase skill attack power by X and reduce chance of suffering Panic by X%. Also increase Limit Gauge by X at the start of a wave. Passive (Sub)
Roars and Cheers


Increase skill critical hit rate by X% and increase attack by X for all allies. Also restore X HP per second. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Mion Sonozaki in a circus lion tamer outfit.


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