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Card 102021

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Kamigame Page
Character Shion Sonozaki
Associated Event N/A
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Rampage Fire!


Deal X Stab damage to all enemies and inflict X Knockback. Also reduce Limit Gauge by X. Limit
Stop Right There!


Base activation rate increased by 15%. Deal X Stab damage to the enemy with the highest HP and inflict X Knockback. Also increase Limit Gauge of all allies by X. Active
Triple Burst


Deal X Stab damage in a wide area centered on the enemy with the highest attack and inflict X Knockback. Also increase chance of all enemies suffering status ailments by X%. Active
Sad Recollection


Increase HP by X and become immune to status effects. Also increase skill attack power by X. Passive
Fragment of Remembrance: Shion


Increase attack power of all allies by X and restore X HP per second. Also increase Limit Gauge by X at the start of a wave. Passive (Sub)
I'll Pay You Back Now


Increase Active Skill 1 activation rate for all allies by X% and gain increased attack over time, to a maximum of X. At the start of a wave, increase chance of all enemies suffering Knockback by X%. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Shion Sonozaki and references several scenes in Matsuribayashi. In battle she wields an assault rifle, referencing her and Kasai's stand against the Mountain Dogs in the Sonozaki underground torture chamber. The default artwork depicts Shion, Akane, and Ooishi, referencing their visit to the dam construction manager's grave. The 6-star artwork features Irie and references Shion discovering Satoshi sleeping in the Irie Clinic's basement.


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