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Card 142002

Card 142002 h6
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Kamigame Page
Character Mamoru Akasaka
Associated Event 1983: The Bewilderment of Ange Ushiromiya
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Flip the Chessboard Around


Deal X Strike damage to enemy in the back row with the highest attack. Grants a Counter to self that reflects X% of damage dealt. Counter lasts for X seconds. Limit
Game Master's Single Strike


Deal X Strike damage to first enemy in front of you. Reduces enemy defense by X and increases LG of self by X. Active
Chessboard Thinking


Deal X Special damage to 1 random enemy. Inflicts Provoke on self and increases defense by X%. Provoke lasts for X seconds. Restore HP by X%. Active
Closed Room Trick


Increase HP by X. Increase defense by X. Passive
Logic Error


Increase Active Skill 2 activation rate by X%. Increase attack by X%. Passive (Sub)
Gold Truth


Regenerate X HP per second. If a Rika Furude card is on your team, reduce chance of suffering status ailments by X%. If a Miyuki Akasaka card is on your team, increase defense by X. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Mamoru Akasaka wearing Battler Ushiromiya's Game Master cape, as a reference to Akasaka and Battler having the same voice actor in Daisuke Ono.

The 6-Star artwork features Rika Furude wearing Bernkastel's clothes and Miyuki Akasaka wearing Dlanor A. Knox's clothes. These are references to Rika and Bern having the same voice actress in Yukari Tamura, and Miyuki and Dlanor having the same voice actress in Miyuki Sawashiro.


Akasaka speaks to Rika at the hot springs alone. They already know what caused the hot spring inn fire, so Ooishi’s taking care of it. Akasaka asks Rika if thy still need help at the inn, and Rika says it’s fine since Mion already found part-time workers, so everyone else is patrolling in shifts in case “they” come again.

Rika then asks Akasaka why he came here. She remembers that Akasaka never comes to Hinamizawa on business trips like this and prioritizes his responsibility as a public security detective, so there’s no reason for him to be relaxing. Rika says Akasaka must’ve also noticed the many unknown things happening lately, with Rika unable to reach the truth by herself. Akasaka considers this and then prepares a meetup spot with Rika for after her shift, t tell her what he knows. They decide to meet up at the lookout near Furude Shrine. Akasaka says he has to make a few arrangements and leaves, making Rika wonder what he means.

At the lookout, Akasaka shows Rika a Role Card and asks why they're called that. Rika says Miyuki was the first person to name it with her catchphrase, "Role Card Escalation!". Akasaka says he found it 4 years ago on the prefectural border in the mountains, right after the site foreman was killed in the first year of the curse. Rika is confused as to him being involved in the curse incidents despite being a Tokyo detective; Akasaka agrees that he wouldn’t normally intrude on Ooishi’s jurisdiction, but things have changed over the last few months. On closer inspection, Rika sees the card is blackened. Akasaka says he sent it in for analysis one time, and it was determined to be made of a material not of this world. Akasaka believed he needed to get involved as a Public Safety matter, and that if the same events happened in the capital or if it led to a crime scene, then things would be different; Akasaka believes a conspiracy is afoot. Rika is surprised that Tokyo also has Role Cards and asks how.

Before then, Akasaka thanks Rika for saving him and his family years ago when she told him to go back to Tokyo. When Akasaka got back he learned an accident happened on the rooftop stairs, the same stairs his pregnant wife used every day. Akasaka doesn’t know what he’d do if his wife was the victim of that accident, and greatly thanks Rika for saving her. Akasaka says he’ll tell Rika the full truth and let her judge if he’ll be able to help or not.

Akasaka sees he took too long with the introduction and needs to tell Rika another day, but leaves her with this: the tsukuyami the club was fighting were involved in the earlier case, and that some government agencies are aware of their existence as well as the Role Cards. Akasaka’s been dispatched to Hinamizawa by the higher-ups to find out what they’re planning. Rika thinks this means the Irie Institute or the Tokyo organization is doing something that would impact Hinamizawa; Akasaka understands she knows about them too, and Rika says she can tell him anything he wants. Akasaka appreciates the help, but says that the conspiracy is going much differently than the way the other organizations move.

Akasaka finally reveals the name of this other organization as “_____ _____”. The discussion soon ends, with Rika overwhelmed at the amount of new info she learned. Akasaka praises Rika for being intelligent, understanding why she wants to save all of the people in the village. Akasaka told her everything for that reason, but knows she'll also suffer because of it. Rika thanks him for treating her as an equal and speaking earnestly.

Akasaka begins to leave but Rika stops him and asks if he’s ever thought that the Miyuki girl he met could be his daughter; Akasaka’s own daughter is named Miyuki, and the girl’s last name is Akasaka, not to mention the face she made when she first met the detective. Rika asks if Akasaka will ask her at all or keep pretending like he doesn’t know, and Akasaka says it’s because Miyuki also kept quiet all this time. Akasaka could tell when he first saw her, and that whenever Miyuki looks at him she’s both delighted and that she looks like she’s going to cry. Miyuki seems so tender and loving, which makes Akasaka happy to know that his daughter will become like that in 10 years. Akasaka knows that Miyuki has her reasons for hiding the truth, and he needs to hold back for her sake as well. Akasaka tells Rika that everything they talked about stays between them. Miyuki will surely speak when the time comes, but Akasaka is prepared to reach out even if it doesn’t.

Satoko suddenly appears to interrupt their conversation, bringing news that tsukuyami have appeared again. Akasaka offers to help fight them. Later, the club, Battler, and Jessica are all fighting the tsukuyami. Akasaka uses his Game Master Role Card to take out a large group of them with one attack. Battler questions how he’s so powerful when it’s just Battler’s own clothes underneath a weird cloak, and asks why Akasaka even has that outfit. Akasaka says it’s because of the Role Card he was given. Miyuki says it looks great however. Rika silently watches Miyuki and Akasaka fight together, wondering if they can truly be happy while lying to each other. In the end she commends their father-daughter relationship.