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"Earnest Love" Kotonoha KatsuraKotonoha battle

Card 762001

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Character Kotonoha Katsura
Associated Event Years of Infidelity
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Traveling Bag of Despair


Deal X Slice damage to all enemies with an X% chance to inflict Confusion. Confusion lasts for X seconds. Also reduce skill activation rate by X% for X seconds. Limit
Mad Sawing


Deal X Slice damage to the enemy with the lowest HP and restore HP equal to X% of damage dealt. Also reduce Limit Gauge of all enemies by X and reduce Slice resistance by X. Active
Drifting Razor


Base activation rate increased by 15%. Increase Limit Gauge of all allies by X and restore X% of HP. Also remove up to 4 buffs from enemies that increase attack or defense. Active


Increase HP by X and become immune to status ailments. Increase Slice resistance by X%. Passive
Earnest, Mad Love


All allies restore X HP per second and increase defense by X. Also increase Strike resistance by X%. Passive (Sub)
There's Nobody Inside


Increase attack of all allies by X and increase skill critical hit rate by X%. Also increase Limit Gauge by X at the start of a wave. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Kotonoha Katsura. The 6-star artwork depicts Rena Ryuugu wearing the high school uniform from School Days.


Following the events of Years of Infidelity, Irie can't find anything wrong with Kotonoha aside from some scratches. He knows these incidents go beyond his science though. Katsura wants to pay him somehow, but, as Miyuki points out, the money she carries with her doesn't even exist yet in that era. The faces on the bills are different. Nao is surprised "that" person ended up on a 1000 yen bill. Miyuki wonders if Katsura remembers anything from the incident, but she doesn't. She received a call from Makoto, followed that to Okinomiya Station and then when she woke up she was already in this past Hinamizawa, only recovering her senses after her mind is restored. Kotonoha is surprised by how kind everyone there is with her. Outside of Makoto, due to her personality, it feels like she never gets along well with others. Katsura is invited to go live with Kazuho and the others, while Sekai Saionji and Setsuna Kiyoura had left to the Sonozaki Main House.

They have dinner together and Setsuna gets somewhat depressed about being unable to cook. The others point out Kazuho is in the same situation. But everyone has their strong points - Kazuho is always there helping with the Tsukuyami situation. Kotonoha envies their friendship. Miyuki is curious about her relationship with the other two girls. Kotonoha says they weren't always tense like that. In fact, it was Sekai who introduced her to Makoto, who is now Kotonoha's own boyfriend. But because Kotonoha didn't feel well getting intimate with Makoto due to her past, he ended up approaching Sekai for dating tips and that led to their own relationship. She knows everything started from her side, but her own feelings can't accept that. Nao says she understands, feelings aren't rational, and it was probably the same for her own mother. Nao believes if Katsura conveys her feelings, then the conflict can end. Katsura asks to be their friend and everyone agrees. Nao and the others wonder how old they will be if they get the chance to meet the Katsura from their original world.

Standing by herself, Kotonoha thinks about how she lied a bit. She can't give up on her love, even if she knows it causes suffering to Sekai and Setsuna. She'd rather throw everything away than give up on her love. In fact, she still could remember a bit from when she was under the spell. She remembered meeting Sekai in the junkyard, and weapon in hand, she was felt like killing her for her own happiness. Sekai fell and somehow was unconscious, and then Kotonoha was about to slice open Sekai's belly, ending all her insecurities. The spell took away any sense of guilty from her. After all, it was the spell's fault. There was nothing she could do and so no sin from her part. Then Kazuho appeared, interrupting her. Her consciousness finally faded completely until she woke up back to normal.

Kotonoha eventually returns to her world but still remembers those events. She knows that dark feeling within her, but hopefully, it'd never come out now.