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"Girl With White Feathers" Ayu TsukimiyaAyu mei battle

Card 532001

Card 532001 h6
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Kamigame Page
Character Ayu Tsukimiya
Associated Event Bright Schoolhouse
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
What I Really Want Is...


Deal X Special damage to all enemies with an X% chance to inflict Seal. Seal lasts for X seconds. Also restore X HP to all allies. Limit
I Love, Love Taiyaki!


Base activation rate increased by 10%. Grant a Barrier. Barrier negates all damage and lasts for X seconds. Also reduce chance of suffering status ailments by X% and increase attack by X. Active
Let's Go, Yuuichi-kun!


Deal X Strike damage to 3 random enemies and reduce Limit Gauge by X. Has an X% chance to inflict Paralysis. Paralysis lasts for X seconds. Active
Dine and Dashing Angel


Increase attack of all allies by X. Increase critical hit rate by X%. Passive
Important Sought-After Object


Increase HP of all allies by X. Also reduce chance of suffering status ailments by X%. Passive (Sub)
Miracle-Making Doll


All allies restore X HP per second. If a Hanyuu Furude card is on your side, increase Limit Gauge by X at the start of a wave. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Ayu Tsukimiya. The 6-star artwork features Hanyuu in a similar outfit.


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