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Card 072035

Card 072035 h6
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Kamigame Page
Character Rika Furude
Associated Event Low-Pressure Girls
Rarity SSR

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Skill Name Skill Description Skill Type
Sterling Inferno


Deal X Special damage with an X% chance to inflict Confusion to all enemies. Confusion lasts for X seconds. Also increase Limit Gauge of all allies by X. Limit
Lightning of Judgement


Base activation rate increased by 15%. Deal X Special damage to all enemies. Does more damage if enemy is suffering from Confusion. Also grants a Barrier to all allies. Barrier negates all damage and lasts for X seconds. Active
Dimension Slash


Base activation rate increased by 15%. Deal X Special damage to all enemies in the middle roe, restore HP equal to X% of damage dealt, and restore X HP per second to all allies for X seconds. Also reduce chance of all enemies suffering status ailments by X% for X seconds. Active
Supernatural Being


Increase HP by X and become immune to status effects. Also increase Special resistance of all allies by X%. Passive
Parallel Universe Info Manipulation


Increase attack power of all allies and increase defense by X. Also increase Active Skill 2 activation rate by X%. Passive (Sub)
Conclusive End


Increase skill attack power of all allies by X and increase Limit Gauge by X at the start of a wave. At the start of a wave, also reduce Special resistance of all enemies by X%. Passive (6-Star)


This card depicts Rika Furude wearing the same outfit as Yuki Nagato. The 6-star artwork features Yuki herself.


Part 1[]

June 18. Usually Rika would be with the club, but now it is time for Watanagashi practice. By repeating that so much, she could do the performance without even thinking about it. In the beginning, she enjoyed the praise for her talented dance, but nowadays, it is irritating to hear the same praises from the elders over and over again. But she had to play the role of shrine maiden Rika Furude. Tomorrow night, after Watanagashi is over, Tomitake will die, and that will lead to someone falling to paranoia, then for a reason she doesn't know, she will be killed. She has been trying to break away from this fate for a long time.

Rika realizes those thoughts and memories are wrong. After many sacrifices, she was able to find the identity of her enemy and avoid the tragedy. She grew up and went to St.Lucia with Satoko in spite of Shion's opposition. Somehow, she is repeating her old crisis again. Rika senses her memories are jumbled up and tries to call for Hanyuu but can't find her in her home, only Satoko is there, without even a futon for Hanyuu.

Part 2[]

Rika searches for Hanyuu and eventually starts even yelling for her, getting some complaints from a sleepy Satoko. However, Satoko soon wakes up and sees how pale Rika is, wondering what's going on, although Rika immediately runs away. Rika screams in her head and with her voice, but there's no sign of Hanyuu, and she can't feel her existence. Rika fears if she dies again, she won't be able to loop. Rika collapses with tears on her face, but she soon hears Hanyuu's familiar voice.

She strongly hugs her, crying on her. Hanyuu notes that their shared consciousness was severed somehow, thanks to a power from another world that had just arrived in their world. Hanyuu needs to restore their connection before Watanagashi, and the only way to do that will be asking for help of "that" woman, Tamurahime no Mikoto. Hanyuu warns Rika that their enemy might be getting serious now. Rika wonders what kind of existence the enemy is, able to break her connection to Hanyuu.

Part 3[]

Watanagashi night, near the ending of the Low Pressure Girls event story. Hanyuu manages to cease the movement of the villagers, although it'd only last long enough to allow the five visitors from another world to escape. Hanyuu is surprised by how much kindness Rika showed them, which gets Rika annoyed. It's not that she didn't feel bad about what happens to all her friends again and again, it's just that words will do nothing to fix any of that, and she just has to silently carry the guilty and burden of everything that happened in past worlds.

This time, they managed to uncover part of the true enemy's identity and goals. Although this world is completely lost, with Rena, Mion and the others hitting the terminal level of the disease. Hanyuu promises she will act to stop the spread of it from leaving the village. Hanyuu gives Rika a card fused with a gift she got from "that girl", which should allow Rika to hold on for a while. Rika says she's fine. She'll continue persisting world after world, especially after meeting those five visitors from another world, who showed her even in other worlds there are people fighting for the future.

Rika uses the card power as her outfit transforms, feeling lighter as energy fills her. Her battle in that world is over, but she won't give up. In the next world, she promises she will certainly stop those otherwordly entities.