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"Heart-Pounding Chocolate Dress" Shion SonozakiShion mei chocolate battle

Card 102020

Card 102020 h6
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Kamigame Page
Character Shion Sonozaki
Associated Event A Little Bit of Chocolate
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Delusions, Youth, and Explosions


Deal X Strike damage to all enemies and increase skill attack power by X. Also increase Limit Gauge of all allies by X. Limit
Sweet and Sour-ish


Deal X Strike damage in a wide area centered on the enemy with the highest attack and reduce skill attack power by X. Also restore X% of HP to allies around you. Active
Fresh and Bittersweet


Base activation rate increased by 10%. Deal X Strike damage in a wide area centered on the enemy with the highest attack, and reduce chance of allies in a wide area around you suffering Paralysis by X% for X seconds. Also grant a Barrier to allies in a wide area around you. Barrier negates all damage and lasts for X seconds. Active
Chocolate Dress


Increase Hp by X and restore X HP per second. Also increase Strike resistance by X%. Passive
Full Chocolate Power


Reduce chance of suffering Paralysis by X% and increase attack by X. Also increase Limit Gauge by X. Passive (Sub)
Heart-Pounding Pattiselle


Reduce chance of all allies suffering Paralysis by X% and increase defense by X. Also increase Strike resistance by X%. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Shion Sonozaki in a chocolate dress. The 6-star artwork features Satoshi Houjou.


Chapter 1[]

After the events of A Little Bit of Chocolate, the Valentine's event was seemingly cancelled. A dejected Keiichi says he's sorry for the confusion while leaving. Miyuki sees Rika laughing at the situation and says it's like suffering is honey for her. Although, actually it's just a carrot and stick plan from Mion. Or rather the reverse. She wanted to leave Keiichi down before revealing the event again as a surprise. Also, Keiichi is the type of person who'd feel guilty for causing trouble if he didn't get any kind of punishment.

Everyone agrees to go with it. Satoko talks about how making it a completion gives everyone more motivation, while Rika talks about how she wants to give such a shock to Keiichi he will have a heart attack on the spot! Rena wonders if Shion will participate. Shion says she'd indebted to Keiichi in many ways, but she has other things in mind so she isn't sure about it.

Chapter 2[]

Returning home after her part-time, Shion happens to run into Keiichi. He was doing research trying to find something about the strange events in Hinamizawa this past year. Shion is surprised he is doing that after leaving seemingly dead inside the last time she had seen him. He tells her he's actually happy with how they all cared for and helped him. That's enough - especially after the situation last year.

However, one day that all just stopped and then the Club and everything else returned to be like it was before. He's just grateful for that. He believed in them and everything was solved. Shion comments on how kind Keiichi is - she wouldn't be able to just put all that in the past. Keiichi disagrees though - the Shion he knows has strong convictions and is more compassionate than anyone. After some silence, Shion jokes, wondering if Keiichi is trying to get chocolates out of her - but she tells him she'd only give chocolate to her number 1. She can see how girls falls for him, but it wouldn't work on her.

Chapter 3[]

In the end, Keiichi's toothache recovers faster than expected. It wasn't a cavity. He was taken to Angel Mort, where Mion prepared a huge surprise party. Finally the contest is happening. Rena prepared and gives him a traditional chocolate, alongside Nao, since she thought the other club members would try weird things. Miyuki and Kazuho give him crunchy chocolates. Rika and Satoko offer him Russian Roulette Chocolates. Three seemingly normal chocolates, but one of them had a super spicy chili. They had tested it on Hanyuu before too. Finally, Mion gives Keiichi a small cute Keiichi chocolate doll.

Suddenly Shion arrives wearing a chocolate dress. She claims it's real and that Keiichi could eat it right there. Keiichi is completely embarrassed and asks her what happened to her only giving chocolates to her number 1 they talked about the other day. Shion wonders when she said that. The girls start talking about how they must be meeting behind the scenes many times to Mions' frustration. Shion tells Keiichi she's making an exception for him. Although she joked about the dress. It's not chocolate, she just had a normal chocolate for him. Shion claims victory, although Mion denies and says it's all invalid.