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"Greatest Thief in the World" Rena RyuuguRena13 mei battle
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Character Rena Ryuugu
Associated Card "Detective Girl" Kazuho Kimiyoshi[1]
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
A Feast For the Ages


Deal X Strike damage in an area centered on the enemy with the highest attack. Increases chance of suffering Darkness by X% and reduces Special resistance by X. Limit
White Cloud Technique


Deal X Special damage in an area centered on the enemy with the highest attack. Also has an X% chance to inflict Darkness. Darkness lasts for X seconds. Active
Unparalleled Grandstanding


Increase the defense of the 2 allies with the lowest defense by X. Also increase Special resistance by X. Active
Greatest Thief in the World


Increase Active Skill 1 activation rate by X%. Passive
Shinobi Village Kiseru


Increase attack by X. If a Kazuho Kimiyoshi card is on your side, reduce chance of suffering Darkness by X%. Passive (Sub)


This card depicts Rena Ryuugu in an outfit inspired by Goemon Ishikawa.


The club plans to put on another Children's Association event, and they'll be doing the Detectives and Thieves game again. However, Mion and Shion aren't allowed to be the leaders due to last time, so they need to vote for new ones. Rena ultimately becomes the leader for the thief side, and Kazuho becomes leader of the detective side. Each leader needs to be in costume for the event; Rena is excited to dress up as a thief while Kazuho worries about a detective outfit.

Rena does research at the library for a thief with a cute design. Nao and Miyuki meet her, with Nao offering to design Rena's costume. Rena asks them what they think about thieves. Nao believes that thieves are bad because they steal, and that they need to face judgment when they're arrested. Rena wonders if it's really right to judge someone if they have to become a criminal after thinking long and hard about a problem and seeing no other option. Nao sees how thoughtful her answer is, and Rena says this is just what she believes. Nao then picks out a thief costume design.

On the day of the event, Kazuho and Rena put on a short performance, with Kazuho acting as a detective and Rena playing the part of Goemon Ishikawa. As the other club members join in the games, Miyuki ruminates on what Rena said earlier. She thinks Rena really does have the potential to be a dangerous criminal, but it's her friends' jobs to help her in that case.