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Character Rika Furude
Associated Event N/A
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
I Want To Quench Your Thirst


Deal X Special damage to 5 enemies with the lowest HP. Damage increases if enemies are suffering from Poison. Also increases the chance of inflicting Poison by X%. Limit
Poison Play Counterattack


Deal X Special damage to the first enemy in front of you. Has an X% chance to inflict Poison. Poison deals X damage per second for X seconds. Active
Do-or-Die Triple Spray


Deal X Special damage to 3 random enemies. Has an X% chance to inflict Darkness. Darkness lasts for X seconds. Active
I Don't Want To Die...


Increase HP of all allies by X. Passive
You Remember, Don't You?


At the start of a wave, increase Limit Gauge of all allies by X. Passive (Sub)
I Turned Around To What's Behind Me


Increase attack of all allies by X. Also increase Special resistance by X. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Rika Furude in her casual wear in what appears to be the Sea of Fragments, referencing a scene in the Higurashi When They Cry Kai opening. In battle she wields a spray can, referencing a scene in Meakashi when she tried to cure Shion Sonozaki. The 6-star artwork features Rika with a fox mask, referencing a scene in the 2006 Higurashi anime opening.

Her Limit skill "I Want To Quench Your Thirst" references a line from Frederica Bernkastel's poem in Watanagashi. Her first Passive skill "You Remember, Don't You?" references a line Rika says to Keiichi in Tsumihoroboshi.



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