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Character Rika Furude
Associated Event 1983: The Bewilderment of Ange Ushiromiya
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Firing Guidance System Startup!


Deal X Special damage to all enemies and reduce Limit Gauge by X. Also reduces defense by X. Limit
Command Accepted


Increase defense by X and increase attack by X of allies in an area centered on you, and restore X% HP. Active
Bunny Ear Cymbals


Deal X Special damage to all enemies and reduce Limit Gauge by X. Also has an X% chance to inflict Panic. Panic lasts for X seconds. Active
Golden Bow


Increase critical hit rate of all allies by X%. Passive
Wired Guided Missile!


Increase attack of all allies by X. Also increases Strike resistance and Special resistance by X%. Passive (Sub)
Dance of the Rabbits


Reduce chance of all allies suffering status ailments by X%. Increase Active Skill 2 activation rate by X%. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Rika Furude in the same outfit as Chiester 00. The 6-star artwork features Erika Furudo.


The club, Battler, and Jessica work to rebuild the hot springs and reopen the inn after it burned down. Since not many part-time contractors were hired, everybody needs to help clean up. They regret not being able to show Battler and Jessica around Hinamizawa, but the two don't mind and offer their help. Everyone gets excited and Rika says to fight on, and Battler gets confused since he feels he's heard that line before. Rika wonders if Battler has met another her before, but drops the thought since this is the first Fragment Battler has ever shown up, and Rika hasn't forgotten anything. Rika decides to wait and see for now.

The club gets to work at the inn when Hanyuu warns everyone of a tsukuyami appearance. They go out to defeat them, with Rika wearing a strange rabbit outfit. Kazuho asks what that's all about, and Rika says she doesn't know since it just appeared when she used her regular Role Card. Battler suggests that some other person interfered and caused Rika to wear that outfit. The group then notices a stray tsukuyami and chase it all the way to Furude Shrine to destroy it. Rika goes to her house nearby to bring everyone some tea and relax.

Just then, Erika appears and declares she's finally found Nao. Nao has no idea who she is, and Erika figures either her memory got wiped or she's a completely different person. Erika says she didn't get help from her master but from someone else to return to Hinamizawa so she can finally have her revenge match against Nao. Kazuho feels she can't let her have Nao and steps in to defend her.

Rika returns to check on the commotion, and Erika is instantly smitten as she assumes Rika is actually her master in disguise. Erika introduces herself, but Nao still has no idea who she is. Rika insists she's not Erika's master and introduces herself as Rika Furude. Erika repeats "Furuderika" and begins to see the idea behind it. Battler and Keiichi also check up on things, and when Kazuho asks if they know Erika, Battler says he doesn't.

Erika continues insisting that Rika is her master, with everyone else wondering what to do with her. Battler and Keiichi get an idea and tell Rika, and then she starts acting like Erika's master and commands her to help at the inn. Erika eagerly accepts the order and helps everyone at the inn. As the club compliment Erika's speed and stamina, Akasaka arrives to offer his help as well. Miyuki is confused at his appearance and almost calls him "Dad" by mistake. Akasaka says Rika's outfit suits her since she looks like a police officer. Erika is shocked at Akasaka appearing and threatens to kill him.

After reigning her in, Battler and Keiichi explain how they thought Rika acting like Erika's master would be a good idea. The group considers telling the truth, otherwise Erika will stay conjoined to Rika and she won't go home. Rika meanwhile commands Erika to make her kimchi later, to Hanyuu's dismay.


  1. Rika Furude
  2. Mion Sonozaki
  3. Kazuho Kimiyoshi
  4. Miyuki Akasaka
  5. Hanyuu Furude
  6. Jessica Ushiromiya
  7. Nao Houtani
  8. Battler Ushiromiya
  9. Satoko Houjou
  10. Rena Ryuugu
  11. Keiichi Maebara
  12. Shion Sonozaki
  13. Erika Furudo
  14. Mamoru Akasaka